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Books by and about 2012 presidential nominees
Do Not Ask What Good We Do
about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Ten Letters
about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
A Life of Trial and Redemption
about V.P. Joe Biden (2010)
No Apology
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2010)
Young Guns
by Rep. Paul Ryan et al (2010)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Promises to Keep
by Vice Pres. Joe Biden (2007)
The Audacity of Hope
by Pres. Barack Obama (2006)
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2004)
Dreams from My Father
by Pres. Barack Obama (1996)

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Capitalism and Freedom
Fortieth Anniversary Edition
by Milton Friedman

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Budget & Economy
    Government's role is only to determine the rules.
    Government caused Great Depression, and recessions since.
    Fed should grow money supply by 3%-5% and nothing else.
    Repeal recession spending once expansion begins.
Civil Rights
    Real freedom means freedom to promote Communism.
    Persuade against racism, but don't use coercion.
    First proposed school vouchers to denationalize education.
    Subsidize parental choice of public or parochial school.
    Vouchers give greater educational opportunity to the poor.
    Merit pay for teachers.
    Subsidize college by GI Bill method, not state institutions.
    City parks justifiably public; national parks can be private.
Free Trade
    Tariffs & trade restrictions impede economic growth.
    Interfering with trade is the road to authoritarianism.
    Floating foreign exchange rate is necessary for free trade.
Government Reform
    Economic power decentralizes; political power does not.
    No need to maintain post offices as a public monopoly.
    Fair employment practices interfere with individual freedom.
    Free choice in employment should be treated like free speech.
Principles & Values
    Free men use gov't to serve people; not to serve country.
    Socialist economics are incompatible with democracy.
    Concentrated power threatens individual freedom.
Social Security
    Compulsory retirement programs infringe personal freedom.
Tax Reform
    Lower taxes in recessions and raise taxes in booms.
    Progressive taxation intended to insure against risk.
    Private monopoly easier to remove than regulation.

The above quotations are from Capitalism and Freedom
Fortieth Anniversary Edition
by Milton Friedman.

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