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Pat Buchanan on Health Care

2000 Reform Candidate for President

Self-finance Medicare by self-investing

Buchanan’s views: Allow workers to invest money they would otherwise put into Medicare, so they can provide for their own health care in retirement.
Source: “White House 2000” , Jan 1, 2000

Against national health system & federal takeover

Q: Are you in favor of establishing a national health care system? If so, how would you pay for it, and if not, how would people get health care who don’t have it now? A: No, I’m not in favor of a national health system established by the federal government. I’m strongly against the Hillary care-the type of national takeover of something like 7% of gross national product.
Source: Interview on “World News Now” , Nov 3, 1999

Supports catastrophic health insurance, privately paid

In ‘92 there were 36 million Americans without health insurance. That’s now up to something like 44 or 45 million Americans. I think we have to take a look at some way to provide every American who’s willing to pay something with catastrophic health insurance so that something doesn’t happen which basically wipes out the family’s security through no fault of theirs. And I would take a look at that. I do intend to be specific [but not] before the time comes.
Source: Interview on “World News Now” , Nov 3, 1999

Abolish euthanasia; fight “Culture of Death”

The campaign to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia of the mentally disabled, the gravely ill, and the elderly, gains ground yearly. The Culture of Death must be fought on moral as well as legal grounds. We need a President who will declare war on the Culture of Death, not act as its principal collaborator, and fight from the day he takes his oath of office, until he leaves office.
Source: 5/28/99 , May 28, 1999

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