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Nazi atrocities precluded trade. When will Chinaís?

BAUER [to Bush]: We would never make the argument [that we should work with China] if we were talking about Nazi Germany. Is there no atrocity that you can think of, the labor camps doubling in their slave labor, a bigger crackdown, more priests disappearing in the middle of the night, is there anything that would tell you to put trade on the back burner?

BUSH: Gary, I agree with you that forced abortion is abhorrent. And I agree with you when leaders try to snuff out religion. But I think if we turn our back on China and isolate China things will get worse. Imagine if the Internet took hold in China. Imagine how freedom would spread. Our greatest export to the world has been, is and always will be the incredible freedom we understand in America. And thatís why itís important for us to trade with China to encourage the growth of an entrepreneurial class. It gets that taste of freedom. It gets that breath of freedom in the marketplace.

Source: (cross-ref. to Bush) Phoenix Arizona GOP Debate Dec 7, 1999

Condition MFN on Chinaís human rights & technology record

Source: Jul 2, 1999

Chinese policy should be based on morality, not trade

I believe that, right now, in Washington, DC, the leadership of both political parties are acting morally bankrupt when it comes to our Chinese policy. We are acting as if the highest American value is trade. Now Iím in favor of trade. Economic activity is good. Economic exchange between countries is a good thing, but it is not the most important thing. It is not the highest American value. I believe weíd better get a Chinese policy devoted to morality in foreign policy very soon.
Source: Speech at Harvardís Kennedy School of Government Apr 13, 1998

Free trade with China makes us forget our deepest values

We have been hearing over and over and over again in Washington DC that continued economic activity in the way that itís being conducted right now with China will change China. I believe the evidence is growing that our current type of economic activity, which continues no matter what Chinese policy is, that that economic activity, in fact, is changing America more than itís changing China. Itís making us forget our most deeply held values. Itís making us forget who we are.
Source: Speech at Harvardís Kennedy School of Government Apr 13, 1998

When we invest in China, they play us for suckers

American corporations for years have been thinking that the Chinese market was nirvana. But, the promise never seems to arrive.

When an American company invests in China, [Beijing insists that it] share its technology. And the Chinese steal the technology, eventually booting out American companies and using the stolen technology to manufacture the goods themselves. These are not pleasant people that are honorable at the end of the day. A lot of American corporations are people played for sucker

Source: Speech at Harvardís Kennedy School of Government Apr 13, 1998

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