Gary Bauer on Families & Children

2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President


Pro-marriage & virtue; anti-porn & Hollywood promiscuity

Bauer agrees that there has been a decline in moral and ethical standards in America over the last four decades. He says, “I believe our next president must address America’s virtue deficit. I will work to restore a climate where reliable standards of right and wrong matter again. I will invite Hollywood producers to the Oval Office and urge them to stop producing programs that glorify promiscuity and violence, while mocking religious beliefs and traditional values. If necessary, I will publicly shame those who produce such fare. I will keep criminals behind bars, fight to put drug dealers out of business, protect children from pornography, keep our commitments to veterans and senior citizens, and strengthen marriage as the cornerstone of our society.“ Regarding technology, Bauer says, ”Steps should be taken to protect children from being exposed to pornographic or violent content.“
Source: 2000 National Political Awareness Test , Jan 13, 2000

Columbine resulted from our undermining the sanctity of life

Eric & Dylan [the Columbine shooters] violated 17 gun laws that day. The deeper question is why did two boys do to fellow human beings, what would be impossible to imagine an American child doing to cats or dogs. What did we do that so undermined the sanctity of life, that you could raise a couple of kid with such empty hearts? Part of it is that we undermine the sanctity of life by telling our children that they’ve got a constitutional right to take innocent human life if it’s in their way.
Source: Des Moines Iowa GOP Debate , Dec 13, 1999

Nazi salutes indicated problem at Columbine

At Columbine High School, Eric & Dylan came to school every day and they were giving each other the Nazi salute in the hallway. Nobody said anything to them, nobody sent them home, nobody took them to the principal’s office. But if a teacher at Columbine had hung up the Ten Commandments, she would have been in the principal’s office the same day. So, as a start when I’m president, there won’t be any more Nazi salutes in the public schools. And it’s going to be OK to hang up the Ten Commandments again.
Source: Phoenix Arizona GOP Debate , Dec 7, 1999

Juvenile violence based on mass media & abortion

The killings in Colorado prove “something is wrong in America” that only a moral reawakening can fix. Bauer said the problem is simple: Too many children resort to hatred, not God, in a nation that glorifies violence in its mass media, allows “militant secularism” in its courtrooms and legalizes abortion.
Source: Boston Globe, Thursday April 22, 1999, p.A21 , Apr 22, 1999

Parents need more time with kids, not more taxes

The Administration’s $21.7 billion child-care plan would do little to supply the one tool that parents find indispensable yet all too elusive: time with their children. The Clinton proposal would not offer relief from heavy tax burdens that force moms and dads to spend more and more hours at the office or factory and less time at home. Rather, the proposal would give breaks to big business and the formal day-care industry, decreasing the time parents spend with their children.
Source: IntellectualCapitol.com/issues , Jan 15, 1998

Child care assistance needed for relatives, not facilities

Clinton’s child-care plan ignores the fact that most Americans who do seek help with child care choose a relative or neighbor, not the local Kid Corral. Less than a third of all children younger than five rely on an organized facility for day care, and twice as many poor Americans (those making less than $10,000 a year) have their children cared for by relatives than do the rich. [The Clinton plan] disregards the preferences of the working poor.
Source: IntellectualCapitol.com/issues , Jan 15, 1998

More child tax credits; more flex-time

Source: IntellectualCapitol.com/issues , Jan 15, 1998

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