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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Survey of 2008 Senate campaign websites

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    from Survey of 2008 Senate campaign websites (number of quotes indicated):
  • Al Franken (38) Democrat/DFL Jr Senator (resigned 2017) Minnesota
  • Alan Keyes (36) Republican
  • Allen Buckley (3) Libertarian Senate challenger Georgia
  • Andrew Rice (17) Democratic Challenger (2008) Oklahoma
  • Andy Martin (2) Republican Senate Challenger New Hampshire
  • Bart Baron (10) Former Republican Senate Challenger (2008) Michigan
  • Bob Conley (11) Democratic Senate challenger (2008) South Carolina
  • Bob Kelleher (8) Republican challenger (2008) Montana
  • Bob Marshall (12) Former Republican Senate Challenger (2012) Virginia
  • Bob Schaffer (5) Former GOP Senate Challenger (2008) Colorado
  • Bob Tingle (7) Republican Senate Challenger (2008) Rhode Island
  • Bob Tuke (4) Democratic challenger (2008) Tennessee
  • Bruce Lunsford (33) Former Democratic Senate challenger (2008) Kentucky
  • Carl Levin (3) Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) Michigan
  • Chellie Pingree (7) Democrat Challenger (Former) Maine
  • Chris Rothfuss (16) Former Democratic Challenger (2008) Wyoming
  • Chris Young (3) Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Rhode Island
  • Christine O`Donnell (11) Republican Senate Challenger Delaware
  • Christopher Reed (8) Republican challenger (2008) Iowa
  • Corrogan Vaughn (19) Former Republican Primary Challenger (2012) Maryland
  • Dale Cardwell (10) Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Georgia
  • Dave Brownlow (28) Constitution Party Senate Challenger (2008) Oregon
  • Dave Cuddy (9) 2008 former Republican challenger Alaska
  • Dean Barkley (2) Independent Senate challenger (2008) Minnesota
  • Dick Durbin (3)
  • Dick Zimmer (9) Republican Senate challenger New Jersey
  • Don Cazayoux (13) Democratic challenger Louisiana
  • Ed O`Reilly (10) Democratic Primary Senate Challenger (2008) Massachusetts
  • Erik Fleming (11) Democratic Challenger (2008) Mississippi
  • Frank Lautenberg (3) Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) New Jersey
  • Fred Thompson (20) Republican
  • George Eichhorn (10) Former Republican Senate challenger (2008) Iowa
  • Gordon Harold Smith (3) Former Republican Senator (lost re-election, 2008) Oregon
  • Greg Fischer (3) Former Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Kentucky
  • Greg Orman (6) Kansas Independent candidate for Governor
  • Hillary Clinton (1) Democratic Presidential candidate
  • Jack Hoogendyk (8) Republican Senate challenger (2008) Michigan
  • Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer (8) Democratic Senate challenger (2008) Minnesota
  • Jack Reed (3) Democratic Sr Senator Rhode Island
  • James Inhofe (3) Republican Sr Senator Oklahoma
  • Jason Chaffetz (9) Former Republican Challenger (2011) Utah
  • Jay Wolfe (13) Republican Challenger (2008) West Virginia
  • Jeanne Shaheen (7) New Hampshire Former Democratic Governor (1997-2000); elected Senator 2008
  • Jeff Beatty (5) Republican Senate challenger (2008) Massachusetts
  • Jeff Merkley (51) Democratic Jr Senator Oregon
  • Jeff Sessions (5) Alabama Attorney General
  • Jim Gilmore (2) Republican presidential candidate
  • Jim Martin (9) Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Georgia
  • Jim Neal (8) 2008 former Democratic Senate Challenger North Carolina
  • Jim Risch (2) Idaho Former Republican Governor (2006-2007); U.S. Senator
  • Jim Slattery (4) Former Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Kansas
  • Joe Biden (3) Democrat
  • Joel Dykstra (8) Republican Challenger (2008) South Dakota
  • John Barrasso (6) Republican Jr Senator Wyoming
  • John Edwards (8) Democrat
  • John Frohnmayer (12) Independent Challenger (2008) Oregon
  • John Kerry (1) Cabinet
  • John McCain (6) Republican
  • John Neely Kennedy (4) Louisiana Republican candidate for governor
  • John Rockefeller (3) Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) West Virginia
  • John Sununu (3) Former Republican Senator (lost re-election, 2008) New Hampshire
  • Jon Roland (3) Libertarian Senate Challenger Texas
  • Josh Lanier (6) Democratic Senate challenger (2008) Georgia
  • Kathy Cummings (5) Green Challenger (2008) Illinois
  • Kay Hagan (23) Democratic Jr Senator North Carolina
  • Ken Blevens (5) Libertarian challenger (2008) New Hampshire
  • Kenneth Eaton (5) Democratic Senate challenger Tennessee
  • Kirk Bushman (6) Republican Senate Challenger (2008) Montana
  • Larry LaRocco (30) Democratic Senate Challenger Idaho
  • Lee Jones (4) Former Democratic Challenger (2008) Kansas
  • Lindsey Graham (3) South Carolina S.C. Senator; Republican Presidential candidate
  • Mark Begich (28) Alaska Democratic candidate for governor
  • Mark McBride (10) Independent Senate challenger (2008) South Carolina
  • Mark Pryor (3) Democratic Sr Senator Arkansas
  • Mark Udall (11) Democratic Sr Senator; previously Representative Colorado
  • Mark Warner (15) Virginia Former Democratic Governor (2002-2006); elected Senator 2008
  • Mary Landrieu (6) Democratic Sr Senator Louisiana
  • Max Baucus (8) Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) Montana
  • Michael Cone (5) Democratic Challenger (2008) South Carolina
  • Michael Enzi (3) Republican Sr Senator Wyoming
  • Michael Lange (7) Republican Senate challenger (2008) Montana
  • Mike Ciresi (3) Former DFL Senate Challenger (2008) Minnesota
  • Mike Johanns (10) Nebraska Former Republican Governor (2005-2007); elected Senator 2008
  • Mike Padgett (6) Democratic Challenger (2008) Tennessee
  • Mitch McConnell (3) Republican Sr Senator Kentucky
  • Nick Carter (7) Former Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Wyoming
  • Norm Coleman (3) Former Republican Senator; lost court battle, 2009 Minnesota
  • Pat Roberts (6) Republican Sr Senator Kansas
  • Rand Knight (14) Democrat Challenger (2008) Georgia
  • Ray Metcalfe (1) Democratic candidate for Senate Alaska
  • Rebekah Kennedy (6) Green Senate challenger (2008) Arkansas
  • Rex Rammell (13) Wyoming Republican candidate for governor of Wyoming
  • Richard Durbin (3) Democratic Sr Senator Illinois
  • Rick Noriega (6) Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Texas
  • Rick Sikma (7) 2008 Republican Senate Challenger Alaska
  • Roger Wicker (3) Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative Mississippi
  • Rudy Garcia (6) 2010 Democratic challenger (lost primary); previously Mayor Arizona
  • Rudy Giuliani (1) New York Former Mayor of NYC
  • Saxby Chambliss (6) Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2014) Georgia
  • Scott Jameson (1) Libertarian Challenger (2008) Texas
  • Scott Kleeb (26) Former Democratic Challenger (2008) Nebraska
  • Scotty Boman (4) Libertarian Senate Challenger Michigan
  • Steve Novick (13) Democratic Challenger (2008) Oregon
  • Steve Pearce (3) New Mexico Republican candidate for New Mexico Governor
  • Steve Scalise (10) Republican challenger Louisiana
  • Steven Rathje (14) Former Republican Senate Challenger (2008) Iowa
  • Steven Sauerberg (34) Republican Challenger (2008) Illinois
  • Susan Collins (2) Republican Sr Senator Maine
  • Ted Stevens (3) Former Republican Sr Senator Alaska
  • Thad Cochran (3) Republican Sr Senator Mississippi
  • Tim Johnson (3) Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) South Dakota
  • Tom Allen (6) Democratic Senate Challenger (2008); previously US Rep. Maine
  • Tom Harkin (8) Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2014) Iowa
  • Tom Udall (3) Democratic Sr Senator; previously Representative New Mexico
  • Vernon Jones (5) Democratic Senate challenger (2008) Georgia
  • Vic Vickers (2) Republican Senate challenger Alaska
  • Vivian Davis Figures (10) Democratic Senate Challenger (2008); State Senator Alabama
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Chellie Pingree: Strongly pro-choice; fight for contraceptive equality.
    Jason Chaffetz: All human life is sacred.
    Lindsey Graham: Protect the sanctity of life.
    Roger Wicker: Wrote a bill that declares human life begins at conception.
    Jeff Merkley: 100 percent ratings from NARAL and Planned Parenthood.
    Jeff Merkley: Led the fight to pass the Access to Birth Control Act.
    Bob Tingle: Opposed to EMBRYONIC stem cell research.
    Rex Rammell: Adamantly against abortion at any stage of pregnancy.
    Rand Knight: Fully fund embryonic stem cell research.
    Rand Knight: Keep politicians out of women’s personal decisions.
    Dave Brownlow: Roe v. Wade is a usurpation of Constitutional authority.
    Dave Brownlow: Abortion is a holocaust.
    Christopher Reed: It’s a baby, not a choice.
    Dale Cardwell: Reproductive self-determination is implicit in Constitution.
    Jay Wolfe: I am Pro-Life, from conception until natural death.
    Jay Wolfe: No embryonic stem cell research.
    Rick Sikma: Inalienable rights exist for the unborn, from conception.
    Steve Scalise: 100% pro-life.
    Bob Marshall: Abortions result in higher health care costs for all.
    Bob Marshall: Adult stem cell therapy more effective than embryonic.
    Bob Marshall: Authored bill banning partial birth abortion.
    Christine O`Donnell: Deal With Delaware: I will always vote in favor of life.
    Don Cazayoux: I am pro-life; rooted in my faith.
    George Eichhorn: 100% right-to-life voting record.
    Jack Hoogendyk: Constitutionally guaranteed right to life from conception.
    Jack Hoogendyk: Supports adult stem cell research but not embryonic research.
    Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: Abortion should be safe and legal.
    Michael Lange: Support parental rights and right-to-life.
    Steven Rathje: I will only vote to confirm constructionist judges.
    Dave Cuddy: Opposes abortion except for incest, rape, or maternal life.
    Joel Dykstra: Life begins at conception.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Invest in emerging industries like stem cell research.
    Mike Johanns: Don’t let judges decide on partial birth abortion.
    Richard Durbin: Preserve women’s reproductive rights.
    Steven Rathje: Opposed to any embryonic stem cell research.
    Steven Rathje: Pro-life, from the very beginning to the very end.
    Alan Keyes: Principles in Declaration of Independence prohibit abortion.
    Alan Keyes: Embryonic stem cell research experiments with human life.
    Fred Thompson: Appoint only strict constructionist judges.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Believes in the sanctity of all human life.
Budget & Economy
    Chris Young: End the Federal Reserve & support a strong dollar.
    Bob Schaffer: Balance the budget; oppose automatic pay raises in Congress.
    Mark Pryor: Remain committed to balancing our budget.
    Jack Reed: Reached compromise for the passage of the housing bill.
    Michael Enzi: Voted for a one-year moratorium on Congressional earmarks.
    Norm Coleman: Address the housing crisis through a number of initiatives.
    Rex Rammell: Limit federal spending to what the Constitution allows.
    Jon Roland: Return to gold and silver currency standard.
    Dave Brownlow: An economic tsunami of debt is heading toward our shores.
    Scotty Boman: End the Federal Reserve’s Inflation Tax: return to gold.
    Bruce Lunsford: Crack down on unfair mortgage lending practices.
    Bruce Lunsford: Making the farm bill work for family farms.
    Bruce Lunsford: Help rural business develop.
    Chris Rothfuss: Execute a long term plan to eliminate our national debt.
    John Frohnmayer: With $9 trillion deficit, doing nothing is not an option.
    Andrew Rice: Government’s basic functions must be well funded.
    Kay Hagan: Will work towards a balanced budget and fiscal constraints.
    Mark Begich: No secret earmarks; full online disclosure.
    Al Franken: Fully fund the Veterans Administration budget.
    Scott Kleeb: Return to pay-as-you-go budgeting rules.
    Don Cazayoux: Support pay-go policies with fiscal conservative Blue Dogs.
    Jack Hoogendyk: Pay down the National Debt until it reaches zero.
    Jim Slattery: Replace reckless spending with tough “pay as you go” policy.
    Mark Begich: As mayor: bond rating up; jobs increased; taxes down.
    Greg Fischer: Decisions shouldn’t be affected by moneyed special interests.
    Kay Hagan: Keep track of every penny spent.
    Kirk Bushman: Absolutely necessary to balance the budget via spending cuts.
    Erik Fleming: Bankruptcy restrictions put more strain on working families.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Crack down on no-bid contracts; limit pork barrel spending.
    John Neely Kennedy: As state treasurer, manages $5B bank account.
    Mike Johanns: Government does not create wealth; people do.
    Steven Rathje: Supports line-item veto & balanced budget amendment.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Comprehensive “home rescue plan” to avoid foreclosure.
    Alan Keyes: Economics should be based on family household management.
    Fred Thompson: Trillions in debt will cause fiscal tsunami in a few years.
    Fred Thompson: Market-based budgetary reform: avoid pending fiscal crisis.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Require a balanced budget; support line item veto.
Civil Rights
    Chellie Pingree: No discrimination based on gender identity & orientation.
    Chellie Pingree: Work towards pay equity for women.
    Jason Chaffetz: Committed to values & principles of traditional marriage.
    Chris Rothfuss: All citizens must be exactly equal in eyes of government.
    Tom Harkin: Close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.
    Mark Udall: Support civil union; let states decide on gay marriage laws.
    James Inhofe: Authored an amendment to make English the national language.
    Lindsey Graham: Support the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.
    Vic Vickers: Never burn down the barn of liberties to get one rat.
    Max Baucus: Strong voice for Montana’s Indian tribes.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Supported the 2007 civil unions law in New Hampshire.
    Rex Rammell: Establish the sanctity of marriage in Constitution.
    Bob Conley: Strengthen our families.
    Rand Knight: Treat people equally, regardless of sexual orientation.
    Rand Knight: No federal or state Constitutional definition of marriage.
    Dave Brownlow: Let churches define marriage without government involvement.
    Dave Brownlow: Separate Marriage & State: let churches marry whom they want.
    Dale Cardwell: Same-sex civil unions ok; but not marriage.
    Jay Wolfe: Defend the fundamental institution of marriage.
    Rebekah Kennedy: Suspending Habeas Corpus is unconstitutional & intolerable.
    Rebekah Kennedy: The freedom to marry is a fundamental right, even for gays.
    Steven Sauerberg: All legal immigrants must learn to read & write English.
    Steve Scalise: Authored constitutional amendment to protect marriage.
    Bob Marshall: Marshall-Newman Marriage Amendment defined one-man-one-woman.
    George Eichhorn: Marriage should be between one man and one woman.
    Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: Equal marriage rights for GLBT people.
    Steve Novick: Society is for more than rich, white, straight men.
    Mark Warner: Eliminated Family Rule, so unrelated couples can buy homes.
    Mark Warner: Project Genesis: faith-based African-American home program.
    Mike Johanns: Nebraska values include traditional marriage.
    Steven Rathje: Defend the sanctity of marriage.
    Tom Harkin: Authored the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.
    Alan Keyes: We cannot cure a past injustice with another injustice.
    Alan Keyes: Preferential affirmative action patronizes blacks & women.
    Alan Keyes: Wrong to treat sexual behavior like race.
    Alan Keyes: Marriage exists for the sake of procreation.
    Alan Keyes: Massachusetts gay marriage required judges legislating.
    Alan Keyes: ‘Separation of church & state‘ misinterprets Constitution.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Marriage is between a man and woman.
    Rudy Garcia: Decentralize wealth and curtail corporate subsidies.
    Bob Conley: Families suffer as fat cat corporations make record profits.
    Jim Martin: Strong consumer protection laws against special interests.
    Kathy Cummings: Compel corporate responsibility to health & safety.
    Bob Conley: Legal immigration is corporate welfare.
    Bruce Lunsford: Ensure fair competition with corporate agribusiness.
    Jeff Merkley: Hard look at abusive practices in the credit card industry.
    Jeff Merkley: Ban the predatory practices of the mortgage lenders.
    Jeff Merkley: Capped payday loan rates.
    Jeff Merkley: Capped the amount check cashers can charge.
    Jeff Merkley: No approval if a borrower can’t afford the loan.
    Jeff Merkley: End billion dollar giveaways to oil companies.
    Jeff Merkley: Stop companies from setting up offshore tax shelters.
    Lee Jones: Fight corporate greed & overturn rural economic disparity.
    Jim Neal: Reward corporate patriotism that invest in America.
    Mark Warner: More state contracts for minority & women-owned businesses.
    John McCain: People worry about corporations unduly influencing elections.
    John Edwards: Support organized labor against mistreatment by corporations.
    John Neely Kennedy: Support death penalty for convicted child rapists.
    Bob Tingle: As pro-life, opposed to the death penalty.
    Jon Roland: Repeal statutes restricting firearms and drug control.
    Dave Brownlow: Immoral prison industry creates an American Gulag.
    Dick Zimmer: Signature achievement is “Megan’s Law” for sex offendors.
    Dick Zimmer: No frills prisons: no luxuries at taxpayer expense.
    Don Cazayoux: Crack down on sexual predators and other violent criminals.
    George Eichhorn: Supports truth in sentencing measures.
    Mark Begich: Added city police; pushed anti-gang & cyber-crime units.
    Mark Warner: 2004: much-needed funding for law enforcement.
    Pat Roberts: Increase law enforcement opportunities and education.
    Alan Keyes: Death penalty sometimes essential to respect for life.
    Alan Keyes: Opposes lowering age for trying children as adults.
    Fred Thompson: 3,500 distinct crimes means over-federalization of law.
    Max Baucus: End methamphetamine and drug abuse in our communities.
    Bob Tingle: Supports Personal Use of Marijuana Act.
    Dave Brownlow: The “war” on drugs has been a spectacular failure.
    Dave Brownlow: Tobacco & obesity kill many more people than drug abuse.
    Mark Warner: Restricted meth ingredients and reduced meth labs.
    Joe Biden: Increase penalties for dealing drugs near schools.
    John McCain: Mexico should extradite drug dealers to the US.
    Jason Chaffetz: Federal government shouldn’t be in public education business.
    Jim Gilmore: Hired 4,000 new teachers for public schools.
    Chris Rothfuss: Repeal NCLB: stop punishing our educators.
    John Barrasso: Local control is paramount for improving education.
    Mark Begich: Local control and accountability of America’s schools.
    Dick Durbin: Modify and fully fund No Child Left Behind.
    Dave Cuddy: Supports home-schooling and school vouchers.
    Gordon Harold Smith: Increased critical funding for Head Start.
    Mary Landrieu: Strongly believes in early childhood education.
    Max Baucus: Fought for programs that help Montana schools.
    Norm Coleman: Led the effort to expand Pell Grant awards.
    Thad Cochran: Support statewide pre-kindergarten education in Mississippi.
    Tom Allen: Fully support increased funding full Pell Grants.
    Christine O`Donnell: Federal funding provides better continuity.
    Christopher Reed: Keep God in our daily lives.
    Dave Cuddy: Supports home-schooling & state voucher systems.
    John Barrasso: Parents & teachers decide about schools, not bureaucrats.
    Jim Martin: Support struggling school systems instead of NCLB.
    Andrew Rice: Shift emphasis away from punishing underperforming school.
    Rand Knight: Don’t cut funding to underperforming schools.
    Bruce Lunsford: Fight for full funding of special education programs.
    Bruce Lunsford: Provide a strong education in math and science.
    Bruce Lunsford: Open the doors to higher education.
    Bruce Lunsford: Early investment equals future success.
    Bruce Lunsford: Fundamentally overhaul “No Child Left Behind”.
    Chris Rothfuss: Need to pay our teachers more and keep them highly trained.
    Jay Wolfe: Educational choice for public, private and home schools.
    Jeff Merkley: History making efforts that improved education in Oregon.
    Jeff Merkley: Completely overhaul No Child Left Behind.
    Jeff Merkley: Fully fund public schools.
    Jeff Merkley: Head Start Programs must be fully funded.
    Jeff Merkley: Increase the size and number of Pell Grants available.
    Jeff Merkley: Create a broad-based college tuition tax break.
    Jeff Merkley: Let parents get involved in their child’s education.
    Jeff Merkley: Fully fund Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
    John Frohnmayer: Education is local, but the federal government can help.
    Kenneth Eaton: Properly fund our schools from the federal level.
    Rick Noriega: Address our crumbling school system.
    Rick Sikma: Prayer should be allowed in public schools.
    Kay Hagan: For incentives and more competitive salaries for teachers.
    Kay Hagan: Fix the problems with No Child Left Behind.
    Steven Sauerberg: No unfunded mandates for our public school system.
    Steven Sauerberg: Don’t simply throw money at education problems.
    Al Franken: No Child Left Behind law must be dramatically reformed.
    Al Franken: Ideas for educational reforms that measure performance.
    Al Franken: Fight to end unfunded mandates on education.
    Al Franken: Invest in early childhood education.
    Al Franken: Restore Pell Grants.
    Scott Kleeb: Support early childhood education and quality childcare.
    Scott Kleeb: Reform No Child Left Behind.
    Scott Kleeb: Bring more qualified teachers into the classroom.
    Bob Marshall: Parents should decide schooling, not feds.
    Dick Zimmer: Local communities should run public schools.
    Don Cazayoux: Raised teacher pay; provided 4-year-olds early education.
    Jack Hoogendyk: Abolish Department of Education; parents direct education.
    Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: Increase state & federal funding for public education.
    Jeff Beatty: Excellence in public education is a national priority.
    Michael Lange: Parents and local school boards should run schools.
    Steven Rathje: Supports vouchers, home-schooling, and local control.
    Joel Dykstra: Update education delivery with competition & accountability.
    Steve Novick: Don’t pull the rug out from under our public schools.
    Jim Neal: No Child Left Behind is a failed initiative.
    Al Franken: Forgive loans for pledge to teach in under-served areas.
    Al Franken: Improve low-performing schools instead of punishing them.
    Al Franken: Fully fund our public schools.
    Bart Baron: Rethink elementary & secondary education.
    Kay Hagan: Increase teacher pay, reduce class size.
    Mark Warner: 2004: 14 of 32 failing schools graduated from NCLB program.
    Mark Warner: 2002 PASS initiative included private & faith-based groups.
    Bob Schaffer: Helped open Colorado’s first charter school.
    Dale Cardwell: Public education is a cornerstone of American success.
    Erik Fleming: Supports charters & tuition tax credits, but not vouchers.
    John Neely Kennedy: More funding for pre-K education.
    Mark Udall: Good public education is key to children’s economic future.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Low cost college loans to families in need.
    Vivian Davis Figures: More teacher funding; smaller classes; more modernizations.
    Ed O`Reilly: Committed to quality public education.
    Alan Keyes: Prohibiting school prayer is symptom of deeper problem.
    Alan Keyes: Parents & local citizens know better than educrat masters.
    Alan Keyes: Sex education is private responsibility; not for school.
    Fred Thompson: Promote voucher programs & charter schools.
    Fred Thompson: Best reforms are not federal but local, like charters.
    Ed O`Reilly: No unfunded mandates and edicts from Washington.
Energy & Oil
    Chellie Pingree: Require portion of electricity come from clean energy source.
    Mitch McConnell: Gas Price Reduction Act: drill offshore; harness oil shale.
    Pat Roberts: Increase oil and gas production at home.
    Tom Harkin: Convert the nation’s vehicle fleet to flex-fuel vehicles.
    Bob Schaffer: Encourage renewable energy development and alternative fuels.
    Ted Stevens: Find and use all forms of energy.
    Christine O`Donnell: Increase oil refinery capacity; drill offshore for oil.
    Jeff Sessions: More nuclear and more supply of oil and gas to meet demand.
    John Barrasso: Recognize the importance of domestic energy production.
    John Sununu: Increase domestic fuel exploration.
    Roger Wicker: Co-authored a bill for more offshore drilling.
    Steve Pearce: Nuclear energy is cheap, clean and ready now.
    Tom Allen: Close the Enron Loophole: prevent energy speculation.
    Christine O`Donnell: Build more oil refineries to reduce gas prices.
    Dean Barkley: Congress ignores energy independence & global warming.
    Bob Conley: Extract oil offshore and from ANWR.
    Jim Martin: We must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
    John Barrasso: Favor investment in coal and natural gas production.
    Bob Tingle: Drill here and drill now.
    Rex Rammell: Support all forms of energy production, especially nuclear.
    Rand Knight: Clean energy means cutting carbon emissions.
    Dave Brownlow: Global Warming is all a hoax.
    Bob Conley: Using alternative energy reduces gas prices.
    Bob Tuke: Dependence on foreign oil hurts security & climate.
    Bruce Lunsford: Work towards energy independence.
    Chris Rothfuss: Make Wyoming a leader in energy policy.
    Christopher Reed: Tap into domestic oil like ANWR.
    Dale Cardwell: Break our addiction on oil.
    Jay Wolfe: Drill ANWR; drill federal lands; build new refineries.
    Jeff Merkley: Set a 25 percent renewable energy national standard by 2025.
    Jeff Merkley: Invest in research for conservation, alternative energy.
    John Frohnmayer: Reduce dependence on oil; invest in wind, Waves, & biomass.
    Mike Padgett: Pain at the gas pump while oil industry gets tax breaks.
    John Frohnmayer: Raise Federal gasoline taxes to pay for high speed rail.
    Rick Sikma: Develop ANWR urgently; construct new oil refineries.
    Andrew Rice: Invest in switchgrass and natural gas resources.
    Kay Hagan: Increase funding for R&D of renewable energy sources.
    Mark Begich: Open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
    Mark Begich: Alaska is ground zero for global warming.
    Steven Sauerberg: Stop filling Petroleum Reserve; increase domestic oil supply.
    Steven Sauerberg: End dependence on foreign oil: clean coal, wind & solar.
    Steven Sauerberg: Increase research into alternative fuels.
    Steven Sauerberg: Increase fuel economy standards on cars and trucks.
    Larry LaRocco: Fund R&D for alternative energy technology.
    Larry LaRocco: Geothermal energy provides low-cost heat in buildings.
    Larry LaRocco: Nuclear power plays a key role in energy independence.
    Larry LaRocco: Solar is an economical & green energy source.
    Larry LaRocco: Diversifying our energy portfolio strengthens the economy.
    Larry LaRocco: Use manure and agricultural plant material to make ethanol.
    Larry LaRocco: Wind technology is close to being cost-effective.
    Larry LaRocco: A direct energy investment of $300 billion over 10 years.
    Scott Kleeb: Develop a new energy economy.
    Scott Kleeb: Renewable energy create new industries and jobs.
    Scott Kleeb: Grant program for early adopters of energy efficiency codes.
    Scott Kleeb: Encourage next generation bio-fuels.
    Bruce Lunsford: Develop clean coal technologies.
    Bruce Lunsford: Set standards for fuel efficiency in cars and buildings.
    Dick Zimmer: More nuclear plants; more energy exploration.
    Jack Hoogendyk: Expand oil production and expand nuclear energy.
    Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: Seriously address global warming; 80% GHG reductions by 2030.
    Jim Slattery: More fuel efficient cars & clean energy technology.
    Kenneth Eaton: Speedy transistion to Zero Emission Vehicles.
    Vernon Jones: Unaddressed, global warming will be catastrophic.
    Dave Cuddy: Develop ANWR; support market-driven alternatives.
    Joel Dykstra: Develop domestic reserves in ANWR & offshore.
    Lee Jones: Invest in green technology like ethanol and wind energy.
    Steve Novick: Comprehensive approach to reduce global warming.
    Jim Neal: Emphasize solar, wind, biofuels, and nuclear.
    Andrew Rice: Advocate for reduced carbon emissions.
    Al Franken: Investing in renewable energy is win-win-win-win-win.
    Al Franken: Apollo project for renewable energy development.
    Bart Baron: Get off the back of the auto & oil industries.
    Greg Fischer: Achieve energy independence & take better care of earth.
    Kirk Bushman: Reduce dependency on foreign energy, with Montana coal.
    Larry LaRocco: We owe it to our children to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
    Mark Warner: Drastically reduced emissions from VA coal power plants.
    Scott Kleeb: Moral test of our lifetime is combating climate change.
    Erik Fleming: Opposed to drilling ANWR; supports bio-diesel & alternatives.
    Greg Orman: Auto emissions contribute to environmental decline.
    Greg Orman: Energy-saving lights reduce over a million tons of emissions.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Independence from foreign oil and reverse global warming.
    Jeff Merkley: Sustainable, renewable energy to combat global warming.
    Mark Udall: Immediate response to global climate change.
    Mark Udall: Being green is MAKING green.
    Mike Ciresi: Develop homegrown, clean-energy tech & green collar jobs.
    Mike Johanns: Expand domestic oil production; reduce refinery regulations.
    Rick Noriega: Invest in wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass.
    Steven Rathje: Build nuclear plants; drill ANWR; expand refinieries.
    Steven Sauerberg: Increase domestic oil supply including refining capacity.
    Tom Harkin: Rapidly increase renewable fuels from corn and soybean.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Break our addiction by investing in renewable energy.
    Fred Thompson: Invest in alternative fuels; with R&D to reduce CO2.
    Ed O`Reilly: Renew America with energy conservation & renewable energy.
    Rudy Garcia: Make food instead of bio-fuel and instead of GMOs.
    Mark Udall: Expand funding for work towards mitigating climate change.
    Carl Levin: Championed Great Lakes; restoring brownfield; & Smart Growth.
    Frank Lautenberg: Bush’s offshore drilling plan is dangerous for New Jersey.
    Gordon Harold Smith: Preserve and protect Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge.
    Jack Reed: More federal funds for public transit.
    Steve Pearce: Strike a balance between the environment and the economy.
    Thad Cochran: Opposed the Climate Security Act of 2008.
    Tim Johnson: Doubled the Renewable Fuel Standard.
    Tom Allen: Opposed budgets that have slashed environmental funding.
    Max Baucus: Consistently fought to increase access to public lands.
    Rex Rammell: If we can’t own public lands, we should be able to use them.
    Kathy Cummings: Establish and fund Green Collar Jobs Corps.
    Dave Brownlow: Clean up depleted uranium from our weapons in Iraq.
    Bruce Lunsford: Pursue policies to protect Kentucky’s environment.
    Jay Wolfe: Faithful care of green space & our natural treasures.
    Jeff Merkley: Supports 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.
    Jeff Merkley: Incentives to cities for the reduction of emissions.
    Rebekah Kennedy: protect our land, air & water from all sources of pollution.
    John Frohnmayer: Put federal forests into local trust, for sustainability.
    Andrew Rice: Global warming is real; our quality of life is at risk.
    Kay Hagan: Will push for increased water conservation efforts.
    Mark Begich: Implemented energy efficiency and conservation in Anchorage.
    Steven Sauerberg: Protect Lake Michigan by restricting waste dumped into it.
    Larry LaRocco: Reduce the threat of global warming.
    Scott Kleeb: Implement a market-based cap-and-trade system.
    Scott Kleeb: Confront deforestation and promote carbon sequestration.
    Steve Scalise: Full funding of 100-year flood protection.
    Michael Lange: Protect private property rights, period.
    Steve Novick: Good environmental enforcement protects our natural heritage.
    Kirk Bushman: No additional wilderness area in Montana.
    Mark Warner: Tougher discharge regulations on Chesapeake Bay.
    Mark Udall: Moral obligation to be good stewards of natural environment.
    Mary Landrieu: Coastal wetlands erosion is an unfolding catastrophe.
    Ed O`Reilly: Preservation of the basic resources for all life essential.
    John McCain: Economic & environmental interests not mutually exclusive.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Encourage alternative fuels, wind & solar.
Families & Children
    Max Baucus: Co-sponsored legislation to protect women from violence.
    Jeff Merkley: Tax credits to families to make child care affordable.
    Mary Landrieu: Supports adoption and foster care reform.
    Fred Thompson: Promote culture of life & strengthen families.
    Hillary Clinton: Support new parents to promote healthy child development.
    Joe Biden: Fought for Family and Medical Leave, up to 12 unpaid weeks.
Foreign Policy
    James Inhofe: Withhold 20% of US funding from the UN.
    Bob Tingle: I strongly support Israel, our close friend and ally.
    Kathy Cummings: End US interference in other countries’ affairs.
    Dave Brownlow: Get US out of UN, & UN out of US.
    Dave Brownlow: Let Israelis and Palestinians solve problems on their own.
    Scotty Boman: Committed to Non-Initiation of Force.
    Chris Rothfuss: Diplomacy is the only solution to global terrorism.
    Jay Wolfe: Maintain US sovereignty; exit the World Court.
    John Frohnmayer: Teaching students Farsi & Arabic is best military investment.
    John Frohnmayer: Teach Farsi, Arabic, & Mandarin in grade schools.
    Kay Hagan: Need cooperation around the world to defeat terrorism.
    Steven Sauerberg: We must vigorously support Israel.
    Steven Sauerberg: Protect Afghanistan from degenerating into terrorist haven.
    Mark McBride: Not our role to install democracy around the world.
    Al Franken: Convene a regional conference in the Middle East.
    Scott Kleeb: Continue to see Israel’s security as connected to our own.
    Lee Jones: Bring America back to international high moral standing.
    Bart Baron: Stop arming China; trade won’t stop their authoritarianism.
    Erik Fleming: Fully fund our financial obligation to the U.N. annually.
    Mike Ciresi: Address underlying causes that cause terrorism.
    Alan Keyes: Commitment to Israel is a moral obligation.
    Alan Keyes: United Nations: source of dangerously naive globalist dreams.
    Ed O`Reilly: Ongoing dialogue with Syria and Iran.
Free Trade
    Chris Young: Opposes the North American Union and globalization.
    Nick Carter: Support fair trade policy which protects American jobs.
    Pat Roberts: We must aggressively open markets for our goods.
    Christine O`Donnell: No global taxes to the UN.
    Scott Jameson: Opposes the Trans Texas Corridor, “NAFTA Superhighway”.
    Kay Hagan: Oppose trade deals that are bad for North Carolina workers.
    Rand Knight: Embrace a “mirror trade system”: partners meet our standards.
    Dave Brownlow: Terminate NAFTA, GATT, WTO and MFN.
    Dave Brownlow: Support free and fair trade, plus anti-dumping laws.
    Bob Conley: No to trade agreements that send our jobs overseas.
    Bob Conley: America First trade policies.
    Bob Tuke: Moratorium on all new Free Trade agreements.
    Chris Rothfuss: Strongly support country of origin labeling.
    Jeff Merkley: Oppose trade agreements that use NAFTA as a model.
    Jeff Merkley: Cancel or fix unfair trade deals.
    Jeff Merkley: End federal giveaways to companies that ship jobs overseas.
    Jeff Merkley: Strengthen the Buy American Act.
    Jeff Merkley: Oppose giving the President fast track trade authority.
    Mike Padgett: Promote fair trade with tax policy to keep jobs in US.
    Mark McBride: I am not a free trader; nothing in life is free.
    Mark McBride: NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO need to go away.
    Scott Kleeb: Trade should spread standards, not just enrich us.
    Bob Marshall: Impose tariffs that equalize the trade playing field.
    Bruce Lunsford: Ensure that all trade agreements protect workers.
    Bruce Lunsford: Distinguish American products with Country-of-Origin labels.
    Don Cazayoux: Supports fair trade; oppose tax giveaways for jobs overseas.
    Jack Hoogendyk: Mirror trade policy of other nations.
    Michael Lange: We need trade agreements that place America first.
    Steve Novick: Give the little guy a fairer break in trade policies.
    Jim Neal: Export American values, not American jobs.
    Al Franken: I’m a fair trader; enforce labor, safety, & environment.
    Bart Baron: Renegotiate trade treaties for a level playing field.
    Bart Baron: What we need is not “free” trade but FAIR trade.
    Bart Baron: Be fearful of Fast Track Authority.
    Dale Cardwell: Make sure that free trade only happens when it’s fair trade.
    Dale Cardwell: Keep American jobs in the US with fair trade.
    Jeff Merkley: Include real & enforceable labor & environmental standards.
    Mike Johanns: Open up new markets for agricultural & beef exports.
    Richard Durbin: Vigorous enforcement against unfair importation & dumping.
    Tom Allen: Level the playing field; we have tipped the balance away.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Level the playing field for American workers and companies.
    Joe Biden: Opposes fast-track to protect labor rights.
    Alan Keyes: We gave away portion of sovereignty when we entered WTO.
    Alan Keyes: One-on-one trade agreements; with tariffs for dumping.
    Alan Keyes: North American Union Superhighway subverts sovereignty.
    Alan Keyes: Free trade gives excessive authority to international groups.
    Ken Blevens: Law of the Sea Treaty diminishes our sovereignty.
Government Reform
    Jason Chaffetz: Run campaigns %& budgets as fiscal conservative.
    Chris Rothfuss: Change for a Buck: fight special interest influence.
    Ted Stevens: Earmarks make sure Alaska’s needs are met.
    James Inhofe: Opposes the Democratic ethics reform bill.
    Tom Udall: Support an independent, non-partisan ethics commission.
    Vic Vickers: Will not accept a single penny from any special interest.
    Larry LaRocco: Congress has not been accountable; checks & balances failing.
    Dean Barkley: Big money has captured our political process.
    Bob Kelleher: Political priority: more accountable government.
    Rand Knight: Establish an Independent Ethics Commission for politicians.
    Rand Knight: Re-adhere to the Geneva Convention.
    Rebekah Kennedy: Cynical politicians exploited 9-11 to increase their power.
    Mark Begich: Brought greater openness to city government.
    Mark Begich: Increase financial transparency for Senate staff.
    Mark Begich: Senate lobbying disclosures should include family ties.
    Mark Begich: Campaign transparency with sortable online database.
    Mark Begich: No secret meetings; full appointment disclosure for Senators.
    Mark Begich: No more automatic pay raises for Senators.
    Mark Begich: No revolving door for former senate staff to lobby.
    Mark Begich: No campaign fundraising through private foundations.
    Mark Begich: Support an Independent Office of Public Integrity.
    Al Franken: Investigate the misappropriation of billions on Iraq.
    Larry LaRocco: Unlock the partisan gridlock in Washington.
    Scott Kleeb: More disclosure and transparency in appropriations.
    Steve Scalise: Ban cash contributions in federal elections.
    Bob Marshall: Equal airtime for all candidates for office.
    Christine O`Donnell: Deal With Delaware: I will limit myself to two terms.
    Don Cazayoux: Stronger lobbying and ethics laws.
    Josh Lanier: Big money deforms our elections.
    Andy Martin: Investigated corrupt judges and forced their resignations.
    Bob Schaffer: Pledged term-limit of 3 terms, & stepped down after 3 terms.
    Jeff Sessions: Committed to principled, non-activist judges.
    Alan Keyes: Campaign finance reform violates freedom of association.
    Alan Keyes: Avoid incumbency protection: no union or corporate donors.
    Alan Keyes: Terri Schiavo case was about judicial power over executive.
    Fred Thompson: Political expediency ignored limited federalist government.
    Fred Thompson: Strong states work a lot better than central planning.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Performed socially & politically via faith-based communities.
Gun Control
    Jason Chaffetz: Support Second Amendment rights.
    Jim Gilmore: Virginia Exile: get guns out of the hands of criminals.
    Nick Carter: Restricting access to guns is not a solution.
    Mark Begich: Strongly supports Constitutional right to bear arms.
    Bob Schaffer: Fought to uphold the Second Amendment.
    Mark Pryor: Our Second Amendment rights must be protected.
    Mark Udall: Prevent criminals from buying and carrying deadly weapons.
    Frank Lautenberg: No guns for domestic abusers.
    Kay Hagan: I am a strong supporter of Second Amendment right.
    Rex Rammell: Gun ownership saves more lives than all criminal laws.
    Dave Brownlow: Any ban on any gun directly conflicts with Constitution.
    Rick Sikma: 2nd Amendment is an important part of inalienable rights.
    Don Cazayoux: Strongly support the Second Amendment.
    George Eichhorn: Preserve and protect our 2nd Amendment.
    Jack Hoogendyk: Rated “A” by the National Rifle Association.
    Jeff Beatty: Supports the Second Amendment.
    Ken Blevens: Avid supporter of the second amendment.
    Michael Lange: Absolute and complete support of the second amendment.
    Dave Cuddy: Full recognition of 2nd Amendment rights.
    Joel Dykstra: No need for additional laws or restrictions on guns.
    Mark Begich: Lifetime member of NRA.
    Mark Udall: Hunting & angling tradition generates income and jobs.
    Mike Johanns: I support the Second Amendment.
    Steven Rathje: The 2nd Amendment defends the other 26.
    Alan Keyes: Gun control agenda mistrusts ordinary citizens.
    Alan Keyes: Fundamental DUTY of free citizens to keep & bear arms.
    Fred Thompson: Strongly supports the Second Amendment.
    John Edwards: In rural America, hunting and gun ownership is a way of life.
    John McCain: Prosecute criminals, not citizens for gun ownership.
    John McCain: Don’t hold gun manufacturers liable for crimes.
    John McCain: Opposes restrictions on assault weapons and ammunition types.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Constitutional right to bear arms.
Health Care
    Jason Chaffetz: Insure all Americans with private health insurance.
    Saxby Chambliss: Supported the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit plan.
    Dave Cuddy: Allow retirees to opt out of Medicare.
    Gordon Harold Smith: Strengthened and protected federal health care programs.
    John Barrasso: Ensure Wyoming is fairly reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid.
    John Rockefeller: Worked to improve prescription drug coverage.
    Mary Landrieu: Supported the creation and expansion of health care for kids.
    Michael Enzi: Support mental health parity legislation.
    Roger Wicker: Led effort to derail $7.4 million Medicare cuts.
    Steve Pearce: Tax deduction for those who purchase their own insurance.
    Thad Cochran: Proposed an 18 month fix for physician Medicare payment.
    Tim Johnson: Co-sponsored legislation to reduce the cost of health care.
    Tom Udall: Allow every citizen over the age of 55 to buy into Medicare.
    Jim Martin: Affordable health care for all is an achievable goal.
    Nick Carter: Healthcare for all citizens at an affordable price.
    Andrew Rice: Access to quality affordable health care for every American.
    Rex Rammell: Opt out of Medicare with Health Savings Accounts.
    Bob Kelleher: Health care for everyone is a Christian ideal.
    Rand Knight: Fully accessible health insurance for all Americans.
    Dave Brownlow: Congress has no Constitutional authority over health care.
    Dave Brownlow: High health care costs are symptom of federal meddling.
    Bob Tuke: National health care insurance exchange.
    Bruce Lunsford: Make Medicare and prescription drug benefit work for seniors.
    Bruce Lunsford: McConnell gets first-class healthcare paid for by you and me.
    Bruce Lunsford: Start our children on the path to good health.
    Chris Rothfuss: The way to get everyone health care is to control costs.
    Christopher Reed: No socialized medicine.
    Jay Wolfe: Let market forces drive down the cost of medicine.
    Jeff Merkley: Address the nursing shortage.
    Jeff Merkley: Support Healthy Americans Act: universal comprehensive care.
    Jeff Merkley: Take on insurance & pharmaceutical companies.
    Jeff Merkley: Provide affordable quality health care to all Americans.
    Jeff Merkley: Fully fund the VA health care system.
    Jeff Merkley: Provide children with the health care they need.
    Mike Padgett: Private sector can’t make health accessible and affordable.
    Rebekah Kennedy: Replace failed private health system with national program.
    John Frohnmayer: Replace private insurance with single payer system.
    Kay Hagan: Keep fighting to extend health coverage to children.
    Kay Hagan: Allow the government to negotiate for lower drug costs.
    Kay Hagan: We must reduce our nursing shortage.
    Mark Begich: Increase Medicare reimbursements and affordable health care.
    Mark Begich: Favors expanding Alaska’s Denali KidCare program.
    Steven Sauerberg: Portability, competition, and accessibility for health care.
    Steven Sauerberg: Individual ownership through tax rebates and health vouchers.
    Steven Sauerberg: Healthy living tax credits.
    Steven Sauerberg: Simple paperwork plus accountability.
    Steven Sauerberg: Penalties for denial of coverage by insurance companies.
    Steven Sauerberg: End frivolous lawsuits with administrative health courts.
    Steven Sauerberg: Eliminating fraud and waste in Medicare.
    Al Franken: We need to go to universal health care.
    Al Franken: Address the quality and cost of care.
    Al Franken: Kids without health insurance grew to 8.3 million in 2005.
    Larry LaRocco: Address our nursing shortage, starting with nursing teachers.
    Larry LaRocco: Preventative care for better health, and lower costs.
    Larry LaRocco: Everyone should have affordable & portable health insurance.
    Larry LaRocco: Health insurance equal to that given Members of Congress.
    Larry LaRocco: Allow people to keep their current health insurance.
    Larry LaRocco: Reduce the shortage of physicians.
    Larry LaRocco: Increase access to medical school loans.
    Larry LaRocco: Control the cost of malpractice insurance for physicians.
    Scott Kleeb: High-quality and affordable coverage for all Americans.
    Scott Kleeb: Healthcare plan similar to what all Members of Congress have.
    Scott Kleeb: Reward employer who ensure that their employees.
    Steve Scalise: Give individuals and families more healthcare choice.
    Bob Marshall: Tax credit for individuals buying private insurance.
    Bruce Lunsford: Let Medicare negotiate re-importation from Canada.
    Dick Zimmer: Consistently opposes government-run national health care.
    Don Cazayoux: Expand SCHIP to ensure that all children have insurance.
    George Eichhorn: Competitive consumer-directed care over socialized medicine.
    Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: Universal, single-payer comprehensive health care.
    Jim Slattery: Expand SCHIP and affordable health care.
    Josh Lanier: Supports single payer universal system.
    Kenneth Eaton: Federal guidelines to ensure proper medical care.
    Vernon Jones: Put quality of life over profit margins.
    Joel Dykstra: No big government take-over of health care.
    Lee Jones: Bring affordable and accessible healthcare to all.
    Michael Cone: Single Payer Health Insurance to everyone.
    Steve Novick: Fight for comprehensive national health reform.
    Jim Neal: Transition to health care instead of sick care.
    Jim Neal: Don’t turn Medicare over to giant insurance companies.
    Al Franken: Full funding for state-based coverage, but not single payer.
    Al Franken: Universal health care as soon as possible.
    Bart Baron: Limit medical liability lawsuits but not right to se.
    Bart Baron: Health has become big business, with insurers as customer.
    Kay Hagan: Bridge the gap on health care.
    Mark Warner: As governor, 138,000 more children covered by insurance.
    Dale Cardwell: Our health care system is in crisis; provide baseline care.
    Erik Fleming: No need for universal program if we work with industry.
    Greg Orman: Commitment to research to cure numerous diseases.
    Greg Orman: Affordable healthcare coverage for all is our goal.
    Jeanne Shaheen: We need a universal health care system to cover everyone.
    Jeff Merkley: Health care for all Americans.
    Mark Udall: Make Congress’ healthcare options available to all.
    Pat Roberts: Attract health care providers in underserved areas.
    Rick Noriega: Guaranteed coverage via public-private partnerships.
    Saxby Chambliss: Fight the federal takeover of health care.
    Tom Allen: Negotiate lower prices for drugs; ensure healthcare for all.
    Vivian Davis Figures: If America is wealthiest nation, why not healthiest nation?
    Ed O`Reilly: First-rate healthcare is a fundamental and basic right.
    Alan Keyes: Euthanasia violates unalienable right to life.
    Alan Keyes: Consumer in charge; no government-controlled health care.
    Fred Thompson: One-size-fits-all programs are inefficient & inadequate.
    Fred Thompson: Competition, free-market solutions & personal responsibility.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Provide affordable healthcare to citizens.
    Ken Blevens: SCHIP is part of a socialist agenda.
    John Edwards: We need universal health insurance.
Homeland Security
    Rudy Garcia: Demilitarize by stopping nukes & reducing bases.
    Jason Chaffetz: Ensure that our troops have the best equipment & training.
    Chris Rothfuss: Federal Government has been assaulting our privacy rights.
    Mark Begich: Repeal the Patriot Act.
    Dick Durbin: $15 billion investment for homeland security.
    Mark Pryor: We must take better care of our veterans.
    Al Franken: Renew our commitment to our men and women in uniform.
    Carl Levin: Fight to improve the quality of services for veterans.
    Jack Reed: Federal aid for homeless veterans.
    John Rockefeller: Increased the budget for the VA by over $2 billion.
    John Sununu: Support the PATRIOT act with additional civil safeguards.
    Lindsey Graham: Ensure terrorists cannot sue American troops.
    Mary Landrieu: Co-sponsored the 21st Century GI Bill.
    Norm Coleman: Established a reintegration program for returning troops.
    Tim Johnson: Support full and mandatory VA funding and the new GI bill.
    Christopher Reed: Peace through strength; deal with enemies harshly & swiftly.
    Jim Martin: Sustainable military presence in the Middle East.
    Andrew Rice: Shift defense resources from Iraq to destroying terrorists.
    Kathy Cummings: End torture; warrantless spying; & stifling of dissent.
    Dave Brownlow: We spend more money on military than rest of world combined.
    Dave Brownlow: Real threat is elaborate deception concocting war on terror.
    Dave Brownlow: 9-11 investigation needed for mysterious collapse of WTC7.
    Dave Brownlow: Do you feel safer with feds snooping around your affairs?
    Bob Conley: Overseas occupations are breaking our military.
    Bob Conley: Repeal Big Brother legislation & restore Constitution.
    Bruce Lunsford: We must fully fund the veterans’ health care system.
    Bruce Lunsford: Open the doors to the Veterans Administration.
    Bruce Lunsford: Ease the transition home for veterans.
    Bruce Lunsford: McConnell voted against giving troops body armor, I wouldn’t.
    Chris Rothfuss: Disservice to diminish freedom in name of security.
    Christopher Reed: The war on terror must be won, to ensure our way of life.
    Jeff Merkley: Honor America’s veterans and take good care of them.
    Jeff Merkley: Extend full VA and other benefits to National Guard members.
    Jeff Merkley: A tragic shortfall in recent years in veterans’ health care.
    Jeff Merkley: Allow disabled veterans to collect their full retirement pay.
    Jeff Merkley: Increase funding for mental health services to veterans.
    Jeff Merkley: Expand educational opportunities for veterans.
    Jeff Merkley: Create a GI Bill for the 21st Century.
    John Frohnmayer: Know our Constitution & Bill of Rights in war on terror.
    Michael Cone: A Stronger America: military & economic.
    Bob Kelleher: Solve unemployment with military & civil draft at age 18-25.
    Bob Kelleher: Cancel Star Wars--it’s an hallucination.
    Andrew Rice: 9/11: Pressured US government to stay focused on terrorism.
    Andrew Rice: Fight to improve the veterans’ health care system.
    Andrew Rice: Conditions at Walter Reed Hospital are unacceptable.
    Kay Hagan: Support better pay for our brave service members.
    Kay Hagan: Increase funding for veterans’ health care and benefits.
    Kay Hagan: More funding to respond to emergencies and natural disaster.
    Mark Begich: Pledges full support for the 21st Century GI Bill.
    Steven Sauerberg: Stay on offense against the terrorists.
    Steven Sauerberg: Support military spending and increase intelligence funding.
    Steven Sauerberg: Keep Weapons of Mass Destruction out of terrorists’ hands.
    Steven Sauerberg: Fight for the benefits our brave soldiers deserve.
    Steven Sauerberg: Increase the amount of education funding veterans receive.
    Mark McBride: Reduce size of VA and operate it more efficiently.
    Mark McBride: Close 700 US military bases overseas.
    Mark McBride: Create military to unequivocally end any national threat.
    Mark McBride: US must be the Power that no one will engage.
    Al Franken: Better screenings for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    Al Franken: Respect the sacrifice made by military families.
    Al Franken: Do for the VA bureaucracy what we did for VA hospitals.
    Al Franken: Help veterans re-integrate into their communities.
    Al Franken: We must renew our commitment to our veterans.
    Larry LaRocco: Reducing foreign oil dependence improves national security.
    Larry LaRocco: Address the needs of our troops and their families.
    Scott Kleeb: Give our troops needed armor, equipment, and health care.
    Scott Kleeb: Strengthen diplomatic corps, but also add 92,000 soldiers.
    Steve Scalise: Military protects homeland from radical Islamic terrorism.
    Allen Buckley: Keep US military strong, but solely for defense.
    Allen Buckley: Bush has overreached in expanding executive power.
    Bob Marshall: No draft; we already have no military rival.
    Dick Zimmer: Transfer funds from Peace Dividend to veterans.
    Don Cazayoux: Secure our ports and our nuclear & chemical plants.
    George Eichhorn: Intelligence services and military have been under-funded.
    Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: 57% to military & 4% to education is wrong priority.
    Josh Lanier: Close Guantanamo; oppose torture.
    Michael Lange: Primary federal responsibility is military readiness.
    Dave Cuddy: We can preserve our freedoms with Patriot Act.
    Mark Begich: Increased Anchorage’s support for military personnel.
    Steve Novick: End rollback of our constitutional rights.
    Andrew Rice: As 9/11 family, pressured Washington to focus on terrorism.
    Al Franken: Create a new G.I. Bill to pay for 100% of college.
    Greg Fischer: Lead world with diplomacy, not just military might.
    Mark Warner: Remove the “ghost fleet” of 100 aging ships in James River.
    Erik Fleming: No base closings in US, but close bases overseas.
    Jeff Sessions: A strong national defense is the top priority.
    Mike Johanns: Islamic terrorists hate America; we must stand strong.
    Steven Rathje: Remove handcuffs from those who track down terrorists.
    Tom Harkin: Shut down Guantanamo Bay prison.
    Fred Thompson: Iraq & Afghanistan are central front of global war on terror.
    Fred Thompson: Build larger, more capable, and more modern military.
    Fred Thompson: Supports missile defense system & enhanced intelligence.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Secure our borders and coastlines.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Increase force structure to meet future challenges.
    Jason Chaffetz: Reject amnesty & secure the border.
    Nick Carter: Path to citizenship for hard working, law abiding immigrants.
    Nick Carter: Current immigration policies help large corporations.
    Pat Roberts: Ensure that our borders are secure.
    Saxby Chambliss: Secure our borders; opposed to any amnesty.
    Ted Stevens: Protect our borders; no amnesty & strong enforcement.
    Christine O`Donnell: Employer penalties for hiring illegal aliens.
    Jeff Sessions: Led the effort in the Senate to defeat the “amnesty” bills.
    John Barrasso: Block illegal immigrants from securing a driver’s license.
    John Sununu: Ban access to benefits by illegals; oppose sanctuary cities.
    Michael Enzi: Voted in favor of the Secure Fence Act.
    Christine O`Donnell: Make English America’s ONE official language.
    Jim Martin: Secure our borders & crack down on employers.
    Bob Tingle: Seal our borders; come down hard on illegal employers.
    Rex Rammell: Build border fence; enforce against illegals working.
    Rand Knight: Illegal play a crucial role in Georgia’s economy.
    Dave Brownlow: Our borders are a virtual sieve.
    Bob Conley: Secure our borders; focus on corporate greed.
    Christopher Reed: Punish those who cross the border illegally.
    Jay Wolfe: Regain physical control of our borders.
    John Frohnmayer: Border fences never worked historically.
    Mike Padgett: Immigration reform that’s fair, tough, & practical.
    Rick Sikma: Benefits to illegal aliens must be denied.
    Kay Hagan: Work towards a practical solution to end illegal immigration.
    Steven Sauerberg: No amnesty; no citizenship without punitive measures.
    Steven Sauerberg: Triple funding for the US border patrol.
    Steven Sauerberg: Deport illegal aliens who commit felonies.
    Mark McBride: Permanently bar criminals from entering America.
    Al Franken: Support guest worker programs for seasonal jobs.
    Larry LaRocco: For “Secure America through Verification & Enforcement” Act.
    Larry LaRocco: Tough & realistic approach: comprehensive but no deportation.
    Steve Scalise: Seal our borders; it’s a matter of national security.
    Steve Scalise: Amnesty is not an option.
    Bob Marshall: Refuse amnesty; construct border fence.
    Dick Zimmer: Supports border fence; opposes amnesty.
    Don Cazayoux: Secure our borders; crack down on employers of illegals.
    Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: Control border but provide clear path to legalization.
    Jeff Beatty: No amnesty nor social services for illegals.
    Jim Risch: I oppose amnesty in any form.
    Josh Lanier: 4-point comprehensive immigration reform plan.
    Kenneth Eaton: No deportation; embrace immigrants & correct our mistakes.
    Michael Lange: No amnesty; no benefits to illegals; no-brainer.
    Vernon Jones: Supports comprehensive immigration reform & work visas.
    Dave Cuddy: No amnesty; no social services; yes border security.
    Joel Dykstra: Start by enforcing the laws we already have.
    Steve Novick: We need comprehensive immigration reform.
    Al Franken: Enforce immigration law at the worksite, not at the border.
    Al Franken: We need comprehensive immigration reform.
    Bart Baron: Three-year moratorium on all immigration.
    Kirk Bushman: Illegal immigration needs to be stopped immediately.
    Larry LaRocco: Current policy has led to broken borders.
    Mark Warner: Federal failure on immigration means states must take action.
    Dale Cardwell: Secure our borders against cheap exploited labor.
    Erik Fleming: Allow immigrant kids educational opportunities.
    Erik Fleming: I do not support English-only legislation.
    Erik Fleming: Does not support vigilante groups like the Minutemen.
    Mike Johanns: Secure our borders; no amnesty; verifiable job enforcement.
    Pat Roberts: First step is securing our borders.
    Rick Noriega: Secure our border, with more than just a fence.
    Saxby Chambliss: Halt the immigration problem at border, where it originates.
    Steven Rathje: No amnesty; no temporary worker program.
    Steven Sauerberg: Oppose amnesty; immediately deport illegal immigrants.
    Alan Keyes: Enforce existing laws against illegal immigration.
    Alan Keyes: Sovereignty is betrayed when our borders are not defended.
    Alan Keyes: Immigration, yes; colonization, no: oppose guest workers.
    Fred Thompson: Secure our borders and end “sanctuary cities”.
    Fred Thompson: Immigration reform failed because feds lost credibility.
    John Edwards: Enforce borders & employers, and allow earning citizenship.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Establish English as the official language.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Strictly limit and enforce number of immigrants.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Use troops to enforce borders against illegal immigration.
    Ken Blevens: Enforce present law & deport illegal aliens.
    Mitch McConnell: Married to Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao.
    Carl Levin: Need an Apollo-style comprehensive manufacturing initiative.
    Max Baucus: Montana has created 35,000 new jobs since 2002.
    Bruce Lunsford: Invest in Kentucky’s workforce.
    Bruce Lunsford: Develop a workforce for 21st century jobs.
    Bruce Lunsford: Favor the right to a living wage and safe working conditions.
    Jeff Merkley: Support an Employee Free Choice Act.
    Jeff Merkley: Fight for inflation-indexed minimum and prevailing wage laws.
    Jeff Merkley: Assist workers and communities get training and education.
    Bob Kelleher: Require US corporations to pay same salaries overseas.
    Kay Hagan: Fight for increases in the minimum wage.
    Al Franken: Preserve occupational safety and prevailing wage laws.
    Al Franken: I’m a member of four unions.
    Al Franken: A hard day’s work should earn a decent day’s pay.
    Steven Rathje: Outsourcing is a way to keep jobs in Iowa.
    Mark Warner: No employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.
    Alan Keyes: We need family farms to sustain character, not to feed us.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Personally acquainted with unemployment benefits system.
Principles & Values
    Rudy Garcia: Priorities on grassroots democracy & social justice.
    Rudy Garcia: Priorities on grassroots democracy & social justice.
    Rudy Garcia: Democracy is not a spectator sport.
    Chris Young: Impeach Bush.
    Mitch McConnell: 2006: elected Senate Republican Leader of 110th Congress.
    Jeff Sessions: Bring Washington the values that make Alabama great.
    Max Baucus: Sign on Senate desk says it all: “Montana Comes First”.
    Rex Rammell: Ten Principles to Govern America, based on God’s inspiration.
    Scotty Boman: Promote Libertarian ideals of Peace, Liberty, and Prosperity.
    Chris Rothfuss: We have all grown tired of bitter partisan politics.
    Jay Wolfe: Our Judeo-Christian heritage makes our nation great.
    John Frohnmayer: Impeach Pres. Bush on constitutional, not partisan grounds.
    Mark Begich: Served 10 years on Anchorage Assembly and 5 years as Mayor.
    Michael Cone: Populists represent people against the Aristocrats.
    Mike Padgett: Small business owner, then public service since 1984.
    Kay Hagan: You do not make a difference standing on the sideline.
    Kirk Bushman: Proud and committed fourth-generation Montanan.
    Scott Kleeb: Fourth generation Nebraskan raised on homesteading stories.
    Susan Collins: 1994: Lost race as first woman to run for Maine governor.
    Susan Collins: 1980s: served on staff of Maine Sen. Bill Cohen for 11 years.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Put Alabamians and Americans first again.
    Rudy Giuliani: 12 Commitments to the American People.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Born in Virginia; raised in Baltimore.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1990.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Commander-in-Chief should be about People And Principles.
    Ed O`Reilly: Graduated UMass; then firefighter, lobsterman & lawyer.
    Ed O`Reilly: Elected to Gloucester City Council & School Committee.
    John Edwards: We must fight multiple causes of poverty in US.
Social Security
    Chellie Pingree: Oppose any effort to weaken or privatize vital program.
    Mark Begich: Elderly are entitled to solvent & reliable Social Security.
    Jim Martin: Protect seniors from consumer fraud.
    Rex Rammell: Opt out of Soc. Sec. with Individual Retirement accounts.
    Vernon Jones: Reform & improve Social Security as we know it today.
    Rand Knight: Opposes privatization unless it guarantees retirement income.
    Dave Brownlow: Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme.
    Bruce Lunsford: I will oppose all attempts to privatize Social Security.
    Kay Hagan: Protect Social Security benefits.
    Steven Sauerberg: Create more jobs to fund Social Security benefits.
    Steven Sauerberg: Ensure the solvency of the Social Security system.
    Bruce Lunsford: Protect Pensions from Corporate Greed.
    Don Cazayoux: No privatizing the trust between the generations.
    George Eichhorn: Allow younger workers to choose investment accounts.
    Steve Novick: Stop borrowing from Trust Fund; deliver promised benefits.
    Jim Neal: Protect Social Security from privatization schemes.
    Al Franken: I’ll scream if Republicans ever try to privatize again.
    Bart Baron: Privatization entails too much risk.
    Kirk Bushman: Keep entitlement programs viable & financially responsible.
    Erik Fleming: No privatizing; no personal investment accounts.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Challenge every effort to privatize Social Security.
    Alan Keyes: Keep promises but give choice of market investments.
Tax Reform
    Chellie Pingree: Repeal Bush tax cuts; close tax loopholes.
    Jason Chaffetz: Signed the taxpayer protection pledge: no increases.
    Nick Carter: Apply estate tax only to estates over $50 million.
    Mark Begich: Extend tax cuts; and end the AMT.
    Tom Udall: Cut taxes for the middle class instead of the wealthy.
    Mark McBride: FairTax is a $400B economic stimulus package.
    Jim Martin: Lower taxes on middle class, with fiscal discipline.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Support middle class tax cuts to help working families.
    Jeff Merkley: Repeal $18 billion in tax breaks given to big oil companies.
    Bob Tingle: Replace federal Income Tax with the Fair Tax.
    Rex Rammell: Permanent Bush tax cuts & permanent death tax repeal.
    Jon Roland: Replace income tax with non-consumer purchase tax.
    Rand Knight: Oppose the Bush Tax Cuts.
    Dave Brownlow: Serious question whether any of our wages are taxable.
    Andrew Rice: Government’s basic functions must be well funded.
    Bob Tuke: Repeal Bush tax cuts that favor wealthy Americans.
    Chris Rothfuss: We don’t need more taxes.
    Christopher Reed: Taking back the current tax cuts is bad for America.
    Jay Wolfe: Immediate and permanent end to the ‘death tax’.
    Jay Wolfe: Supports FairTax; and making Bush tax cuts permanent.
    Mike Padgett: Shift tax burden back from middle class to wealthy.
    Rick Noriega: Stimulus compromise: too much compromise;too little stimulus.
    Rick Sikma: Lower taxes to boost economy.
    Andrew Rice: Has not supported a tax increase; does support investment.
    Kay Hagan: Support tax cuts for middle class families.
    Steven Sauerberg: Enact the summer holiday gas tax.
    Steven Sauerberg: Make the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent.
    Larry LaRocco: Provide a tax credit to producers of renewable energy.
    Scott Kleeb: Tax relief for middle class families.
    Scott Kleeb: Simplify the tax code.
    Steve Scalise: Never voted for a tax increase and never will.
    Steve Scalise: Signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.
    Bob Marshall: Replace tax increases with simple flat tax.
    Bruce Lunsford: Let Bush tax cuts for top income brackets expire.
    Christine O`Donnell: Deal With Delaware: I will never vote to increase taxes.
    Dick Zimmer: Pledged to vote against any broad-based tax increase.
    Don Cazayoux: Tax cuts for working families, not millionaires.
    George Eichhorn: Lower taxes and burdens that limit economic growth.
    George Eichhorn: Abolish the death tax and the marriage penalty.
    Jack Hoogendyk: Lower corporate taxes; keep tax cuts; end death tax.
    Jeff Beatty: When taxes are cut, you get more take home pay.
    Jim Risch: Earned nickname “taxpayers friend” by fighting tax increases.
    Josh Lanier: Broader progressive tax system, not FairTax.
    Joel Dykstra: Bush tax cuts have sparked prosperity that continues today.
    Michael Cone: FairTax reforms basis from income to consumption.
    Steve Novick: Restore fairness to our tax code, instead of Bush tax cuts.
    Andrew Rice: No tax increases in Oklahoma, but no tax cuts either.
    Mark Warner: 2003 tax package raised some taxes & removed low-income tax.
    Dale Cardwell: Bush tax policy concentrates wealth & unbalances economy.
    Greg Orman: Re-write the tax code to eliminate its complexity.
    Mark Udall: Bush tax cuts were reckless and unfair.
    Mike Johanns: As governor I opposed higher taxes; will do same in Senate.
    Richard Durbin: Call on the wealthiest people to pay their fair share.
    Steven Rathje: Make Tax Cuts Permanent.
    Steven Rathje: End the Death Tax.
    Steven Sauerberg: Trust families with more of their own money.
    Vivian Davis Figures: End tax loopholes for big corporations and the super rich.
    Alan Keyes: Income tax is a failed socialist experiment.
    Alan Keyes: Replace income tax with a national sales tax.
    Fred Thompson: Tax code is broken: dissolve the IRS as we know it.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Implement FairTax; no new unfunded programs.
    Mark Begich: Warrantless wiretapping infringes on constitutional rights.
    Tom Harkin: Support the Internet Freedom Preservation Act.
    Frank Lautenberg: Authored the Lautenberg Amtrak Bill on the Right Track.
    John Rockefeller: Provide grants for internet connections at public schools.
    Bruce Lunsford: Make substantial investments in new research and development.
    Jeff Merkley: Invest in public transportation infrastructure.
    Bob Kelleher: Charge import duty on computer source code written overseas.
    Steven Sauerberg: Enhance our nation’s rail capacity.
    Al Franken: Invest in our nation’s physical infrastructure.
    Larry LaRocco: Use technology for better & less expensive health care.
    Steve Novick: Support net neutrality.
    John Neely Kennedy: Innovative financing proposal to fund the completion of I-49.
    Tom Harkin: Sponsored Internet Freedom Preservation Act (net neutrality).
    John Edwards: One America, Many Voices: let America’s many voices be heard.
    John Edwards: Fairness Doctrine: define public interest obligations.
War & Peace
    Chellie Pingree: Congress should deauthorize & stop funding the war.
    Christine O`Donnell: Strategy for bringing troops home from Iraq: Victory.
    Ray Metcalfe: Remove troops from Iraq as rapidly as safe.
    Chris Rothfuss: Take the battle to the terrorists.
    Dick Durbin: Ensure that the military are given the resources they need.
    Saxby Chambliss: Continue to support Bush’s new initiatives and the Iraq war.
    Christine O`Donnell: Strategy to bring troops home from Iraq: it’s called victory.
    Max Baucus: Tireless efforts to support the brave soldiers in Iraq.
    Jim Martin: It’s time to start bringing our troops home.
    Jim Slattery: Iraq War is based on assumptions that defy common sense.
    Rex Rammell: Subdue hatred & extremism in Iraq & for long haul.
    Rex Rammell: No nation building; let Iraqis run Iraq for better or worse.
    Kathy Cummings: Bush Regime lied about Iraq WMDs, and Durbin knew.
    Bob Kelleher: It’s time to transfer control to the Iraqi government.
    Rand Knight: Bring US involvement in Iraq to a close.
    Dave Brownlow: Occupation of Iraq is immoral and illegal.
    Dave Brownlow: Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11; troops home immediately.
    Dave Brownlow: Declare victory in Afghanistan and bring our troops home.
    Dave Brownlow: Bush leads list of gangsters threatening Iran.
    Scotty Boman: Opposed to preemptive unconstitutional War in Iraq.
    Bob Conley: End the occupation of Iraq now.
    Bruce Lunsford: Must concentrate on defeating Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
    Chris Rothfuss: Answer to global terrorism isn’t in Iraq.
    Chris Rothfuss: Al Qaeda arrived in Iraq after we did.
    Dale Cardwell: Set benchmarks & draw down 1 to 2 brigades per month.
    Jay Wolfe: Strategy for Iraq: we win and they lose.
    Jeff Merkley: Signed onto “A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq”.
    Jeff Merkley: Opposed the war from the start.
    John Frohnmayer: Regime change never worked historically.
    Michael Cone: Americans have paid war surtaxes in past wars.
    Nick Carter: No end for Iraq War in sight, at $2B a week.
    Vernon Jones: Shift responsibility of Iraq to Iraqi people & government.
    Rebekah Kennedy: I will never vote to give another dime to fight the Iraq war.
    Rick Sikma: Efficient and orderly withdrawal from Iraq, on a deadline.
    Andrew Rice: Implement an orderly redeployment of US troops in Iraq.
    Andrew Rice: Refocus on identifying and destroying terrorist cells.
    Kay Hagan: A responsible withdrawal to re-focus on defeating al Qaeda.
    Mark Begich: We must responsibly re-deploy out of Iraq.
    Steven Sauerberg: No timeline for withdrawal in Iraq.
    Mark McBride: Error in Iraq was not enough troops.
    Al Franken: Convince the Iraqi government that we’re leaving by leaving.
    Al Franken: The litany of mistakes in Iraq is endless.
    Larry LaRocco: Protect our strategic interests with a withdrawal timetable.
    Larry LaRocco: Chart a new bipartisan direction for the war in Iraq.
    Scott Kleeb: Make it clear there will be no US permanent bases in Iraq.
    Scott Kleeb: Pursue a new accord on Iraq’s Constitution and governance.
    Scott Kleeb: Address the humanitarian crisis of 2,000,000 Iraqi refugees.
    Scott Kleeb: Deal strongly and effectively with Iran.
    Allen Buckley: War in Iraq has made terrorism problem worse.
    Bob Marshall: We must stabilize Iraq, instead of cut-and-run.
    Bruce Lunsford: Carefully and responsibly redeploy our troops out of Iraq.
    Dick Zimmer: No arbitrary deadline for withdrawal from Iraq.
    Don Cazayoux: Bring our troops home from Iraq responsibly.
    George Eichhorn: Premature withdrawal from Iraq has devastating consequences.
    Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: Bush had no exit strategy because never plans to leave Iraq.
    Jeff Beatty: Prays for the success of our troops in Iraq.
    Josh Lanier: Bring the foreign policy disaster in Iraq to an end.
    Kenneth Eaton: Bring military & contractors home as soon as possible.
    Dave Cuddy: No timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.
    Joel Dykstra: Must succeed in Iraq so al Qaeda doesn’t attack us at home.
    Mark Warner: Sensible timeline to bring troops home from Iraq.
    Steve Novick: It is time to bring our troops home from Iraq.
    Jim Neal: Bring the troops home from Iraq.
    Andrew Rice: Force Bush to implement an orderly redeployment from Iraq.
    Al Franken: Start bringing our troops home from Iraq.
    Andy Martin: Strong opponent of plans to invade Iraq since 2002.
    Larry LaRocco: Withdrawal timetable against delusional policy of escalation.
    Erik Fleming: No more pre-emptive unilateral occupation like Iraq.
    Greg Orman: Develop a safe exit strategy.
    Jeanne Shaheen: End the devastating, mismanaged war in Iraq.
    Jeff Merkley: Redeploy American combat troops out of Iraq.
    John Kerry: We stood up to Bush’s aimless and failed course in Iraq.
    Mark Udall: Our soldiers performed magnificently; now bring them home.
    Mary Landrieu: New course for our strategy in Iraq, with benchmarks.
    Mike Ciresi: Defend our country & get our troops out of Iraq.
    Mike Johanns: No surrender and retreat in Iraq.
    Rick Noriega: New direction in Iraq.
    Saxby Chambliss: Support our troops, and win in Iraq.
    Steven Rathje: Leaving before securing Iraq will only embolden the enemy.
    Tom Allen: US involvement in the war in Iraq.
    Tom Harkin: Redeploy US troops out of Iraq within 120 days.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Bring our troops home from Iraq’s civil war.
    Alan Keyes: Would not have chosen Iraq; would not have asked UN either.
    Alan Keyes: After military victory, should have had UN nation-building.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Bring troops home when mission is accomplished.
    Ken Blevens: Opposed the preemptive war in Iraq since the beginning.
    Ed O`Reilly: Begin withdrawing our troops today.
    Ed O`Reilly: Keep focused on international approach to Afghanistan.
    John Edwards: Stop escalation of war & restore US’s moral leadership.
Welfare & Poverty
    Bruce Lunsford: Improve rural quality of life.
    Bob Kelleher: First priority is hunger.
    Al Franken: Guarantee the retirement benefits our workers have earned.
    Steve Novick: Poverty Agenda: rebuild this nation’s middle class.
    Fred Thompson: 1990s welfare reform worked because it empowered states.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Worked in faith based communities via National Baptists.

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