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GOP Debate on the Larry King Show, Feb. 15, 2000


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    John McCain: McCain family decisions on abortion are private.
    George W. Bush: Supports GOP abortion plank but disagrees on exceptions.
    George W. Bush: No Republican will allow partial-birth abortion.
Civil Rights
    Alan Keyes: Leaders must face racial bigotry, not ignore it.
    George W. Bush: Should leaders face racial bigotry, or ignore it?
    George W. Bush: Against gay marriage, but leave it to the states.
    John McCain: Inter-racial dating ban is idiotic and cruel.
Foreign Policy
    Alan Keyes: Routine military intervention is wrong.
    George W. Bush: Russia: Work together to dismantle nuclear weapons.
    George W. Bush: China is an American competitor, not a friend.
    John McCain: Overthrow “rogue” governments to keep Americans safe.
    John McCain: Our conscience influences US intervention, as in Rwanda.
Free Trade
    Alan Keyes: Entering WTO gave away part of our sovereignty.
Government Reform
    Alan Keyes: Campaigns: No union $, no corporate $, no foreign $.
    George W. Bush: When do supporters opinions count as candidates’ opinions?
    George W. Bush: No corporate or union soft money.
    John McCain: When do supporters opinions count as candidates’ opinions?
    John McCain: Fight iron triangle: special interests, money, & legislation.
Homeland Security
    Alan Keyes: Set aside the ABM treaty and build SDI.
    Alan Keyes: Rapidly develop & deploy an anti-missile defense system.
    Alan Keyes: What you see is what you get over “don’t ask, don’t tell.”.
    George W. Bush: Use arms to defend Europe, Far East, Mideast, & Panama.
    George W. Bush: Commander-in-Chief defines mission; Generals prepare for it.
Principles & Values
    Alan Keyes: The real outsider for conservative Republicans.
    George W. Bush: Endorsements are based on leadership, not insider status.
    John McCain: A mandate from voters is key, not Congressional friends.
    John McCain: The GOP should be inclusive.

The above quotations are from GOP Debate on the Larry King Show, Feb. 15, 2000.

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