Gary Bauer on Health Care

2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President


A patient bill of rights fits the conservative agenda

Q: What is your opinion on a Patient Bill of Rights? A: I think our party got off on the wrong foot some months ago when we stood against a patient bill of rights. I think if my mother is mistreated at her HMO and sheís experienced medical malpractice, she should have a right to sue. Thereís nothing Republican or nothing conservative about standing with the big HMOís against the average Americans. Iíll support a patient bill of rights.
Source: GOP Debate in Johnston, Iowa , Jan 16, 2000

Against bureaucratic decision-making

Q: Do you think that HMOs should share the physicianís burden of liability? A: I was very troubled when Congress took the position that average Americans shouldnít have the right to sue an HMO if it provided inappropriate medical treatment. Now, Iím against big bureaucracy in Washington making health care decisions. I just have an aversion to bureaucrats. But itís not just government bureaucrats. I donít like HMO bureaucrats and insurance company bureaucrats either.
Source: Republican Debate at Dartmouth College , Oct 29, 1999

Supports Medical Savings Accounts

Q: How would you propose to rectify the imbalance between the control of and responsibility for providing health care? A: We need to make real reforms: Medical Savings Accounts, allowing deductibility for insurance payments. Big companies can do that now; individuals canít. Iíll be unveiling a health care plan soon that will reflect those principles. I think that it will be a big step forward.
Source: Republican Debate at Dartmouth College , Oct 29, 1999

Allowing suing HMOs

Bauer is inclined to support the proposal to regulate health maintenance organizations, saying that patients should in some cases have the right to sue those companies.
Source: New York Times, p. A12, col. 4 , Aug 17, 1999

Reject euthanasia and assisted suicide

Human life has dignity at every age; the taking of innocent human life is always wrong. I believe our nation at every level of government must reject any scheme to permit or promote assisted suicide and euthanasia. We must encourage new efforts to assist patients approaching the end of life to cope with their pain through medical, psychological, and social means.
Source: www.bauer2k.com/html/indepthissues.html 5/24/99 , May 24, 1999

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