Jack Markell on Crime

Delaware Democratic Governor


Increase services for prisoners to reduce recidivism

Through the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, we've given courts risk assessment tools to help determine whether a defendant can remain in the community while awaiting trial. And we have supported community-based supervision programs as effective alternatives to incarceration for lower-risk offenders. More than 95% of offenders will eventually leave prison. That's why we have begun to implement a more just and cost-effective criminal justice system that provides treatment and job training to prepare inmates to contribute to our state when released.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Delaware legislature , Jan 21, 2016

Make it easier for felons to vote

Right now, a person with a felony conviction can vote as soon as his or her probation is complete, but only if he or she has paid all fines and fees. People should pay up, but their ability to participate in democracy should not depend on their ability to pay. Let's join the more than 40 other states that have no financial bar to exercising the most American of rights, the right to vote.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Delaware legislature , Jan 21, 2016

Give crime victims the right to receive restitution

The most fundamental role of state government is the public safety and welfare of its residents. I believe fighting crime must be a top priority as we move forward. My comprehensive proposal will do this:
  • I will establish a Delaware COPS Program with joint state and local funding to add 200 more police officers to the streets.
  • I will invest in smarter law enforcement by partnering with local law enforcement to obtain new crime-fighting technologies.
  • I will create a Delaware Office for Victims of Crime so crime victims can have a “one-stop-shop” for victims’ rights and services
  • I will ensure that crime victims have constitutional rights by amending the state constitution to ensure crime victims are notified of all critical stages of the criminal justice process; the right to confer with prosecutors prior to the disposition of cases; the right to provide a victim impact statement at sentencing; and the right to receive victim compensation and restitution.
    Source: 2008 Gubernatorial campaign website, markell.org, “Issues” , Nov 4, 2008

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