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Republican Debate in Johnston IA, Jan. 16, 2000


 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Civil Rights
    Alan Keyes: Conducting gov’t in Spanish assaults our linguistic unity.
    Alan Keyes: Ten Commandments & prayer should be in schools.
    George W. Bush: Respect Spanish heritage, but conduct government in English.
    George W. Bush: Ten Commandments OK in schools for “inherent values”.
    John McCain: Ten Commandments would bring virtue to our schools.
    Orrin Hatch: Founders avoided “national church,” not Ten Commandments.
    Orrin Hatch: Amendments for school prayer & flag protection.
    Steve Forbes: Ten Commandments & prayer in schools.
    Alan Keyes: Replace the Department of Education with parental control.
    Gary Bauer: Allow Ten Commandments in schools & disallow Nazi salutes.
    Gary Bauer: Vouchers and local control will save our schools.
    George W. Bush: Expand character education via federal funding.
    George W. Bush: Local control and accountability will prevent failure.
    John McCain: Use sugar, oil, and ethanol subsidies to finance vouchers.
    Steve Forbes: Federal involvement creates the crisis in our schools.
    Steve Forbes: Choice in education makes us more moral & more educated.
Energy & Oil
    Alan Keyes: Explore & exploit ANWR, while respecting ecology.
    Gary Bauer: Resources are there to be used.
    Orrin Hatch: Eliminate Kyoto Accords and implement more local control.
    Steve Forbes: Explore ANWR immediately, to reduce foreign oil dependence.
    George W. Bush: Set standards based on science; and fine violators.
    John McCain: Preserve and help our National Parks.
    Steve Forbes: Focus on science and practicality, not lawyers and fashion.
Foreign Policy
    Gary Bauer: Shame on those who sent tech to Chinese military.
Health Care
    Alan Keyes: Health care choice will save money for long-term health care.
    Gary Bauer: A patient bill of rights fits the conservative agenda.
    George W. Bush: Tax-deductible long-term care insurance for retirement.
    George W. Bush: Replace 132,000-page Medicare document with senior choice.
    Orrin Hatch: Home health and nursing homes should be more affordable.
    Steve Forbes: Replace “gatekeepers” with health care vouchers.
    Alan Keyes: Family farms: Decollectivize banks; withdraw from WTO.
    Gary Bauer: Family farms: Demand that Europe stop protecting theirs.
    George W. Bush: Family farms: Food for Peace instead of food as a weapon.
    John McCain: Family farms: Crop insurance; reduce inheritance tax.
    Orrin Hatch: Family farms: Crop insurance; no capital gains on land.
    Steve Forbes: Family farms: Lower interest rates; enforce anti-trust.
Principles & Values
    Alan Keyes: Bring God back into the White House.
    Gary Bauer: America needs to return to the ethics of Ronald Reagan.
    Gary Bauer: First priority is to outlaw abortion.
    John McCain: Foreign policy should not be shaped by photo-ops & polls.
Tax Reform
    Alan Keyes: Abolish the income tax and spend money responsibly.
    George W. Bush: Remove unfairness from the tax code.
    John McCain: Replace employer-provided benefits with a tax cut.
    Orrin Hatch: It will take political experience to reform the tax code.
    Steve Forbes: A flat tax will help families, homeowners, and charities.

The above quotations are from Republican Debate in Johnston IA, Jan. 16, 2000.

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