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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Survey of 2004 Senate campaign websites

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    from Survey of 2004 Senate campaign websites (number of quotes indicated):
  • Abe Hirschfeld (4) 2004 former Builders Party Senate challenger New York
  • Al King (7) 2004 former Republican challenger Oregon
  • Alan Keyes (9) Republican
  • Allen Buckley (15) Libertarian Senate challenger Georgia
  • Art Small (4) 2004 former Democratic challenger; previously State Senator Iowa
  • Barack Obama (22) Democratic President (elected 2008)
  • Betsy Summers (9) 2004 former Libertarian Challenger Pennsylvania
  • Betty Castor (30) 2004 former Democratic Challenger Florida
  • Bill Jones (20) 2004 former Republican challenger California
  • Bruce Broussard (8) Former Republican challenger (2004) Oregon
  • Burt Cohen (5) 2004 former Democratic challenger; state Senator New Hampshire
  • Cam Cavasso (4) Republican Challenger Hawaii
  • Charles Melancon (2) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently US Rep. Louisiana
  • Dan Mongiardo (9) 2010 Dem. Challenger (lost primary); currently Lt. Gov. Kentucky
  • Daryl Northrop (4) 2004 former Green challenger Iowa
  • David McReynolds (12) 2004 Green Senate challenger (NY); 2000 Socialist for Pres. New York
  • Denise Majette (6) 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative Georgia
  • Doris Haddock (24) 2004 former Democratic challenger New Hampshire
  • E.J. Pipkin (5) 2004 former Republican challenger; previously state Senator Maryland
  • Eric Fingerhut (12) 2004 former Democratic challenger; previously US Rep Ohio
  • Erskine Bowles (4) 2004 former Democrat challenger; former W.H. Chief of Staff North Carolina
  • Howard Mills (16) 2004 former Republican Senate challenger (NY) New York
  • Inez Tenenbaum (20) 2004 former Democratic challenger South Carolina
  • Jack McMullen (6) 2004 former Republican challenger Vermont
  • Jack Orchulli (10) Republican challenger Connecticut
  • Jack Ryan (19) Former Republican Senate challenger (2004) Illinois
  • James Gray (6) 2012 Libertarian nominee for Vice President
  • Jim Holt (52) 2010 Republican challenger (lost primary) Arkansas
  • Jim Sykes (18) 2004 former Green challenger Alaska
  • John Kerry (13) Cabinet
  • John Neely Kennedy (20) Louisiana Republican candidate for governor
  • Johnny Isakson (10) Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative Georgia
  • Ken Salazar (22) Cabinet
  • Lee Jones (19) Former Democratic Challenger (2008) Kansas
  • Lisa Murkowski (35) Republican Sr Senator Alaska
  • Marilyn O`Grady (6) 2004 former Conservative Party challenger New York
  • Marvin Scott (12) 2004 former Republican challenger Indiana
  • Mary Squires (5) 2004 former Democratic challenger; State Senator Georgia
  • Mel Martinez (24) Cabinet-2005
  • Michael Benjamin (5) Former Republican Challenger (2004) New York
  • Mike Liffrig (4) 2004 former Republican challenger North Dakota
  • Mike Miles (36) 2004 former Democratic Senate primary challenger Colorado
  • Miriam Masullo (6) 2004 former Republican challenger Connecticut
  • Nancy Farmer (6) 2004 former Democratic challenger; state Treasurer Missouri
  • Paul Van Dam (12) 2004 former Democratic challenger Utah
  • Pete Coors (9) 2004 former Republican challenger Colorado
  • Raul Acosta (20) 2004 former Republican Write-in Challenger Colorado
  • Richard Randall (34) 2004 former Libertarian Challenger Colorado
  • Rick Ziser (12) 2004 former Republican challenger Nevada
  • Russ Darrow (3) 2004 former Republican Challenger Wisconsin
  • Scott McClure (5) 2004 former Democratic Challenger Idaho
  • Stuart Starky (18) 2004 former Democrat challenger; also ran for Senate in '00 Arizona
  • Tim Michels (11) Former Republican Challenger (2006) Wisconsin
  • Tony Knowles (14) Alaska Former Democratic Governor (1994-2002)
  • Wayne Sowell (4) 2004 former Democratic challenger Alabama
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Lee Jones: I would not work to take away the right of a woman’s choice.
    Lee Jones: Encouraging abstinence is rooted in denial.
    Cam Cavasso: Supports appointing pro-life and pro-family judges.
    Cam Cavasso: Defend life, from the youngest child in the womb.
    John Neely Kennedy: Pro-life, with exceptions.
    Erskine Bowles: Strongly supports a woman’s right to choose.
    Betty Castor: Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose.
    Richard Randall: Keep government out of the abortion question.
    Richard Randall: Abortion and stem-cell research are victimless crimes.
    Raul Acosta: Abortion is the highest form of man’s inhumanity to man.
    Raul Acosta: Cloning is wrong.
    Raul Acosta: Stem cell research part of “The Culture of Death”.
    David McReynolds: Protect a woman’s right to have an abortion.
    Tim Michels: 100% Pro-life.
    Howard Mills: Pro-choice but against partial-birth abortion.
    Howard Mills: Supports Stem-Cell Research.
    Bill Jones: Pro-life except in cases of rape, incest, or maternal health.
    Bill Jones: Oppose partial birth; support parental notification.
    Doris Haddock: Supports a woman’s reproductive rights.
    Johnny Isakson: Deep respect for life, personally opposed to abortion.
    Marvin Scott: Opposes taxpayer funded abortion.
    Stuart Starky: Staunch defender of a woman’s right to choose.
    Ken Salazar: Abortion decision should be between a woman and her God.
    Ken Salazar: Supports parental notification but not extreme limits.
    Russ Darrow: Pro-life.
    Jim Holt: Will not confirm judges who uphold Roe v. Wade.
    Jim Holt: End all abortions except perhaps in cases of incest or rape.
    Jim Holt: Taxpayers should not have to pay for abortions.
    Mel Martinez: Support the partial birth abortion ban.
    Mel Martinez: Vote against government-sponsored abortion.
    Mike Miles: Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose.
    Tony Knowles: Pro-Choice and Pro-Family.
    Jack Ryan: Abortion cheapens human life and human dignity.
    Jack Ryan: Ban partial birth and late term abortion.
    Jack Ryan: Life begins at conception.
    Marilyn O`Grady: Strong advocate for the unborn.
    Mike Miles: Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose.
    Pete Coors: I am fundamentally opposed to abortion.
    Allen Buckley: No government intervention nor abortion funding.
    Rick Ziser: I support the protection of unborn life.
    Barack Obama: Protect a woman’s right to choose.
    Jack Ryan: Protect life from conception to natural death.
    Mel Martinez: Support the rights of unborn victims of violence.
    Mel Martinez: Supports Bush signing the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.
    Mike Liffrig: No Constitutional right to kill an innocent.
Budget & Economy
    Lee Jones: $1B per day interest on national debt must have an effect.
    John Neely Kennedy: Reinstitute the “Pay As You Go” rule.
    John Neely Kennedy: Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.
    Betsy Summers: Deficit spending leads to economic collapse.
    Betsy Summers: Return to gold & silver-based monetary system.
    Richard Randall: National debt threatens long-term economic health.
    Alan Keyes: Supports balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.
    Doris Haddock: Don’t let GOP “starve the beast”.
    Howard Mills: Supports line-item veto and balanced budget amendments.
    Nancy Farmer: Fiscal responsibility & social responsibility go together.
    Eric Fingerhut: Three “I”s - Ideas, Innovation and Investment.
    Jim Holt: Against extending unemployment benefits.
    Jim Holt: Iraqis can rebuild their country with their resources.
    Jim Holt: We must starve the federal government.
    Jim Holt: The economy is hindered by the deficit.
    Doris Haddock: Huge federal deficits undercut social & local needs.
    Lisa Murkowski: Facilitated Government Canned Salmon purchases.
    Allen Buckley: 10/x/39 tax system would pay off debt in 50-60 years.
    Al King: Federal government is bloated - require a balanced budget.
    Allen Buckley: A balanced federal budget is a MUST, absent emergencies.
    Barack Obama: Bush’s economic policies are not working.
    Barack Obama: Supports federal programs to protect rural economy.
    Bill Jones: Concerned about higher federal spending.
    Bill Jones: Stop subsidizing the rest of the country.
    Ken Salazar: Cut national debt and close tax loopholes.
    Michael Benjamin: Limit government intervention in the economy.
Civil Rights
    Lee Jones: Patriot Act runs roughshod over our civil rights.
    Cam Cavasso: Key leader on Traditional Marriage Amendment.
    John Neely Kennedy: Constitutional definition of marriage.
    Betsy Summers: Let partners in marriage define marriage.
    Erskine Bowles: Increased loans to minority and women-owned businesses.
    Betty Castor: Include sexual orientation in Employment Nondiscrimination.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Expand opportunities for African Americans.
    Richard Randall: Right to private choice in consensual sexual activity.
    Richard Randall: No national identification card.
    Richard Randall: PATRIOT Act is culmination of erosion of civil liberties.
    Raul Acosta: Marriage is a union between a man and a woman.
    David McReynolds: Support same-sex marriage and full legal equality.
    Betty Castor: Line-by-line review of the PATRIOT Act.
    Doris Haddock: Don’t hack up the Constitution with homophobic nonsense.
    Marvin Scott: Supports traditional marriage.
    Stuart Starky: Support the right of same sex couples to marry.
    Jack McMullen: Stop activist judges from compelling gay marriage.
    Ken Salazar: Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment.
    Ken Salazar: Change the Patriot Act to balance civil liberties.
    Jim Holt: The Patriot Act is misnamed and should be greatly amended.
    Jim Holt: English should be the official language themselves.
    Jim Holt: Define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
    Jim Holt: Support an Amendment barring gay marriage.
    Jim Holt: Allowing gay marriage is disastrous.
    Mel Martinez: Support gay marriage ban.
    Jim Sykes: Fought for native Alaskan subsistence rights.
    Jim Sykes: Support same-sex civil marriage.
    Lisa Murkowski: Protect the flag with a Constitutional Amendment.
    Lisa Murkowski: Succeeded in getting Veterans Wheelchair Games.
    Mike Miles: Committed to protecting human rights & equal rights.
    Mike Miles: Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment.
    Mike Miles: Support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
    Mike Miles: Support affirmative action programs.
    Tony Knowles: Oppose the Patriot Act-it undermines freedoms.
    Jack Ryan: Supports DOMA to counter the breakdown of the family unions.
    Jack Ryan: Opposes same-sex marriages and opposes civil unions.
    Marilyn O`Grady: Defend bedrock tradition of marriage between one man & woman.
    Mary Squires: Equality regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.
    Mike Miles: No Federal Marriage Amendment, but civil unions ok.
    Mike Miles: Support Affirmative Action to fight subtle discrimination.
    Pete Coors: Opposed to change the definition of marriage.
    Allen Buckley: No changes in Constitution for gay marriage.
    Rick Ziser: Marriage means one man and one woman.
    Barack Obama: Defend freedom and equality under law.
    Jack Orchulli: All Americans deserve civil rights.
    Mike Liffrig: Homosexual love can never be fruitful.
    Lee Jones: What’s good for business isn’t always good for communities.
    John Neely Kennedy: 25% tax credit for companies hiring new workers.
    Raul Acosta: No company bonuses while company in bankruptcy.
    Raul Acosta: No limits on lawsuits against companies.
    David McReynolds: International democracy over transnational corporations.
    Betty Castor: Penalize companies that send jobs overseas.
    Ken Salazar: Close loopholes that encourage overseas headquarters.
    Jim Sykes: Stop BP-Arco monopoly.
    Barack Obama: Tax incentives for corporate responsibility.
    Barack Obama: Close tax loopholes for US companies relocating abroad.
    Mike Miles: Overseas-based US corporations cost US jobs.
    Mike Miles: Establish a minimum real corporate tax rate of 17%.
    John Kerry: Kerry owned a small business: they’re engine of economy.
    Betsy Summers: Emphasize prevention.
    Richard Randall: Base justice on restitution instead of punishment.
    David McReynolds: Full voting rights for felons.
    Alan Keyes: Don’t lower age of adult criminal prosecutions.
    Howard Mills: The root causes of crime are the criminals who engage in it.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Crack down on gangs.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Death penalty for terrorists and murderers.
    Jim Holt: Two eyewitnesses are good enough for capital punishment.
    Jim Holt: ‘Mentally impaired’ or ‘insanity’ plea thwart justice.
    Jim Holt: Concerned about innocents being put to death.
    Mel Martinez: End illegal Internet gambling and pornography.
    Mel Martinez: Crack down criminals who prey on senior citizens.
    Lisa Murkowski: Funding to prosecute rape and sexual offenders.
    Lisa Murkowski: $5M to fight domestic violence.
    Lisa Murkowski: Supported Protect Act with mandatory sentences.
    Jack Ryan: Crime’s cause is breakdown of family, not gun ownership.
    Jack Ryan: Mandatory minimum sentences for criminals who use guns.
    Mike Miles: Focus on prevention instead of incarceration.
    Abe Hirschfeld: Traditional family values avoid juvenile delinquency.
    Bill Jones: Three Strikes is a worthy criminal justice reform.
    Dan Mongiardo: Designate more High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas.
    Betsy Summers: Decision on ingesting drugs should be left to individuals.
    Doris Haddock: Decriminalize marijuana.
    Richard Randall: War on drugs is really war on American people.
    Richard Randall: Educate and assist drug users, instead of prohibition.
    David McReynolds: Re-examine and repeal drug laws.
    Jack McMullen: Need stronger enforcement of drug laws.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Fight methamphetamine production and trafficking.
    Stuart Starky: Tax credits for costs of drug treatment.
    Allen Buckley: Tolerate decriminalization of marijuana, like alcohol.
    Daryl Northrop: Legalize medicinal marijuana.
    James Gray: End the war on marijuana.
    Wayne Sowell: Legalize marijuana for all adults over 21.
    Wayne Sowell: We Hempsters will fight for our hemp rights.
    John Kerry: Target traffickers as well as reducing demand.
    Lee Jones: More funding for Kansas’s public schools.
    John Neely Kennedy: Supports accountability and a fully-funded NCLB.
    John Neely Kennedy: I believe in public education.
    Stuart Starky: More teacher resources-end war against public schools.
    Betty Castor: Oppose English-only classrooms.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Increase teacher pay; more money for public schools.
    Richard Randall: Tax credits for private school tuition.
    Scott McClure: Control of education must be left to the States.
    Barack Obama: Sponsored legislations that recruit and reward good teachers.
    Betty Castor: Allocate funds fairly to schools-don’t defund failed schools.
    Betty Castor: Opposes English-Only education.
    Betty Castor: Supports Affirmative Action.
    Tim Michels: Empower parents, not bureaucrats.
    Alan Keyes: Break up the government monopoly on public education.
    Paul Van Dam: Right to a public education.
    Paul Van Dam: Higher pay, smaller class, more parental options.
    Paul Van Dam: I support an increase in charter schools.
    Paul Van Dam: Privatizing our schools doesn’t improved student achievement.
    Howard Mills: Continue charter schools and other challenges to status quo.
    Lisa Murkowski: Compliance to federal education standards difficult in AK.
    Denise Majette: Education creates a trained, skilled, competitive workforce.
    Jack Orchulli: National standards combined with local community control.
    Marvin Scott: Supports school choice & education savings accounts.
    Miriam Masullo: Protect the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Lisa Murkowski: Keep God in the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Stuart Starky: Teachers must fight back against Bush.
    Bruce Broussard: Take full advantage of No Child Left Behind Program.
    E.J. Pipkin: Give parents a choice if their kids’ schools fail.
    Ken Salazar: More scholarships for college.
    Ken Salazar: Strongly supports public education.
    Eric Fingerhut: Invest in the human capital of education.
    Paul Van Dam: Give teachers the support and salaries they deserve.
    Jim Holt: Repeal the terrible No Child Left Behind Act.
    Jim Holt: Support the use of taxpayer-funded vouchers.
    Jim Holt: Eliminate the Department of Education & NEA.
    Jim Sykes: Fund school system through block grants.
    Lisa Murkowski: Construct rural teacher housing.
    Lisa Murkowski: Make No Child Left Behind work.
    Mike Miles: Repeal or revise No Child Left Behind.
    Mike Miles: Tax credit for teachers.
    Tony Knowles: Fully fund No Child Left Behind.
    Jack Ryan: School choice within Chicago-area public schools.
    Jack Ryan: Parochial scholarships for students at failing schools.
    Jack Ryan: Support funding of charter schools.
    Mike Miles: Repeal or revise No Child Left Behind.
    Pete Coors: Accountability and standards for public schools.
    Al King: Vouchers & charter schools for free-market competition.
    Allen Buckley: Dismantle the federal Department of Education.
    Abe Hirschfeld: Revitalize the present education system.
    Burt Cohen: Federal government should fund No Child Left Behind.
    Dan Mongiardo: After-school hours are too valuable to waste.
    Eric Fingerhut: Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit at school.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Create a single set of national achievement standards.
    Rick Ziser: Expanded options and choice for parents.
    Barack Obama: Address the growing achievement gap between students.
    Barack Obama: Will add 25,000 teachers in high-need areas.
    Marvin Scott: Advocate for local control of schools.
    Marvin Scott: Federal government should take a small role in education.
    Marvin Scott: Students in failing schools can transfer to charters.
    Marvin Scott: Will support stronger local control of schools.
    John Kerry: National Education Trust Fund: fully fund mandated standards.
    Ken Salazar: Expand early childhood and after school programs.
    Ken Salazar: Ensure higher education is affordable and accessible.
    Burt Cohen: Enforce financial support for No Child Left Behind.
    Michael Benjamin: Provide all parents school choice, not just the rich.
Energy & Oil
    Lee Jones: Help solve US oil addiction with ethanol.
    Lee Jones: Promote alternative fuels, not ANWR drilling.
    Dan Mongiardo: Invest in clean energy, renewables, and efficiency.
    John Neely Kennedy: Encourage alternative fuels and electricity conservation.
    John Neely Kennedy: Develop & increase domestic oil & gas production.
    Richard Randall: Deregulate energy industry and repeal gas tax.
    Richard Randall: No need for a national energy policy.
    Raul Acosta: Use gas tax to fund passenger train improvements.
    Barack Obama: Sponsored legislations that improve energy efficiency.
    Barack Obama: 20% nation’s power supply from renewable sources by 2020.
    Betty Castor: Alternative energy to reduce Global Warming.
    Betty Castor: Protect Florida’s Waters from Offshore Drilling.
    Tim Michels: Develop America’s coal and gas resources, including ANWR.
    Doris Haddock: Aggressive program for renewable energy.
    Doris Haddock: Sign the Kyoto Accord and reduce energy usage.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Promote Fuel Cell Research.
    Scott McClure: Relying on oil is an invitation to disaster.
    Stuart Starky: Tax credits to protect against global warming.
    Bruce Broussard: Team with business for hybrid vehicles and renewables.
    Eric Fingerhut: Development not at the expense of our environment.
    Paul Van Dam: America must develop alternative energy sources.
    Jim Holt: Support tax incentives for R&D of energy sources.
    Jim Sykes: Support the All-Alaska Gas Line.
    Lisa Murkowski: Incentives for an Alaskan natural gas pipeline.
    Lisa Murkowski: Establish an Arctic engineering research center.
    Lisa Murkowski: Reopening the Healy Clean Coal Plant.
    Mike Miles: Investment in alternative fuels creates jobs.
    Mike Miles: Promote a common sense energy policy.
    Tony Knowles: Let Alaska supply oil and gas.
    Barack Obama: Invest in alternative energy sources.
    Barack Obama: Increase CAFE to 40 mpg.
    Barack Obama: Tradable credits for renewable energy.
    Mary Squires: Develop renewable clean energy resources.
    Mike Miles: Invest in alternative fuels to beat next energy crisis.
    Mike Miles: Develop a Common Sense Energy Policy.
    Allen Buckley: Provide financial incentives for alternative energy.
    Daryl Northrop: 20% renewable energy by 2020.
    Jim Sykes: Promote renewable and clean energy.
    Jim Sykes: Keep ANWR free from drilling.
    Jim Sykes: Supports All-Alaska gas line over AlCan.
    Barack Obama: Renewable Fuels Standard: require ethanol in fuel supply.
    John Neely Kennedy: $14B to rebuild America’s coastline.
    Richard Randall: Strict liability should regulate pollution.
    Scott McClure: Better management of scare water supply.
    Raul Acosta: We need a drought resistant water.
    David McReynolds: Expand mass transit.
    Betty Castor: Protect the Everglades, the CWA, and SuperFund.
    Tim Michels: Responsible recreational use of outdoor resources.
    Doris Haddock: We have been entrusted to protect America the Beautiful.
    Howard Mills: Protect resources and promote renewable energy sources.
    Denise Majette: Strengthen Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act.
    Jack Orchulli: Intolerable levels of pollution in Connecticut.
    Mel Martinez: Open more federal lands for hunting and shooting.
    Stuart Starky: Need a new Central Arizona Canal.
    E.J. Pipkin: Hold government accountable for enviro cleanup.
    Jim Holt: Support tax incentives for R&D of emission controls.
    Jim Holt: Open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration.
    Jim Holt: The US should not re-enter the Kyoto treaty.
    Jim Sykes: Support keeping the Arctic Refuge intact.
    Lisa Murkowski: Won grants for harbor improvements.
    Lisa Murkowski: Convinced to keep Pacific Salmon Commission funding.
    Tony Knowles: Pro-Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
    Tony Knowles: Support “doing it right” approach to development.
    Pete Coors: Good stewardship of the environment is a public value.
    James Gray: Label genetically modified food.
    Eric Fingerhut: Bring both new jobs and a cleaner environment.
    Rick Ziser: Marketplace incentives protect the environment.
    Bill Jones: Supports the ban on drilling oil off the California coast.
    Ken Salazar: Protect and preserve our land and water.
Families & Children
    Inez Tenenbaum: Expand character education in schools.
    Lisa Murkowski: $20.2 million for Denali Kids Care.
    Lisa Murkowski: Work for children in need.
    John Kerry: Fighting for America’s Children: insurance & care for all.
    John Kerry: Fully fund Head Start for all 3- and 4-year-olds.
    John Kerry: Supports Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act.
    John Kerry: New “Kids Safety Effort” at the FDA.
Foreign Policy
    John Neely Kennedy: Support Israel, our only true friend in the Middle East.
    Betty Castor: Imposing harsh barriers on Cuba does not bring democracy.
    Richard Randall: No world government; no UN troops or control.
    Betty Castor: US wins wars by building alliances.
    Betty Castor: Support democracy in Cuba, including open travel.
    Betty Castor: Self-determination for Puerto Rico.
    Doris Haddock: Re-examining foreign policy will reduce terrorism.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Get Tough on China: on imports and currency.
    Ken Salazar: We need cooperation of our traditional allies on terrorism.
    Paul Van Dam: International cooperation is critical to war on terror.
    Jim Holt: Cut America’s share of UN contributions.
    Jim Holt: Iraqis have gained a republic if they can keep it.
    Mel Martinez: Block funding for coerced abortions or sterilization.
    Mel Martinez: Oppose aid to countries that don’t support US foreign policy.
    Mike Miles: Repair our bilateral relationships and alliances.
    Mike Miles: Work with the UN and other countries.
    Mary Squires: Restore America’s reputation by becoming honest.
    Mike Miles: Engage the world community on terrorism, CO2, AIDS.
    Allen Buckley: Cut foreign aid; stay neutral on Israel-Palestine.
    Abe Hirschfeld: Real change to immigration policy for the Middle East.
    Bill Jones: UN has not acted decisively during major conflicts.
    Jack Ryan: Committed to the security of Israel as a Jewish state.
Free Trade
    Charles Melancon: Fight against harmful trade policies like CAFTA.
    Lee Jones: Trade deficit of $124B with China makes problems.
    Lee Jones: NAFTA converted a farm export surplus into falling prices.
    Lee Jones: Reverse decades of free-trade-at-any cost policies.
    Lee Jones: Congressional amendments of all “free trade agreements”.
    Bill Jones: Fair trade with level playing field.
    Richard Randall: US tariffs and quotas cost Americans $70B annually.
    Richard Randall: Abolish all trade barriers and export promotion.
    Raul Acosta: Outsourcing is wrong.
    Betty Castor: Supports free and fair trade.
    Tim Michels: Revoke China’s PNTR-they don’t play by the rules.
    Tim Michels: Supports the Unfair Trade Task Force.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Trade Impact Statement: analyze impact on US economy.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Moratorium on new trade agreements.
    Stuart Starky: Foster manufacturing over outsourcing.
    Nancy Farmer: Fair trade doesn’t ships jobs overseas.
    Art Small: Reduce deficit by giving exporters tradable import permits.
    Jim Holt: Keep status quo on trading with Cuba.
    Jim Holt: Take steps to stop job losses.
    Jim Holt: NAFTA has been hurtful.
    Mel Martinez: Support trade that is free and fair.
    Jim Sykes: Recommend repeal of NAFTA and GATT.
    Barack Obama: Fair trade should have tangible benefits for US.
    Al King: One-sided trade deals send jobs overseas.
    Burt Cohen: NAFTA does not set up a level playing field.
    Dan Mongiardo: For overtime pay and fair trade.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Stop the offshoring of jobs and create new jobs at home.
    Burt Cohen: Amend NAFTA to protect local workforce.
Government Reform
    Raul Acosta: Limit the powers of government.
    David McReynolds: Institute instant runoffs and remove money from elections.
    Doris Haddock: Campaign finance reform would be top priority if elected.
    Bill Jones: Make government more open and responsive.
    Johnny Isakson: Fight Senate blocking of judicial nominees.
    Johnny Isakson: End frivolous lawsuits.
    Miriam Masullo: Campaign donations: No dollar limits and full disclosure.
    Bruce Broussard: Good government follows clearly outlined public procedures.
    Jack McMullen: Legislatures, not judges, decide on “God” in schools.
    Jim Holt: Campaign Finance Reform Act is unconstitutional.
    Jim Holt: Rid America of all unconstitutional programs.
    Jim Holt: Reduce the Commerce Department and the FDA.
    Jim Sykes: Support campaign finance reform & public financing.
    Mike Miles: Work for a more transparent government.
    Mike Miles: More transparency in government and voting records.
    Pete Coors: Streamline government to create jobs.
    Daryl Northrop: Institute IRV; abolish Electoral College.
    James Gray: Sunset provisions in all legislation.
    Jim Sykes: Get Big Money out of AK Politics.
    Rick Ziser: Control of land to the state government.
    Mike Liffrig: Two-term maximum for any office.
    Mel Martinez: Secure Bush’s appointment of federal judges.
Gun Control
    Lee Jones: Extend ban on assault weapons.
    John Neely Kennedy: Support the Second Amendment.
    Betsy Summers: My gun rights are not negotiable.
    Richard Randall: Second amendment is not negotiable.
    Richard Randall: End all restrictions on weapons and ammunition.
    Betty Castor: Commitment to the Right to Bear Arms.
    Tim Michels: 2nd Amendment give you the right to defend your family.
    Howard Mills: Second Amendment an integral part of our freedoms.
    Johnny Isakson: Strongly support the 2nd Amendment.
    Johnny Isakson: We need criminal control not gun control.
    Mel Martinez: Prevent lawsuits from bankrupting firearms manufacturers.
    Stuart Starky: Right to bear arms, but with background checks.
    Ken Salazar: Protect the individual right to use firearms.
    Ken Salazar: Restrict felon possession, and ban assault weapons.
    Jim Holt: End the Assault Weapons Ban.
    Jim Holt: Limit lawsuits on firearm manufacturers.
    Mel Martinez: Prevent activists from bankrupting firearms manufacturers.
    Lisa Murkowski: Concealed weapons carry for law enforcement.
    Tony Knowles: Support the right to bear arms.
    Jack Ryan: Defend the 2nd Amendment and its meaning.
    Mary Squires: I’m a gun owner and support gun ownership.
    Pete Coors: Protect our right to bear arms.
    Jack Ryan: Fight to protect constitutional guarantee of gun rights.
    John Kerry: Gun owner & hunter, but rights come with responsibility.
    Michael Benjamin: 30,000 gun control laws do not make crime control.
Health Care
    Lee Jones: Save Medicare from private plans and HMOs.
    John Neely Kennedy: Allow drug re-importation and bulk purchasing.
    John Neely Kennedy: Refundable tax credit for the uninsured.
    Richard Randall: Right to assisted suicide.
    Richard Randall: Separation of medicine from the federal government.
    Richard Randall: End ban on reimportation of drugs from Canada.
    Richard Randall: Allow unlimited medical malpractice lawsuits.
    Raul Acosta: Euthanasia is wrong.
    Raul Acosta: Government-backed health plan, with drug imports.
    David McReynolds: Single player health care.
    Barack Obama: Believes health care is a right, not a privilege for the few.
    Betty Castor: Support a Patients’ Bill of Rights with right to sue HMOs.
    Betty Castor: Expand Healthy Kids to Healthy Families.
    Tim Michels: Supports Associated Health Plans.
    Alan Keyes: Sensibly cap malpractice awards.
    Doris Haddock: Allow negotiating lower prescription drug prices.
    Paul Van Dam: Improve the Prescription Drug and Medicare Improvement Act.
    Howard Mills: Health Care is a human right.
    Howard Mills: Health Marts: co-ops of workers, employers & insurers.
    Marvin Scott: Restrict lawsuits; support medical savings accounts.
    Stuart Starky: Every American deserves health insurance.
    E.J. Pipkin: Encourage competition in the prescription drug market.
    Ken Salazar: Take next steps toward universal coverage.
    Eric Fingerhut: Address 40 million people without health insurance.
    Nancy Farmer: Give all families same healthcare as the US Senate.
    Art Small: Supports single payer system with choice for all Americans.
    Art Small: Vouchers for health care will shrink government role.
    Paul Van Dam: Health coverage should be affordable & include options.
    Jim Holt: Real the Prescription Drug benefit.
    Jim Holt: Turn the FDA into an optional agency.
    Jim Holt: Prescription Drug benefit costs too much.
    Jim Holt: Stop giving a free ride in medical R&D to other countries.
    Jim Holt: Prices of prescription drugs should not be controlled.
    Jim Holt: Taxpayers should not be asked to pay for other’s health care.
    Jim Holt: Medical marijuana should be a state decision--I’d vote no.
    Jim Sykes: Single-payer universal health care.
    Lisa Murkowski: Increased doctor reimbursements under Medicare.
    Lisa Murkowski: Won Medicaid fund increases.
    Lisa Murkowski: Won increased Medicare Nurse Practitioners Fees.
    Lisa Murkowski: Secured rural hospital aid.
    Lisa Murkowski: Secured nurse training money for university.
    Lisa Murkowski: Won community health center funding increase.
    Lisa Murkowski: Won approval for $1.7B more for veterans’ care.
    Mike Miles: Single-payer system will help the economy.
    Tony Knowles: Seniors deserve access to affordable medicine.
    Tony Knowles: Extend health care coverage for families.
    Jack Ryan: Limit frivolous lawsuits to make healthcare affordable.
    Marilyn O`Grady: Empower patients, not bureaucrats.
    Mike Miles: Reduce or subsidize health insurance costs to individuals.
    Pete Coors: Lawsuit abuse is responsible for health care costs.
    Al King: Limit legal fees in malpractice cases.
    Allen Buckley: No federal health care except by tax deductions.
    Daryl Northrop: Universal health care is a human right.
    Jim Sykes: Comprehensive universal health care for all.
    Burt Cohen: Add a prescription drug benefit under Medicare.
    Dan Mongiardo: Invest in hospitals to make them safer.
    Eric Fingerhut: Must address the health care coverage crisis.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Expand health care coverage and strengthen Medicare.
    Barack Obama: Will expand health coverage & allow meds to be re-imported.
    Bill Jones: Lawsuit abuse is responsible for health care costs.
    Ken Salazar: Medicare Rx bill was a mistake; need innovations.
    Michael Benjamin: Fight for affordable quality healthcare.
Homeland Security
    Lee Jones: Bush policy alienates US from our traditional allies.
    Dan Mongiardo: More funding for veterans and first responders.
    John Neely Kennedy: Eliminate foreign aid to any country that supports terrorism.
    Eric Fingerhut: More funding for veterans and reservists.
    Betsy Summers: The draft is involuntary servitude.
    Ken Salazar: Fight war on terror without sacrificing our freedoms.
    Ken Salazar: Fighting war on terror is not easy nor inexpensive.
    Betty Castor: Improve prevention against unconventional & nuclear attacks.
    Doris Haddock: Stop hatching new terrorists.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Do whatever is necessary to win the war on terror.
    Richard Randall: Middle East hates us for meddling, not for “our freedom”.
    Richard Randall: Eliminate all tax-supported foreign aid.
    Richard Randall: Withdraw all US troops stationed abroad.
    Richard Randall: Military draft is unconstitutional involuntary servitude.
    Raul Acosta: Military should not be used as a tool for corporate America.
    Raul Acosta: Better support for veterans.
    David McReynolds: Withdraw from Iraq; cut the military.
    Betty Castor: More military pay, more veteran’s benefits, more equipment.
    Betty Castor: Share information between intelligence agencies & police.
    Tim Michels: Support our troops and keep America strong.
    Doris Haddock: More thoughtful policies prevents need for security spending.
    Doris Haddock: Support our troops by avoiding sending them into harm’s way.
    Howard Mills: Give law enforcement officials the tools they need.
    Jack Orchulli: Confirm Goss as CIA Director immediately.
    Jack Orchulli: Focus on protection, not intelligence turf wars.
    Lisa Murkowski: Committed to funding for Veterans’ health care.
    Bill Jones: Stop developing weapons for yesterday’s battles.
    Bill Jones: No more base closure in California.
    Jack Orchulli: More funding for First Responders.
    Jack Orchulli: More military training, equipment, and pay.
    Johnny Isakson: Ensure that military personnel have needed resources.
    Mel Martinez: Fight to keep all FL military bases open.
    Wayne Sowell: Reinstitute military draft to prepare for evildoers.
    Bruce Broussard: More funding for First Responders.
    Russ Darrow: Support Bush in fight against terrorism.
    Eric Fingerhut: Ensure that our soldiers and veterans receive benefits.
    Eric Fingerhut: Aggressively fight terrorism around the world.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Supports war in Iraq, death penalty, secure homeland.
    Jim Holt: Pull troops out of places like Bosnia and Haiti.
    Jim Holt: Expand the Military.
    Howard Mills: More funding for NYC security and PATRIOT Act.
    Mel Martinez: Ensure veterans obtain all the benefits entitled.
    Mel Martinez: Continue to support first responders.
    Mel Martinez: Ease the burdens of deployed service-members.
    Jim Sykes: Against “Star Wars” National Missile Defense.
    Lisa Murkowski: Increased funding for First Responders.
    Lisa Murkowski: More state veterans get per diem payments.
    Mike Miles: Patriot Act goes too far.
    Tony Knowles: Support new missile defense system.
    Tony Knowles: A Vietnam vet who’ll fight for veteran benefits.
    Jack Ryan: Provide $ resources to win war on terror.
    Mike Miles: Revoke the doctrine of preemptive use of force.
    Pete Coors: Give our military the resources they need.
    Al King: Keep Patriot Act with some constitutional revisions.
    Allen Buckley: Fight terrorism via espionage.
    James Gray: Roll Back the USA Patriot Act.
    Eric Fingerhut: Form a multi-lateral coalition to fight terrorism.
    Rick Ziser: Better benefits for military personnel.
    Rick Ziser: Continue to develop a missile defense system.
    Rick Ziser: Improve training and equipment.
    Marvin Scott: US must be ready if terrorist attack again.
    Ken Salazar: Ensure emergency personnel have the support and resources.
    Bruce Broussard: Support more comprehensive information sharing programs.
    Michael Benjamin: Supports missile defense, and pre-emptive action.
    Dan Mongiardo: Criticizes Bunning for opening Chile and Singapore visas.
    John Neely Kennedy: No amnesty for illegal aliens.
    Stuart Starky: Mandate English immersion in schools.
    Betty Castor: Expedited citizenship for military immigrants.
    Richard Randall: Peaceful immigration is the benchmark of American ideals.
    Richard Randall: Social safety net is no excuse for excluding immigrants.
    Raul Acosta: Foreigners for president borders on treason.
    Raul Acosta: 3-month work visas for illegal immigrants.
    Alan Keyes: Extending privileges to non-citizens invites lawbreaking.
    Bill Jones: Support temporary work visas, but no shortcut to immigration.
    Bill Jones: Not even a suggestion of amnesty.
    Miriam Masullo: Give Americans jobs currently held by non-citizens.
    Stuart Starky: Stricter enforcement on Canadian border.
    Stuart Starky: Stricter enforcement on Mexican border.
    Ken Salazar: Opportunity for undocumented workers to gain legal status.
    Jim Holt: Help immigrants become Americans themselves.
    Jim Holt: No amnesty for illegal immigrants.
    Mel Martinez: End the flow of illegal aliens.
    Mike Miles: Support Legal Immigration.
    Jack Ryan: Vigilance at the borders-more INS agents.
    Marilyn O`Grady: Toughen immigration laws to keep out terrorists.
    Mary Squires: No blanket amnesty-enforce the rule of law.
    Mike Miles: Expand earned legalization and guest workers.
    Al King: Enforce limits on immigration to sustainable numbers.
    Allen Buckley: Strong enforcement against illegal immigration.
    James Gray: Implement a workable and fair immigration system.
    Rick Ziser: Tighter control for the borders.
    Rick Ziser: Immigration reform must serve the economy and workforce.
    Bill Jones: Oppose amnesty for undocumented immigrants.
    John Kerry: Restore immigrant benefits lost in 1996 welfare reform.
    John Kerry: Expedited citizenship for members of the Armed Forces.
    Lee Jones: Protect US jobs by restricting outsourcing.
    Dan Mongiardo: Bunning voted to outsource jobs to China.
    John Neely Kennedy: Crack down on the “offshoring” of jobs to India & China.
    Betsy Summers: Jobs programs cost jobs.
    Richard Randall: Repeal National Labor Relations Act.
    Raul Acosta: Corporate scandals cause unemlpoyment.
    David McReynolds: Support the Employee Free Choice Act.
    Barack Obama: Overrode federal overtime rules and raised the minimum wage.
    Betty Castor: Raise the Minimum Wage to $6.75.
    Alan Keyes: Government does not create jobs, only businesses do.
    Doris Haddock: End policies that encourage companies to move jobs offshore.
    Howard Mills: Preserve open space for farming.
    Denise Majette: Fund job training and small business development.
    Johnny Isakson: Invest in our workforce.
    Nancy Farmer: Increase the minimum wage.
    Lisa Murkowski: Promote Alaskan seafood.
    Bruce Broussard: Create more jobs domestically.
    Bruce Broussard: Get more of federal $23B for job training for Oregon.
    Jack McMullen: Promote knowledge-based job creation.
    Inez Tenenbaum: China undermines fair trade.
    Doris Haddock: Promote small business development in local communities.
    Lisa Murkowski: Won Trade Adjustment Assistance for fishermen.
    Lisa Murkowski: Privatize seafood inspection program.
    Mike Miles: Revise corporate tax policies to save jobs.
    Tony Knowles: Promote job opportunities via small business.
    Barack Obama: Fund Trade Adjustment Assistance for service workers too.
    Mike Miles: Providing jobs is the public interest-Bush has failed.
    Barack Obama: Tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs.
    Barack Obama: Obama will strengthen unions and workers’ rights.
Principles & Values
    Raul Acosta: Alternative to two establishment candidates.
    Raul Acosta: Write-in candidacy by word-of-mouth.
    Doris Haddock: Send me to the lion’s den-Washington will never be the same.
    Lisa Murkowski: Keep “God” in Pledge & prohibit flag burning.
    Jack Orchulli: We need a Senator to represent us, not special interests.
    Jack Orchulli: I believe in the inherent goodness of all Americans.
    Johnny Isakson: Stand up for traditional values.
    Miriam Masullo: End ban on political speech in houses of worship.
    Alan Keyes: Core values: life, liberty, faith, family, freedom.
    Alan Keyes: Core values: life, liberty, faith, family, freedom.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Parents, not government, are responsible for children.
    Jim Holt: Pray that God will give Bush wisdom.
    Jim Holt: Separation of church and state cannot be done.
    Mel Martinez: Support public displays of religious devotion.
    Wayne Sowell: Remember the past; face the present; plan for the future.
    Paul Van Dam: FOR fiscal responsibility; FOR energy independence.
    Mel Martinez: Appreciates serving as HUD Secretary, thanks America.
    John Kerry: Revoke every Bush order that favors special interests.
Social Security
    Lee Jones: Vigorously resist any attempt to privatize Social Security.
    Denise Majette: No risky privatization schemes.
    Richard Randall: Social Security is a bankrupt pyramid-scheme.
    Richard Randall: Opt out of Social Security and allow private investing.
    Betty Castor: Protect Social Security from risky investments.
    Tim Michels: End the raid on Social Security.
    Alan Keyes: Keep promises but give future choice.
    Doris Haddock: No privatization; stop raiding the trust fund.
    Howard Mills: Invest up to 5% of payroll tax in personal accounts.
    Erskine Bowles: Fight against privatization.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Strengthen Social Security, Not Privatize It.
    Denise Majette: Protect and preserve without privatization schemes.
    Miriam Masullo: Suports Personal Retirement Accounts.
    Stuart Starky: Raise benefit age to 75 and strengthen system.
    E.J. Pipkin: Protect Social Security funds from use in other programs.
    Ken Salazar: Opposes privatization and individual investment accounts.
    Paul Van Dam: Do not privatize or otherwise compromise Social Security.
    Jim Holt: Favor changing the amount of Social Security benefits.
    Jim Holt: Favor Social Security privatization.
    Jim Holt: End abortion to keep Social Security strong.
    Mel Martinez: Support Social Security privatization.
    Tony Knowles: Against Social Security and Medicare privatization.
    Allen Buckley: National referendum to resolve Social Security dilemmas.
Tax Reform
    Charles Melancon: Immediate tax relief for middle-class families.
    Lee Jones: Repeal the Bush tax cut on the wealthiest 1%.
    Lee Jones: Abolish estate tax for estates under $5 million.
    Cam Cavasso: Supports President Bush’s tax cuts.
    Dan Mongiardo: Help middle-class instead of trickle-down.
    John Neely Kennedy: Exempt first $10,000 in tips from income tax.
    Stuart Starky: End tax breaks for corporate outsourcing.
    Bill Jones: Extend the Bush tax cuts.
    Bill Jones: Move beyond tax cuts to tax simplification.
    Erskine Bowles: Repeal tax breaks for companies moving jobs overseas.
    Betty Castor: Promote tax fairness for all, not just the wealthy.
    Richard Randall: Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment and end income tax.
    Raul Acosta: Supports 13% flat tax.
    David McReynolds: Reverse Bush’s tax cuts for the superrich.
    Tim Michels: I will never vote to raise taxes. Period.
    Doris Haddock: Supports progressive tax schedules & balanced budgets.
    Doris Haddock: The rest of us pay for Bush’s billionaire tax cuts.
    Paul Van Dam: Most tax cuts are by and for the economic elite.
    Howard Mills: Government has grown too big, so limit taxes.
    Howard Mills: Make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent.
    Jack Orchulli: Make Bush’s tax cuts permanent.
    Johnny Isakson: FairTax: repeal the current tax system.
    Marvin Scott: More tax cuts and more for Indiana.
    Miriam Masullo: FairTax: Do something about our broken tax system.
    Nancy Farmer: Tax cuts for our working families.
    Scott McClure: Bush’s Reaganomics is detrimental to economy.
    E.J. Pipkin: Curb government spending & give tax relief for our families.
    Ken Salazar: Enact responsible tax cuts for low- and middle-class.
    Mike Liffrig: Bush tax cuts get North Dakotans $310M per year.
    Russ Darrow: Cut taxes and improve business climate.
    Nancy Farmer: Make middle-class tax cuts permanent.
    Art Small: Eliminate Bush tax cuts and tax breaks for special interests.
    Jim Holt: Support a tax rate that is flatter and fairer.
    Mel Martinez: Make the Bush tax cuts permanent.
    Jim Sykes: Fight for Alaskans’ Permanent Fund Dividend.
    Tony Knowles: Support tax cuts for lower and middle-class.
    Allen Buckley: Tie spending to tax rates, eliminate Alternative Minimum Tax.
    Marilyn O`Grady: Make permanent the Bush tax cuts.
    Pete Coors: Proud to be a tax cutter.
    Allen Buckley: Establish a 10/x/39 three-bracket income tax system.
    Jim Sykes: Protect PFD.
    Eric Fingerhut: New ideas to stimulate the economy.
    Rick Ziser: Must hold down spending.
    Jack Ryan: Low tax rates drive economic growth.
    Marvin Scott: Federal tax code penalizes hard work and marriage.
    Marvin Scott: Consumers should keep what they earn, not pay high taxes.
    Bruce Broussard: Provide businesses with tax incentives to create jobs.
    Jack McMullen: Do not repeal tax cuts: they was working.
    Betty Castor: End the Digital Divide by wiring every school.
    Betty Castor: Extend the Research and Development Tax Credit.
    Johnny Isakson: Ensure that infrastructure keeps up with population.
    Abe Hirschfeld: Build the Second Avenue Subway, despite lawyers.
    Lisa Murkowski: $10 million for rural sanitation programs.
    Lisa Murkowski: Won support for more transportation aid.
    Mike Miles: Encourage projects that enhance infrastructure.
    Mike Miles: Increase federal spending on highways and energy networks.
    Bill Jones: Championed updating water supply systems.
    John Kerry: Reallocate spectrum for wireless phone networks.
    John Kerry: Empower Americans by making Internet access universal.
War & Peace
    John Neely Kennedy: Finish the job in Afghanistan.
    Stuart Starky: Iraq military occupation should not be unending.
    Stuart Starky: The president lied-time to bring our troops home.
    Betsy Summers: We failed in Iraq so bring the troops home.
    Inez Tenenbaum: We were right to remove Saddam Hussein from power.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Encourage NATO to help rebuild Iraq.
    Richard Randall: The War in Iraq is a failure.
    Betty Castor: Ensure that Afghanistan and Iraq are safe and secure.
    Betty Castor: Terrorism-free Israel and then a viable Palestine.
    Doris Haddock: We cannot afford to blast our way to peace.
    Doris Haddock: War in Iraq based on promoting unreliable information.
    Doris Haddock: Withdraw US troops from Iraq via UN negotiations.
    Howard Mills: Iraq: reject objections of the French and the United Nations.
    Bill Jones: We are committed in Iraq and can’t leave the job half done.
    Denise Majette: Work with international community to restore Iraq.
    Scott McClure: Iraq stresses and damages US military.
    Stuart Starky: Iraq war began on exaggerated & false premises.
    Jack McMullen: Iraq diplomacy failed for 20 years-Army succeeded in 6 weeks.
    Jim Holt: Reevaluate how we declare war.
    Jim Holt: Everyone thought Saddam had WMDs.
    Jim Holt: Let Military leaders decide when to pull out of war.
    Doris Haddock: No WMDs & no al-Qaeda connection so no need to invade Iraq.
    Jim Sykes: Out-think adversaries instead of out-shooting them.
    Mike Miles: America has lost much world respect due to Iraq.
    Mike Miles: Preemptive use of force is dangerous.
    Jack Ryan: Support the Bush Doctrine and regime change where necessary.
    Marilyn O`Grady: No UN participating in Iraq.
    Mike Miles: America has lost respect of world over Iraq.
    Al King: Better to fight in Iraq than on our soil.
    Allen Buckley: War in Iraq is counter-productive to the war on terrorism.
    James Gray: Hand over Iraq to Iraqis & UN, then focus on real terrorism.
    Bill Jones: Would have voted for the $87 billion spending on Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    John Neely Kennedy: Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.
    Richard Randall: 100% tax credit for contributions to private charity.
    David McReynolds: Guaranteed income for all.
    Lisa Murkowski: Changes to Salmon program for WIC food.
    Mel Martinez: Led an initiative to help minorities to buy homes.

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