Carla Howell on Gun Control

Guns let single moms protect themselves

“Gun ownership means that the single mom can protect herself and her children from stalkers and rapists,” said Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Carla Howell on WB56-TV against the Million Mom March. “Gun ownership means that minority families can protect themselves when their 911 calls go unanswered. Gun ownership means that the elderly and frail can defend themselves against thugs who break down their doors.”
Source: SenateMatch questionnaire interview Sep 5, 2000

Puts the Second Amendment first, with no exceptions

Carla Howell puts the Second Amendment first. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses. There are over 20,000 federal Anti-Gun laws. Big Government, Gun-Grabbing Ted Kennedy wants to go back to Washington, D.C. to write new Anti-Gun laws. Carla Howell will go to Washington, D.C. with an ERASER.
Source: SenateMatch questionnaire interview Sep 5, 2000

Gun control is an abuse of government power

Gun Prohibition is one more Big Government Program. Like Alcohol Prohibition, Gun Prohibition doesn’t work. Gun Prohibition laws endanger Americans and give violent criminals free reign to pray on innocent victims.

Small Government = Gun Rights
Why does Big Government infringe on our right to keep and bear arms?
Because it CAN.
Why doesn’t small government infringe on our gun rights?
Because it CAN’T.

The problem is NOT the abuse of power. The problem is the power to abuse. Take away the power, make government small - and no abuse is possible. Make government small. Eliminate the problem once and for all. The solution is simple, elegant - and it works. Big Government guarantees that our gun rights are never safe. Small government guarantees that our gun rights are always secure.

Source: SenateMatch questionnaire interview Sep 5, 2000

Repeal all federal gun laws; no exceptions

Source: SenateMatch questionnaire interview Sep 5, 2000

Small government: Repeal anti-gun laws now

I see the desire for small government in the eyes of gun owners who are sick and tired of Big Government politicians. They are relieved to hear a candidate willing to tell the truth: Small government = gun rights. and gun rights make us safer. Gun owners are responsible, decent Americans. Anti-gun laws must be repealed - now!
Source: Small Government News (Carla Howell newsletter) Apr 6, 2000

Free gun ownership by peaceful citizens without exception

Q: What should be done in terms of guns and gun control?

A: Libertarians always put the Second Amendment first. The Constitution gives the federal government no authority to interfere with the private ownership of guns. Gun control is gun prohibition. I support the Constitution. I will vote for the free ownership of guns by peaceful, law-abiding citizens without exception, every time.

Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

22,000 anti-gun laws haven’t worked-repeal them

Q: What about gun registration and waiting periods? Is there any middle ground for you on guns?

A: There are 22,000 anti-gun laws on the books in America. We need to repeal these laws and make America freer and safer. There is no justification for these unconstitutional regulations. They don’t help anything. They make things worse. They let government infringe on personal liberty and property ownership.

Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

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