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Bob Dole on Free Trade

Former Republican Senator (KS)

Trade sanctions on USSR-occupied Afghanistan

Sen. Dole co-sponsored S.1027 (Introduced by Sen. Gordon Humphrey with 30 co-sponsors): A bill to prohibit trade between the Soviet puppet regime in Afghanistan and the US.
Source: Bill sponsorship archives from the Library of Congress , Apr 8, 1987

Fast-track agreements; but also protective tariffs

Sen. Dole co-sponsored S.490, the Omnibus Trade Act; introduced by Sen. Lloyd Bentsen with 57 co-sponsors.
Source: Bill sponsorship archives from the Library of Congress , Feb 5, 1987

No trade with countries on terrorism list

Sen. Dole co-sponsored S. 1778 (Introduced by Sen. Lloyd Bentsen with 29 co-sponsors): The Anti-Terrorism Trade Preference Act: Imposes the following sanctions on countries identified as supporting international terrorism:
  1. termination, withdrawal, or suspension of any treaty that relates to most-favored-nation treatment of such country
  2. denial of most-favored-nation treatment and imposition of column 2 tariff rates on imports from such countries.
    Source: Bill sponsorship archives from the Library of Congress , Oct 21, 1985

    Voted YES on imposing trade sanctions on Japan for closed market.

    Resolution supporting sanctions on Japanese products if car parts markets don't open up; and seeking sharp reductions in the trade imbalances in car sales and parts through elimination of restrictive Japanese market-closing practices.
    Reference: Bill S Res 118 ; vote number 1995-158 on May 9, 1995

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