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Carla Howell on Government Reform

Limit government to constitutional functions

Small government is beautiful. Big Government needs High Taxes. Small government only needs pocket change. Simple. Cheap. Thrifty. Carla Howell proposes to make the federal government so small it doesn’t NEED an Income Tax.

Small government is limited to defending our lives, our liberty, and our property. Only the functions authorized in Article 1 of the Constitution. That’s small government . a mere fraction of today’s Big Government. Carla Howell’s Libertarian government is small government

Source: SenateMatch questionnaire interview Sep 5, 2000

Shrink government enough to end income tax

While most politicians want to tinker around the edges of Big Government, Carla Howell seeks to make government small. While most politicians argue over which can best run Big Government, Howell offers a bold alternative: small government. “Libertarians seek to make the Federal Government so small it doesn’t need an income tax,” Howell said. “Under our plan, no working American would ever again pay an income tax. Every dollar you earn would be yours, to spend, save, or invest.”
Source: Press Release, “Wows Libertarian Presidential Delegates” Jul 6, 2000

Libertarian government is bare-essentials small government

Q: What is small government?

A: Small government is a night watchman, a tiny institution that does only the bare essentials. Small government is limited to defending our lives, our liberty, and our property. Small government is a mere fraction of today’s big government. Libertarian government is small government.

Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

Supports term limits; 12 years for herself

Q: Do you support term limits?

A: Yes, I do support term limits. I understand why some oppose them. But I believe that term limits is a form of limiting the power of government. In particular, limiting the power of individuals to use government. So I do support term limits, I believe they should be applied to judges as well as legislators.

I promise that, if I am elected, I will serve no more than two terms as US senator from Massachusetts.

Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

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