Gary Bauer on Gun Control

2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President


Churches should discuss souls, not gun resolutions

Q: Here in Iowa the mainline churches have talked about tighter gun control restrictions, calling for a ban on the possession and manufacturing and sale of hand guns. A: The churches should leave to politicians discussions about the regulation of various industries. The churches ought to be talking about the human heart, about the soul of America, and part of the problem is that some so-called mainline churches are passing resolutions about gun control, instead.
Source: Des Moines Iowa GOP Debate , Dec 13, 1999

Promoting virtue would work better than passing gun laws

A President can do something about [gun violence]. He can put judges on the court that understand that our liberty comes from God, that He’s the author of it, and that only a virtuous people remain free and that, ultimately will be a lot more important than passing another gun law.
Source: Des Moines Iowa GOP Debate , Dec 13, 1999

Problem of the heart & soul, not of guns

Q: What is the first concrete step you would take to immediately make the nation’s school’s safer? A: We didn’t get into this problem overnight and we won’t get out of it on one day of a new administration. For over 30 years, we’ve had a breakdown of basic values. We took God out of the schools. We had an erosion of reliable standards of right and wrong, the breakdown of the American family. I don’t think this is a gun problem, as some would suggest. I think it’s a problem of the heart and soul.
Source: Phoenix Arizona GOP Debate , Dec 7, 1999

New gun laws won’t prevent Littleton

Eighteen gun laws were violated that day in Littleton, Colorado. I don’t think anyone believes a 19th or 20th is going to stop the tragedies that we are seeing.
Source: CNN.com AllPolitics , May 10, 1999

Focus on our hearts, not “instruments”

An opponent of gun control, Bauer said new laws would only “focus on things and instruments instead of what happens in the hearts of our kids.” Hollywood promotes violence, he said. The justice system forbids prayer in schools. And Washington “gives us platitudes.
Source: Boston Globe, Thursday April 22, 1999, p.A21 , Apr 22, 1999

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