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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Survey of Gubernatorial campaign websites, 2001-2009

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Bob McDonnell: Pro-life; anti-partial-birth; pro-parental-notification.
    Chris Christie: Pro-life; the life of every human being is precious.
    Bill Ritter: Personally opposes abortion but fund emergency contraception.
    Jennifer Granholm: Vetoed ban on partial birth abortion.
    Jim Doyle: Stem cell research holds promise for debilitating diseases.
    John Lynch: Access to emergency contraception without a prescription.
    Mike Rounds: Abortion is wrong; reconsider Roe v. Wade.
    Sarah Palin: Pro-life.
    Christy Mihos: Supports woman’s right to choose, with minor notification.
    Chris Gabrieli: Massachusetts needs to invest in stem cell research.
    Haley Barbour: Protect the rights of the unborn.
    Tim Kaine: Promote abstinence; ban partial-birth abortion.
    Tim Kaine: I have a faith-based opposition to abortion.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Supports current family planning programs.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Opposes partial birth abortion.
    Arianna Huffington: Strongly pro-choice; woman’s right to choose.
    Dave Freudenthal: Protect a woman’s right to choose.
    Mike Rounds: Protect life under all circumstances; no embryo research.
    Dick Posthumus: Protect life; abortion only to save mother’s life.
    Linda Lingle: Oppose partial-birth abortion; support parental notification.
    Tim Shallenburger: Protect life, both born and unborn.
    Roger Moe: No new restrictions: defend the right to choose.
    Shannon O'Brien: History of protecting women’s right to choose.
Budget & Economy
    Jon Corzine: My 1st priority--& 2nd & 3rd--is to get thru economic crisis.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Uncovered $159 million in wasteful government spending.
    Mark Sanford: Limit spending increases to population growth plus inflation.
    Christy Mihos: No casinos in Massachusetts, except at racetrakcs.
    Christy Mihos: Proposition 1: tax reform and local school aid.
    Tim Kaine: Fiscal discipline kept AAA bond rating.
    Tim Kaine: Progress economically via stable finances.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Reduce billions in waste, fraud, and abuse.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Impose constitutional limit on spending and balanced budget.
Civil Rights
    Bob McDonnell: Authored amendment protecting traditional marriage.
    Chris Christie: Marriage exclusively between one man and one woman.
    Jennifer Granholm: Support Latino-owned businesses via Buy Michigan First.
    Jennifer Granholm: Supports civil unions & domestic partner benefits.
    Mike Rounds: Marriage should be between a man and a woman.
    Sarah Palin: Marriage only between one man and one woman.
    Ted Kulongoski: Expand opportunities for minority and women small business.
    Ted Kulongoski: No sexual orientation discrimination; OK to civil union.
    Jodi Rell: Only governor to sign civil unions without a court order.
    Christy Mihos: Supports marriage for same-sex couples, but OK on ballot.
    Chris Gabrieli: Supports same-sex marriage; opposes constitutional amendment.
    Grace Ross: End racial discrimination.
    Grace Ross: Supports marriage equality.
    Tom Reilly: Investigated clergy sexual abuse in Boston Archdiocese.
    Arianna Huffington: Supports same-sex unions with full rights.
    Arianna Huffington: Supports affirmative action wholeheartedly.
    Arianna Huffington: Prop. 54 is a racist gag order.
    Shannon O'Brien: Protect civil rights of gays; allow civil unions.
    Bob McDonnell: Small businesses are the backbone of Virginia's economy.
    Chris Christie: Bring back "Trenton makes, the world takes".
    Chris Daggett: New Jersey is simply not competitive.
    Jay Nixon: Require accountability for $500M in business tax credits.
    Joe Manchin III: Cut corporate income tax & business franchise tax.
    Chris Gabrieli: Invest in innovative industries like biotech & renewables.
    Bob McDonnell: Make Virginia gang-free; with tougher penalties & prevention.
    Chris Christie: Stand against child pornography and human trafficking.
    Creigh Deeds: Tougher criminal penalties; more police training & tools.
    Jack Markell: Give crime victims the right to receive restitution.
    Joe Manchin III: More sexual predator laws; more State police pay.
    Bill Ritter: New tough-on-crime sentencing policies.
    Jennifer Granholm: Mandatory minimum sentences for sex offenders.
    John Lynch: Increase sentences for offenders agasint seniors & kids.
    Linda Lingle: Implemented “3-strikes” law for habitual violent felons.
    Phil Bredesen: Supports the death penalty.
    Sarah Palin: If legislature passed death penalty law, I would sign it.
    Sonny Perdue: Criminals should literally pay for their crimes.
    Tim Pawlenty: More prisons; tougher penalties for sex offenders.
    Christy Mihos: Favors the death penalty in Massachusetts.
    Tom Reilly: Established Community Based Justice crime prevention program.
    Tim Kaine: Supports Project Exile’s longer mandatory sentences.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Death penalty is a necessary and effective deterrent.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Keep “Three Strikes” law.
    Arianna Huffington: Roll back $1B prison guard pay raise: books, not bars.
    Arianna Huffington: Moratorium on capital punishment based on racial disparity.
    Phil Bredesen: Supports fair and accurate executions.
    Dick Posthumus: MI Exile: Mandatory minimums for felons possessing guns.
    Linda Lingle: End death penalty; DNA proves innocence.
    Shannon O'Brien: DNA “fingerprint” all felons.
    Bob McDonnell: Mandatory minimum sentences for career drug dealers.
    Creigh Deeds: Make combating methamphetamines a top priority.
    Bill Ritter: Fight meth & dealers; treat drug abusers.
    Brad Henry: National model in the war in methamphetamine.
    Jennifer Granholm: Tougher penalties for drug dealers; more tools against meth.
    Jerry Brady: Cannot just throw people in jail for drugs; more treatment.
    John Lynch: 30 years for manufacturers of meth.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Vigilant in war against dangerous methamphetamine.
    Mike Rounds: Never send the message that marijuana is OK.
    Phil Bredesen: Proliferation of meth is one of the most serious threats.
    Sonny Perdue: Combat the methamphetamine crisis.
    Ted Kulongoski: Make Oregon one of the toughest places to produce Meth.
    Tim Pawlenty: Tougher penalties for meth offenders.
    Christy Mihos: Permit over-the-counter sale of needles.
    Haley Barbour: Wrong time to cut drug enforcement spending.
    Tim Kaine: Anti-drug and anti-gang units in State Police.
    Linda Lingle: Addicts get treatment; dealers & repeat users get jail.
    Chris Christie: Public education system is failing; increase accountability.
    Chris Daggett: Whatever works best--public, private, religious, charter.
    Creigh Deeds: Require that teacher salaries be above the national average.
    Bev Perdue: Raise teacher salaries; increase technology in schools.
    Jack Markell: Evaluate whether charter schools are becoming segregated.
    Jay Nixon: Re-invest in our public school system.
    Joe Manchin III: Increased teacher pay.
    Bill Ritter: Invest more in our education system, and demand more.
    Brad Henry: Build the best possible public schools & universities.
    Donald Carcieri: Double funding for schools in “intervention” status.
    Ed Rendell: Resources to public schools to invest in proven initiatives.
    Eliot Spitzer: Public schools are struggling.
    Jennifer Granholm: Raise K-12 funding from $6,875 per pupil to $7,075.
    Jerry Brady: Support sustainable funding for public schools.
    Jerry Brady: Parents in concert with schools develop kids’ moral compass.
    Jerry Brady: Supports school prayer.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Protect and strengthen public schools after years of neglect.
    Mark Sanford: Supports merit pay for teachers.
    Martin O`Malley: Give students, teachers & parents resources they need.
    Mike Beebe: Plan for ensuring teacher quality.
    Mike Rounds: Provide a quality education for our children.
    Phil Bredesen: Raise teacher pay;expand pre-K.
    Ted Kulongoski: Unified pre-K through 20 system.
    Tim Pawlenty: Require Pledge of Allegiance in public schools.
    Christy Mihos: Favors chartre schools at the current cap.
    Christy Mihos: No fees for school buses or school sports.
    Chris Gabrieli: Started the 2020 Foundation to innovate in schools.
    Chris Gabrieli: Local solutions & state cooperation to keep kids in school.
    Chris Gabrieli: Extend the school day.
    Chris Gabrieli: More state funding and tax breaks for college costs.
    Grace Ross: Free education.
    Christy Mihos: More state funding for schools, to relieve local funding.
    Tom Reilly: Education the only path to real opportunity.
    Tim Kaine: Make education policy by first-hand visits to schools.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Measure student progress and school progress.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Supports public school choice and community control.
    Doug Racine: Improve Act 60 funding system by removing sharing pool.
    Jim Douglas: Public school choice for poor & middle class.
    Mike Rounds: Internet sales tax to raise education funding.
    Mike Fisher: Opportunity scholarships: poor kids to private schools.
    Bill Richardson: No vouchers: they abandon public schools.
    Dick Posthumus: Annual testing to measure student progress.
    Peter Cianchette: Fund classrooms separate from school administration.
    Peter Cianchette: Expand school choices & public school funding.
    Linda Lingle: No vouchers; more funding, more charters.
    Tim Shallenburger: Merit pay for teachers based on teacher testing.
    Tim Shallenburger: Increase classroom funding by increasing efficiency.
    Roger Moe: More funding, then accountability.
    Roger Moe: Vouchers drain resources from public schools.
    Tim Pawlenty: Student standards & teacher standards.
    Joe Neal: Increase funding with gaming tax.
    Stormy Dean: Fund Education First: higher priority for state funding.
    Stormy Dean: Reform funding formula to reduce property taxes.
    Bill Curry: Increase education funding.
    Jimmie Lou Fisher: Raise teacher salaries by $4,000.
    Jimmie Lou Fisher: Double classroom funding for supplies.
    Jimmie Lou Fisher: $2.7M for 1,000 new teacher signing bonuses.
    Sonny Perdue: Streamline school bureaucracy; empower parents.
    Brad Henry: Increase resources for public schools.
    Kevin Mannix: Increase funding without raising taxes.
Energy & Oil
    Bob McDonnell: Cultivate green energy and renewables.
    Chris Christie: Incentivize energy manufacturing & wind turbines.
    Bob McDonnell: All-of-the-above approach: coal, oil, nuclear, & renewables.
    Chris Christie: Make NJ a magnet for renewable energy manufacturer.
    Chris Daggett: Slow the release of chemicals that increase global warming.
    Creigh Deeds: Focus on energy independence and reducing carbon emission.
    Bev Perdue: Incentives for alternative energy and efficiency.
    Jack Markell: Fossil fuels contribute to harmful greenhouse gases.
    Jay Nixon: Develop ethanol, wind, solar, & cellulosic-based biofuels.
    Bill Ritter: Blend our fossil-fuel supplies with renewable energy.
    Donald Carcieri: $39M saved via energy-efficient measures in state buildings.
    Jennifer Granholm: 21st Century alternative/ renewable Energy Plan.
    Jerry Brady: Harness wind, geothermal and bio-waste.
    Martin O`Malley: Maryland needs a long-term vision to make energy affordable.
    Mike Rounds: Incentives for more wind and coal-fired power.
    Sarah Palin: Stranded Gas Development Act no longer applies.
    Sarah Palin: Get ANWR open.
    Ted Kulongoski: Energy Star to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    Tim Pawlenty: Encourage development of locally owned wind energy sources.
    Jodi Rell: 20% alternative fuels by 2020.
    Dave Freudenthal: Link development of wind power with electrical transmission.
    Christy Mihos: Favors renewable energy but opposes offshore wind farms.
    Chris Gabrieli: Supports Cape Wind plus other renewable energy projects.
    Grace Ross: Decrease global warming.
    Kerry Healey: Suspend the gas tax.
    Tim Kaine: All Virginians are affected by rising gas prices.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Renegotiate energy contracts to make electricity affordable.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Opposed to offshore oil drilling.
    Arianna Huffington: Stress fuel efficiency; invest in clean & renewable energy.
    Roger Moe: Incentives for alternative fuel programs.
    John Sanchez: Oil & gas drilling in Otero Mesa.
    Bob McDonnell: Establish "Green Jobs Zone"; protect the Chesapeake Bay.
    Chris Daggett: Strong environment and strong economy goes hand in hand.
    Joe Manchin III: Pushed for new mine safety regulations.
    Mark Sanford: Market-based incentive for private land conservation.
    Christy Mihos: Eliminate Mass Pike tolls; no MBTA fare increases.
    Christy Mihos: Extend Blue Line, Silver Line, and Attleboro Line.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Improve our economy without impairing our environment.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Override federal exemption of new air pollution sources.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Promote watershed management to clean up bays and rivers.
Free Trade
    Chris Daggett: Worry about losing jobs to China & India but also to NY & NC.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Create new markets for Kansas products at home and overseas.
Government Reform
    Chris Christie: Use the line item veto; put everything online.
    Chris Christie: Cut wasteful spending; empower fiscal watchdogs.
    Chris Daggett: Simplify burdensome regulatory structure & byzantine rules.
    Jon Corzine: Only NJ governor in 60 years to reduce size of government.
    Bill Richardson: Instituted all-paper ballots for all N.M. elections.
    Mark Sanford: Bring horse-and-buggy government into the 21st century.
    Jodi Rell: Ban on campaign cash from special interests.
    Christy Mihos: Supports public financing of elections.
    Grace Ross: Voting rights for people, not monied interests.
    Christy Mihos: Set aside 40% of tax revenues for local aid.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Curb frivolous lawsuits.
    Jim Douglas: Cost Control Council to audit state government spending.
    Kevin Mannix: Fix budget with government structure change not tax hike.
    Sonny Perdue: End partisan redistricting.
Gun Control
    Bob McDonnell: Fundamental individual right to bear arms.
    Jerry Brady: Opposes limiting Idahoans’ right to bear arms.
    Mike Rounds: Pro 2nd Amendment Rights.
    Sarah Palin: Supports Constitutional right to bear arms.
    Tim Pawlenty: Statewide background checks to carry firearms.
    Jodi Rell: Tough new gun laws, plus special gun courts.
    Christy Mihos: Firm believer in Second Amendment rights.
    Haley Barbour: Protect the rights of gun owners.
    Tim Kaine: Strongly supports the Second Amendment.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Strong supporter of the second amendment.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Support Brady Bill; assault weapon ban; safety locks.
    Phil Bredesen: Against new restrictions; for gun safety education.
    Kathleen Sebelius: No new restrictions: supports second amendment.
    Linda Lingle: No new restrictions on the right to bear arms.
    Jimmie Lou Fisher: Hunter education instead of any new restrictions.
    Shannon O'Brien: Increase gun safety regulations but maintain hunters’ rights.
    Shannon O'Brien: Increase penalties for felon handgun possession.
    Brad Henry: Protect gun ownership.
Health Care
    Creigh Deeds: Make health care accessible & affordable for all Virginians.
    Bev Perdue: Led efforts to expand children’s health coverage.
    Jack Markell: Ensure that every Delawarean owns health insurance.
    Jay Nixon: Every Missourian should have access to quality health care.
    Bill Ritter: Basic health care accessible to all Coloradans.
    Brad Henry: Make quality health care more accessible and affordable.
    Donald Carcieri: Use untapped tobacco monies; help Medicare beneficiaries.
    Ed Rendell: Cover 315,000 senior prescriptions via PACE program.
    Eliot Spitzer: Focus on affordability in NY health care system.
    Jennifer Granholm: Affordable health care universally accessible to everyone.
    Jerry Brady: Health care is national problem & needs national solution.
    John Lynch: Expand children’s health insurance program.
    Kathleen Sebelius: I-Save-Rx: low-cost prescriptions from Canada and Europe.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Insure all Kansas children from birth to age five.
    Martin O`Malley: Health care should be a right--not a privilege.
    Mike Beebe: 12-point plan for Affordability, Accessibility, Quality.
    Phil Bredesen: Cover Tennessee: provide affordable, portable insurance.
    Sarah Palin: Flexibility in government regulations to allow competition.
    Jodi Rell: $1M for outreach to make sure every child is covered.
    Dave Freudenthal: Prevention emphasis could help curb health costs.
    Chris Gabrieli: New healthcare legislation is a good first step.
    Grace Ross: Create universal health care.
    Kerry Healey: Reform medical malpractice to cut insurance rates.
    Tom Reilly: Worked to protect coverage during HMO bankruptcy.
    Tim Kaine: One out of 7 Virginians lack health insurance.
    Doug Racine: Expand coverage through flexible Medicare/Medicaid funding.
    Eli Bebout: Seek WY’s fair share of federal Medicare funds.
    Jim Douglas: Lower Rx drug costs with buying consortium.
    Phil Bredesen: Reform TennCare with more regulation of MCOs.
    Mike Fisher: Expand Rx drug plan coverage with slots at racetracks.
    Peter Cianchette: More info & customized insurance plans to reduce cost.
    Peter Cianchette: Single-payer health care is a cruel hoax.
    Roger Moe: Lower Rx costs via expanded MN programs.
    Tim Pawlenty: Expand coverage: purchasing pools &Medical Savings Accounts.
    Bill Curry: Expand health coverage; reduce costs by cooperative purchase.
    Jimmie Lou Fisher: Lower Rx drug costs: 40% AR discount.
    Brad Henry: Patients before profits : hold HMOs accountable.
Homeland Security
    Bev Perdue: Keep the federal government from closing our military bases.
    Joe Manchin III: Higher National Guard pay & tuition waivers.
    John Lynch: Fight closing the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Benefits for state employees called to National Guard duty.
    Martin O`Malley: More equipment and training for first responders.
    Sarah Palin: Promote from within, in Alaska’s National Guard.
    Tim Pawlenty: Over $2M for National Guard and numerous military programs.
    Tim Kaine: Focus on counter-terrorism and bioterrorism preparedness.
    Tim Kaine: Maintain the military presence in Virginia.
    Bill Richardson: Declared state of emergency on Mexican border.
    Bill Richardson: Path to legalization if illegals pay taxes & learn English.
    Bill Ritter: No welfare benefits or drivers license for illegals.
    Mike Beebe: Significantly increase border security.
    Phil Bredesen: Develop sensible, uniform national policies for immigration.
    Sonny Perdue: No welfare or other services for illegals.
    Christy Mihos: No taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Increase federal reimbursement for border enforcement.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Address undocumented immigrants living underground.
    Arianna Huffington: Supports immigrant rights.
    Bob McDonnell: Strongly opposes federal Card Check legislation.
    Chris Christie: Garden State Growth Zones to attract new private investment.
    Bob McDonnell: Strong support for Virginia's Right to Work law.
    Chris Christie: NJ Partnership for Action: attract quality-paying jobs.
    Jon Corzine: Created 26,000 jobs in transportation, construction & energy.
    Jay Nixon: Protect the jobs of today, while creating jobs of tomorrow.
    Christy Mihos: Index the minimum wage for inflation.
    Chris Gabrieli: Experienced in creating 100,000 jobs as a businessman.
    Grace Ross: Support living wages & guaranteed income for all.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Immediately reform workers’ compensation system.
    Arianna Huffington: Supports right to organize and local living wage.
    Dave Freudenthal: Drought relief from water storage.
    Doug Racine: Increase funding for worker re-training.
    Eli Bebout: Support farm prices with producer cooperatives.
    Kevin Mannix: Support small businesses to spur job growth.
    Tim Pawlenty: Spur job growth by investing in Minnesota.
Local Issues
    Linda Lingle: No gambling: it’s a mythical economic cure.
    Stormy Dean: Expand gambling: keep the money in-state.
Principles & Values
    Chris Christie: Children attend parochial school.
    Jon Corzine: Came to Trenton to put NJ's fiscal house in order.
    Bruce Lunsford: Capitol on the Corner: direct local access to governor.
    Bruce Lunsford: One Kentucky Plan: Leave No Region Behind.
    Grace Ross: Corporate parties offer only empty promises & band-aids.
    Grace Ross: Life-long activist working with diverse, low-income leaders.
    Tom Reilly: Born and raised in Springfield.
    Tom Reilly: Worked for CIA and Ford Motors.
    Tom Reilly: Served as prosecutor and Middlesex District Attorney.
    Tom Reilly: A leader on issues that matter to the people.
    Tom Reilly: Married for 40 years; three kids; six grandkids.
    Tim Kaine: Parents taught him the importance of family and faith.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: California government is failing the people.
Social Security
    Jack Markell: Golden Years Guarantee: live at home; financial security.
    Joe Manchin III: $14M for senior services, most money ever.
    Mike Beebe: No diverting social security dollars into private accounts.
    Sarah Palin: Fund the Seniors Longevity Bonus Program.
    Chris Gabrieli: Invest state pension reserve in stock & bond portfolio.
Tax Reform
    Chris Christie: We can and we must lower taxes.
    Bob McDonnell: Kill the Death Tax; eliminate fraud & duplication.
    Chris Christie: NJ has highest state tax burden & it's getting worse.
    Chris Daggett: NJ bears the most punishing tax burden in the nation.
    Jon Corzine: Live-Where-You-Work via property tax relief.
    Bev Perdue: Led charge for creation of state earned income tax credit.
    Joe Manchin III: Created a low-income family tax credit.
    Brad Henry: Implemented two largest tax cuts in state history.
    Dave Heineman: I will continue to lower taxes.
    Eliot Spitzer: $1.5 billion in immediate property tax relief.
    Jim Douglas: Reduced property tax rate by 7 cents.
    John Lynch: Opposes income tax and sales tax.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Balanced four state budgets without tax increases.
    Linda Lingle: Pushed for substantial and permanent tax relief.
    Mike Rounds: Opposed to Personal Income Tax.
    Phil Bredesen: Balance state needs--without an income tax.
    Sonny Perdue: State should only spend tax money for what it truly needs.
    Tim Pawlenty: Supports Single Sales Tax Reform.
    Christy Mihos: Cap property tax; increase local aid.
    Christy Mihos: Roll back state income tax from 5.3% to 5%.
    Chris Gabrieli: Supports responsibly rolling taxes back to 5.0%.
    Grace Ross: Make taxes progressive.
    Christy Mihos: Constant property taxes until property is sold.
    Kerry Healey: Immediately roll back the state income tax to 5%.
    Haley Barbour: I am against raising anybody’s taxes.
    Tim Kaine: Proven record of cutting taxes.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Californians are overtaxed; find a better way.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Fight any attempt to roll back Proposition 13.
    Arianna Huffington: Big business should carry fair share of the tax burden.
    Arianna Huffington: Full assessment of commercial property; more corporate tax.
    Bill Richardson: Reduce income tax; create Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
    John Sanchez: Cut income tax & capital gains taxes.
    Tim Shallenburger: Lower corporate tax to be more business-friendly.
    Stormy Dean: New Tax Cabinet for long-term tax relief.
    Bill Curry: Cut property taxes by $1B.
    Sonny Perdue: Amendment: all surplus pays debt or cuts taxes.
    Brad Henry: Maintain income tax.
    Bob McDonnell: Make Wallops Island the top commercial Spaceport in America.
    Chris Daggett: Expand mass transit; fix crumbling highways and bridges.
    Bruce Lunsford: Invest in basic infrastructure, plus broadband.
War & Peace
    Grace Ross: Bring Massachusetts troops home.
Welfare & Poverty
    Bob McDonnell: Supports welfare-to-work & eliminate fraud.
    Chris Christie: Urban Fund and NJ Enterprise Zones don't work.
    Christy Mihos: Double the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Trust fund.

The above quotations are from Survey of Gubernatorial campaign websites, 2001-2009.

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