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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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2020 Governor's State of the State speeches

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    from 2020 Governor's State of the State speeches (number of quotes indicated):
  • Andrew Cuomo (5) New York Democratic Governor
  • Andy Beshear (11) Kentucky Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Bill Lee (10) Tennessee Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee
  • Brad Little (10) Idaho Republican
  • Brian Kemp (4) Georgia Republican candidate for Governor
  • Charlie Baker (5) Massachusetts Republican Governor
  • Chris Sununu (7) New Hampshire Republican challenger for Governor
  • David Ige (2) Hawaii Democratic Governor
  • Doug Burgum (13) North Dakota Republican candidate for Governor
  • Doug Ducey (11) Arizona Republican Governor
  • Eric Holcomb (5) Indiana Republican candidate for Governor
  • Gary Herbert (2) Utah Republican Governor
  • Gavin Newsom (4) California Democratic Challenger
  • Gina Raimondo (11) Rhode Island Democratic Governor
  • Gretchen Whitmer (6) Michigan Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Henry McMaster (11) South Carolina Republican
  • J.B. Pritzker (17) Illinois Democratic candidate for Illinois Governor
  • Janet Mills (7) Maine Democratic candidate for Maine Governor
  • Jared Polis (10) Colorado Democratic candidate for Colorado Governor
  • Jay Inslee (4) Washington Democratic Washington Governor
  • Jim Justice (10) West Virginia Democratic governor
  • John Carney (9) Delaware Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Kay Ivey (7) Alabama Republican Alabama Governor
  • Kevin Stitt (5) Oklahoma Republican candidate for governor of Oklahoma
  • Kim Reynolds (11) Iowa Republican
  • Kristi Noem (5) South Dakota Republican
  • Laura Kelly (3) Kansas Democratic candidate for governor of Kansas
  • Mark Gordon (5) Wyoming Republican candidate for governor of Wyoming
  • Michelle Lujan-Grisham (4) New Mexico Democrat
  • Mike Dunleavy (8) Alaska Republican candidate for governor of Alaska
  • Mike Parson (5) Missouri Republican governor of Missouri
  • Peter Ricketts (3) Nebraska Republican Governor
  • Phil Murphy (9) New Jersey Democratic 2021 Gubernatorial contender
  • Phil Scott (5) Vermont Republican challenger for Governor
  • Ralph Northam (16) Virginia Democratic Governor
  • Ron DeSantis (4) Florida Republican candidate for governor
  • Tate Reeves (5) Mississippi Republican candidate for governor
  • Tony Evers (7) Wisconsin Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Bill Lee: Seeing premature granddaughter strengthened my resolve.
    Tate Reeves: Our commitment to pro-life values must never waver.
    Henry McMaster: Prevent funneling of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood.
    Brian Kemp: We need to protect the unborn and the born.
    Kim Reynolds: State constitution does not grant right to abortion.
    Phil Murphy: Codify woman's full reproductive rights into state law.
    Jim Justice: Without any question whatsoever, I stand with the unborn.
    Ralph Northam: End laws restricting woman's right to direct her health care.
Budget & Economy
    Kay Ivey: $122 million to Rebuild Alabama infrastructure.
    Kay Ivey: Gather the facts on whether to allow state gaming & lottery.
    Bill Lee: Investment & incentives to support rural counties.
    Gary Herbert: Efforts to develop rural Utah are paying off.
    Doug Burgum: Increased teacher & state employee pay without raising taxes.
    J.B. Pritzker: A balanced budget reflects our values as a state.
    Mike Dunleavy: We can't spend what we don't have.
    Mike Dunleavy: Create a statewide lottery.
    Janet Mills: Tax credit for new business will diversify economy.
    Andy Beshear: Fully supports legalized sports betting.
    Eric Holcomb: Building "One Indiana" border to border.
    Gina Raimondo: We've made it easier to do business in Rhode Island.
    Gina Raimondo: Put line-item veto on the ballot.
    Phil Scott: We don't need more taxes; we need more taxpayers.
    Andrew Cuomo: Many building projects; all on budget.
    Andrew Cuomo: I'm not in business of papering over problems with money.
    Ralph Northam: Built up financial reserves six times to $1.9 billion.
Civil Rights
    J.B. Pritzker: Pride flag flew at state capitol for first tie in history.
    Andy Beshear: Restore voting rights to non-violent offenders.
    Andy Beshear: Diversity isn't a buzz word; it's a value.
    Andrew Cuomo: Prosecute violent hate as domestic terrorism.
    Ralph Northam: Remove discriminatory language from Virginia laws.
    J.B. Pritzker: Phasing out corporate franchise tax helped small business.
    Jim Justice: Eliminate business inventory and machinery tax if we can.
    Kay Ivey: Build three new prisons, but focus on rehabilitation.
    Bill Lee: Increase penalties for firearm theft & reckless endangerment.
    Bill Lee: Improve supervision; encourage hiring of former prisoners.
    Kevin Stitt: Consolidated work of Dept. of Corrections and Parole Board.
    J.B. Pritzker: Criminal justice reform starts with phasing out cash bail.
    Mike Dunleavy: The days of catch-and-release are over.
    John Carney: Inmates should leave prison better than when they entered.
    Henry McMaster: Invest $100 million in upgrading prisons.
    Tony Evers: Granted the first pardons in our state in nine years.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Dangerous, repeat offenders have got to be in jail.
    Brian Kemp: Launched Anti-Gang Task Force to keep neighborhoods safe.
    Brian Kemp: We must end modern-day slavery in our state.
    Mike Parson: I am not interested in building more prisons.
    Eric Holcomb: Training programs for felons reduced recidivism.
    Kim Reynolds: Priority to focus on prisoner re-entry, rehabilitation.
    Doug Ducey: Decreased recidivism means a state prison can be shut down.
    Andrew Cuomo: Bail reform is right, but complicated.
    Ralph Northam: Release unthreatening older or terminally offenders.
    Brad Little: Intervention better than incarceration to turn lives around.
    J.B. Pritzker: Legal cannabis creates jobs, businesses, new tax revenue.
    Charlie Baker: Led the nation in responding to warning signs for vaping.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Cannabis is the next frontier of economic expansion.
    Jim Justice: Create Narcotics Intelligence Unit strike force.
    Chris Sununu: Obtained $26 million grant for Preschool Development.
    Chris Sununu: Compromise on student debt relief at no expense to taxpayers.
    Kay Ivey: $25 million for Pre-K; $1B for public schools & colleges.
    Bill Lee: 4% salary boost for teachers; make $40,000 minimum salary.
    Bill Lee: Focus on new initiatives in teacher training.
    Kevin Stitt: Raise donations caps for fund for public and private schools.
    Doug Burgum: Help students be "choice ready" for their career paths.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Double down on investment in early literacy.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Increase number of post-secondary credentials to 60% by 2030.
    J.B. Pritzker: Illinois will be best state for young families.
    J.B. Pritzker: Added 10,000 scholarships, free tuition at U. of Illinois.
    Mike Dunleavy: Introduced bipartisan Alaska Reads Act to promote literacy.
    Tate Reeves: Let's pay our teachers as much as we can possibly afford.
    John Carney: Opportunity Funding targets resources to neediest students.
    Henry McMaster: Boost teacher pay; surpass southeastern average salaries.
    Henry McMaster: Fund PreK for needy kids, including religious schools.
    Henry McMaster: 5% funding increase for colleges not raising tuition.
    Tony Evers: Education debt affects not just students, but their families.
    Charlie Baker: Vocational schools should provide classes in three shifts.
    Janet Mills: Restore budget cuts to higher education.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Pay teachers more; hire more teachers: education a priority.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Make tuition-free higher education a reality.
    Brian Kemp: $2000 pay raise for all public school teachers.
    Mike Parson: Invest in advanced training in high demand areas.
    Peter Ricketts: $16 million in scholarships to connect students with careers.
    Andy Beshear: Waive GED testing fee for those who can't afford it.
    Andy Beshear: Teachers deserve a living wage, teacher shortage is a threat.
    Andy Beshear: End historic cuts to universities, community colleges.
    Eric Holcomb: $115 million to increase teacher pay, more to come.
    Gina Raimondo: Additional $30 million to support schools statewide.
    Gina Raimondo: Make scholarships for community college permanent.
    Kim Reynolds: We need 100% of schools to teach computer science.
    Phil Murphy: Tuition-free community college for eligible students.
    Ron DeSantis: Boost teacher's minimum salary to $47,500.
    Ron DeSantis: Parents should have public school choice.
    Doug Ducey: Invest in teachers, students and K-12 public schools.
    Doug Ducey: Have a school day devoted to instruction on civics.
    Jared Polis: Achieve universal pre-school for 4-year-olds by end of term.
    Jared Polis: Increased higher education funding, plus $100 for newborns.
    Phil Scott: Build the country's best cradle-to-career education system.
    Ralph Northam: $95 million for early childhood education for at-risk kids.
    Ralph Northam: Financial aid: Get skilled, get a job, give back.
    Brad Little: Doubled funding for literacy; don't rely on property tax.
    Brad Little: Direct state colleges & universities to work together.
Energy & Oil
    Chris Sununu: Rejects regional Transportation & Climate Initiative.
    Mark Gordon: Others vilify fossil fuels--not on my watch!
    Mark Gordon: Lower severance taxes on natural gas industry.
    Gary Herbert: Make commuting by transit as easy as commuting by car.
    Doug Burgum: Private sector innovation over regulation on carbon.
    J.B. Pritzker: Won't sign an energy bill written by utility companies.
    Mike Dunleavy: Alaskan oil industry is undergoing a renaissance.
    Mike Dunleavy: Goal of 50% renewable energy by 2025.
    John Carney: By 2035, 40% of state's energy from renewable sources.
    Tony Evers: We brought science back to the state of Wisconsin.
    Charlie Baker: $1 billion for climate resiliency by 2022.
    David Ige: 30% renewable energy by 2020; carbon negative by 2045.
    Janet Mills: Bring back wind platforms to Maine.
    Gina Raimondo: First state to be 100% renewable energy by end of decade.
    Jay Inslee: Washington state is a state of climate science acceptance.
    Kim Reynolds: New $2 million for Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program.
    Phil Murphy: 100% clean energy economy by 2050.
    Jared Polis: We all need to lead on clean air and climate.
    Phil Scott: Use funds to help Vermonters purchase electric vehicles.
    Jim Justice: State's coal can be used for construction instead of fuel.
    Ralph Northam: Make Virginia 100% carbon free by 2050.
    Brad Little: Supports "cleaner, safer carbon-free nuclear energy".
    Mark Gordon: Allow a few corridors for big game migration.
    Doug Burgum: Dept. of Environmental Quality to focus on clean air & water.
    Mike Dunleavy: The ability to own land is a core American value.
    Eric Holcomb: Additional million trees to be planted over next five years.
    Kim Reynolds: Increase funding for water quality and conservation.
    Doug Ducey: Turn Arizona into international capital for water technology.
    Jared Polis: We are loving our public lands to death; needs upgrades.
    Ralph Northam: Modernize regulations; strengthen enforcement.
Families & Children
    Chris Sununu: Accommodate infants in workplace; support paid family leave.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Extend postpartum care from 60 days to a full year.
    John Carney: Give children books free of charge from birth to school.
    David Ige: Build 17,000 affordable homes on state-owned land.
    Kim Reynolds: Expand Early Childhood tax credits.
    Kristi Noem: My vision: maintain our family traditions & way of life.
    Jared Polis: Wants "unique Colorado solution" to provide paid leave.
Free Trade
    Doug Burgum: We have an amazing relationship with Canada.
    Tony Evers: Build Wisconsin's dairy brand in international markets.
    Laura Kelly: Kansas is an export state.
    Brad Little: New trade agreement with Canada & Mexico good for Idaho.
Government Reform
    Mark Gordon: One-time bonus to retain state employees.
    Kevin Stitt: Moved from 47th to 7th place in online budget transparency.
    Kevin Stitt: Remove two regulations every new one added.
    Doug Burgum: Online state services should work like consumer sites.
    J.B. Pritzker: End legislators serving as paid lobbyists.
    Tate Reeves: Eliminate unfair licensing regulations.
    John Carney: Citizens should be able to access state government online.
    Tony Evers: Create a nonpartisan redistricting commission.
    Mike Parson: Cut government jobs; eliminate one out of five regulations.
    Phil Murphy: Undertake ethics reform; address pernicious sexism.
    Doug Ducey: Eliminate three regulations for every new one.
    Ralph Northam: We need to make it easier to vote, not harder.
    Brad Little: Idaho now the least-regulated state in the nation.
    Brad Little: Budget reset for all state entities except public education.
Gun Control
    John Carney: Keep guns out of the hands of those who would harm.
    Gina Raimondo: Close loopholes; ban assault weapons.
    Jim Justice: The Second Amendment is ingrained in me.
    Ralph Northam: Common sense gun laws do not violate Second Amendment.
Health Care
    Gavin Newsom: CalAIM: physical health & mental health inextricably linked.
    Chris Sununu: Allow importation of prescription drugs from Canada.
    Chris Sununu: Put suicide prevention for veterans at the forefront.
    Mark Gordon: Improve mental health care; launch in-state suicide hotline.
    Kay Ivey: Incentivize medical professionals to build rural practices.
    Bill Lee: Create K-12 Mental Health Trust Fund for teachers & students.
    Bill Lee: Extend postpartum coverage under TennCare to 12 months.
    Kevin Stitt: SoonerCare 2.0: Medicaid modest premiums & work requirements.
    J.B. Pritzker: Made health care more available & more affordable.
    Tate Reeves: Invest in health care without succumbing to big government.
    John Carney: Reduced rates has led to almost 95% with insurance.
    Charlie Baker: Modern health issues more challenging than in the past.
    Laura Kelly: Kansas must become 37th state to expand Medicaid.
    Mike Parson: Expand rural access to emergency & mental health care.
    Andy Beshear: Pass state law protecting people with preexisting conditions.
    Andy Beshear: Rescinded Medicaid waiver, stopped managed care contracts.
    Gina Raimondo: Almost 97% insurance rate through state health exchange.
    Kim Reynolds: Shift mental health funding from property tax to state.
    Kim Reynolds: Telehealth is a reality and will help underserved Iowans.
    Phil Murphy: We're protecting the Affordable Care Act.
    Doug Ducey: Insurance companies should cover mental health care.
    Jared Polis: Proposes drug price transparency & public option.
    Phil Scott: Must increase affordability of health insurance.
    Jim Justice: We can all agree on protection for preexisting conditions.
    Jim Justice: Establish Medicaid Families First Reserve Fund.
    Ralph Northam: When people are healthy, they contribute to our economy.
    Brad Little: First state to introduce "enhanced short-term plans".
Homeland Security
    Henry McMaster: Don't tax uniformed retirees: veterans, cops, firefighters.
    Henry McMaster: Proposes a significant investment in National Guard armories.
    Peter Ricketts: Retain our veterans with military retirement tax relief.
    J.B. Pritzker: Will not be complicit in shameful, draconian policies.
    Doug Ducey: Supports ballot initiative to ban sanctuary cities.
    Jared Polis: Appointed first DREAMer to serve on state board.
    Jim Justice: I hope and pray we never have sanctuary cities here.
    Gavin Newsom: Californians are VIPs of GDP: 1 in 7 new jobs since 2010.
    Chris Sununu: Pregnancy should not be a bar to employment.
    Doug Burgum: Path to jobs is changing; not just four years of college.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Expand right to overtime to tens of thousands of workers.
    J.B. Pritzker: Bipartisan infrastructure bill creates 500,000 jobs.
    J.B. Pritzker: Illinois Works set strong goals for diversity in hiring.
    J.B. Pritzker: Diversity & inclusion in hiring not just a talking point.
    John Carney: Grants to small business is investment in the future.
    Janet Mills: Scholarships & boosted retirement benefits for firefighters.
    Andy Beshear: It's time equal work results in equal pay.
    Gina Raimondo: Raise minimum wage; expand earned income tax credit.
    Jay Inslee: Goal is meaningful career training for anyone who wants it.
    Phil Murphy: Jobs NJ: align education with needs of employers, workers.
    Ron DeSantis: No depressed wages for Floridians due to cheap foreign labor.
    Doug Ducey: Help rural small businesses get Arizonans back to work.
    Jared Polis: Signed equal pay law; supports minority/women owned business.
    Jim Justice: Free college has led to record high employment.
    Ralph Northam: Raise minimum wage; distinguish contractors and employees.
Local Issues
    Doug Burgum: Working with tribal leadership to improve quality of life.
    Doug Burgum: People won't move here if spouse faces licensure barrier.
    J.B. Pritzker: Ended revoking driver's licenses for parking tickets.
    Kim Reynolds: Reform state professional licensing process.
    Kristi Noem: Maintain state as "pheasant capital of the world".
    Kristi Noem: Occupational licensing laws represent a burden.
    Ron DeSantis: Occupational licensing too often hinders upward mobility.
Principles & Values
    Kay Ivey: No one party has a monopoly on good ideas.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Michiganders expect results; impatience is a virtue.
    J.B. Pritzker: Ignored small problems become big problems.
    Mike Dunleavy: We are Alaska, envy of the world.
    Henry McMaster: We believe in faith, family, the flag, and freedom.
    Tony Evers: 95% of bills in first year had bipartisan support.
    Janet Mills: We are not Washington; we are Maine.
    Andy Beshear: With great power comes great responsibility.
    Eric Holcomb: Every citizen should have equal access and opportunity.
    Jay Inslee: Washington best state to do business and to be an employee.
    Phil Murphy: Others focus on next election; we focus on next generation.
    Jared Polis: Finding common ground part of Colorado Way of Life.
    Ralph Northam: We are all equal in the beginning and in the end.
Social Security
    Henry McMaster: Shift pensions from defined benefit to defined contribution.
Tax Reform
    Bill Lee: Halve professional privilege tax, it's arbitrary and unfair.
    Doug Burgum: Exempted military retirement benefits from state income tax.
    Doug Burgum: Private investment in infrastructure reduces property taxes.
    J.B. Pritzker: Property taxes must be seriously reduced.
    Henry McMaster: Cut income tax by $2.6 billion over five years.
    Tony Evers: Provided a 10% tax cut for Wisconsin families.
    Laura Kelly: Lowering state taxes on groceries a top priority.
    Peter Ricketts: Property tax relief is a top priority.
    Gina Raimondo: Cut car tax & unemployment insurance tax.
    Kim Reynolds: Reduce top state income tax rate to 5.5% by 2023.
    Kristi Noem: No state income tax; committed to keeping it that way.
    Phil Murphy: Not giving up the fight for a millionaire's tax.
    Doug Ducey: No new taxes on my watch.
    Jared Polis: Eliminating special interest breaks lowers everyone's rates.
    Brad Little: Budget proposes $35 million in grocery tax relief.
    Kay Ivey: Every Alabaman should have access to high speed broadband.
    Doug Burgum: Technology has ensured abundant food and energy.
    Doug Burgum: State-sponsored cyber terrorists are at war with us.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Will act on infrastructure if legislature won't.
    Tate Reeves: Invest in critical infrastructure, including internet access.
    John Carney: New investments on roads, transit, high-speed internet.
    Charlie Baker: $18 billion transportation bond bill, the largest ever.
    Janet Mills: Proposes $15 million to expand broadband.
    Mike Parson: Lack of access to high speed broadband is unacceptable.
    Andy Beshear: We must focus on completing important infrastructure.
    Gina Raimondo: Fixed roads and bridges; now let's do public transportation.
    Kim Reynolds: Broadband is not a luxury; it's critical infrastructure.
    Kristi Noem: We have a chance to lead the nation in cybersecurity.
    Phil Murphy: Transit system must know where it's going.
    Doug Ducey: Connect rural Arizona to high-speed internet.
    Phil Scott: We must continue to expand access to broadband.
    Andrew Cuomo: Maximize mass transportation & add capacity.
    Ralph Northam: Need to change the way transit & roads are funded.
    Ralph Northam: We need to invest $35 million per year in broadband.
    Brad Little: Improve highway system; invest in broadband.
War & Peace
    Doug Ducey: Eliminate all state income taxes on military pensions.
Welfare & Poverty
    Gavin Newsom: Homelessness must be at the top of our agenda.
    Gavin Newsom: Right to Shelter: work with counties on homelessness.
    Bill Lee: Recruit business to locate in distressed, at-risk counties.
    Henry McMaster: Require able-bodied Medicaid recipients to work.
    Janet Mills: Build nearly 1000 more affordable homes over 8 years.
    Gina Raimondo: Create dedicated funding stream to build new housing.
    Jay Inslee: Reduce homelessness by half in next two years.
    Jim Justice: If we can't find money to fight hunger, then we're not much.
    Ralph Northam: Affordable housing attracts jobs & builds communities.

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