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The Path to Prosperity
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State of New Hampshire Politicians: secondary Archives

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    from State of New Hampshire secondary Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Alan Keyes (3) Republican
  • Annie Kuster (1) Democrat U.S. Rep New Hampshire-2
  • Bob Smith (13) 2010 Challenger; lost FL GOP primary; previous NH Senator Florida
  • Chris Sununu (4) New Hampshire Republican challenger for Governor
  • Cory Booker (1) New Jersey Mayor of Newark
  • Gary Bauer (3)
  • George W. Bush (2) Republican
  • Herman Cain (1) Republican
  • Jeanne Shaheen (17) New Hampshire Former Democratic Governor (1997-2000); elected Senator 2008
  • Jim Rubens (3) Republican Senate Challenger New Hampshire
  • Jon Huntsman (5) Utah Former GOP Governor (2005-2009); Ambassador to China
  • Karen Testerman (14) Republican Challenger New Hampshire
  • Kelly Ayotte (1) Republican Jr Senator New Hampshire
  • Maggie Hassan (1) New Hampshire Democratic Governor
  • Mitt Romney (8) Massachusetts Former GOP Governor (2003-2006); Pres. candidate (2008)
  • Newt Gingrich (3) Republican
  • Orrin Hatch (2) Republican Sr Senator Utah
  • Rick Perry (3) Texas Republican Presidential candidate
  • Rick Santorum (24) Republican Presidential candidate
  • Ron Paul (7) Republican (Libertarian 1988)
  • Scott Brown (16) Previously MA Republican Jr Senator New Hampshire
  • Steve Forbes (2)
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Chris Sununu: Voted to restrict funding to local Planned Parenthood.
    Kelly Ayotte: Make birth control pills available without prescription.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Opposed the Blunt Amendment: require birth control coverage.
    Bob Smith: Human life begins at conception.
    Scott Brown: OpEd: Not a reliable vote on abortion rights.
    Karen Testerman: No taxpayer dollars to terminate human life in the womb.
    Mitt Romney: States shouldn't ban contraception; and no state wants to.
    Rick Santorum: States have the right to ban contraception, but shouldn't.
    Ron Paul: Right to privacy is explicit, but not for contraception.
Budget & Economy
    Maggie Hassan: Restored $1B in cuts in state spending.
    Bob Smith: Time to stop mortgaging our children's future.
    Karen Testerman: More government jobs threaten our economy & freedom.
    Ron Paul: We're reversing 100 years of bad policy; audit the Fed.
    Rick Santorum: Spend-o-meter: track spending on all Senate amendments.
    Cory Booker: Replace spending with tax incentives to stimulate hiring.
Civil Rights
    Bob Smith: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    Scott Brown: Next step in racial equality: stop glorifying violence.
    Karen Testerman: Vocal opponent of same-sex civil unions.
    Annie Kuster: Equal pay for equal work.
    Mitt Romney: Gay community needs more support from the Republican Party.
    Rick Santorum: I agree with hearing gay ideas but disagree with some.
    Rick Santorum: Marriage is a federal issue; we need one definition, not 50.
    Scott Brown: AdWatch: Loosened financial reform regulations.
    Rick Santorum: Companies run into a stiff headwind called government.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Allow medical marijuana; but no recreational marijuana.
    Scott Brown: Restrict medical marijuana; and no recreational marijuana.
    Chris Sununu: More funding for charter schools; less power to bureaucrats.
    Bob Smith: Oppose nationwide Common Core standards.
    Karen Testerman: Put parents back in charge, not Department of Education.
    Karen Testerman: Stop the "common core" federal education standards.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Must resolve permanent school funding this year.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Standards for teachers; kindergarten for kids.
Energy & Oil
    Bob Smith: No subsidies for wind and solar.
    Scott Brown: Keystone XL should be included in energy efficiency bill.
    Karen Testerman: End the war on coal: keep electrical generating plants.
    Karen Testerman: Carbon dioxide causes plants to thrive, not global warming.
    Rick Santorum: Out of office, I stayed in the fray to defeat cap-and-trade.
    Karen Testerman: Declaring national monuments to benefit donors is an abuse.
    Mitt Romney: Cross-border pollution matters; so build natural gas system.
    Newt Gingrich: EPA should not regulate dust storms in Iowa.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Supports Land and Community Heritage Investment Program.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Manage growth & avoid sprawl.
Families & Children
    Rick Santorum: Address breakdown of American family from bully pulpit.
    Rick Santorum: Gay adoption is a state issue; no federal ban.
Foreign Policy
    Scott Brown: Restore American leadership; we have none now.
    Bob Smith: America is in trouble; we need leadership out of this mess.
    Scott Brown: Our allies don't trust us, our foes don't fear us.
    Rick Santorum: Iran's theocracy encourages use of nuclear weapons.
    Ron Paul: We don't even accept elections from overseas.
    Jon Huntsman: China is our most important relationship of the 21st century.
    Alan Keyes: Clarifying commitment to Taiwan avoids Chinese attack.
    Alan Keyes: Military intervention to ensure Taiwan’s self-determination.
    George W. Bush: Texas governorship provides foreign policy experience.
Free Trade
    Jeanne Shaheen: Expand opportunities to export to markets around the globe.
    Mitt Romney: We have to open up markets to America's goods.
Government Reform
    Jim Rubens: Voluntary small dollar vouchers to fund federal elections.
    Bob Smith: Photo ID for voting.
    Jeanne Shaheen: People's Pledge: Let's limit outside PAC contributions.
    Scott Brown: No pledge to limit outside PAC contributions.
    Ron Paul: Preach the gospel of liberty.
    Ron Paul: All spending should be designated by earmarks.
    Orrin Hatch: Real campaign finance reform is disclosure & more disclosure.
Gun Control
    Bob Smith: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    Scott Brown: Ok'd federal ban on assault weapons after Newtown shootings.
    Karen Testerman: Second Amendment is about protection, not hunting.
    Herman Cain: Let each state pass a concealed weapon bill.
Health Care
    Jeanne Shaheen: Ebola: No fear-mongering; maybe a travel ban.
    Scott Brown: Ebola: travel ban to West Africa.
    Bob Smith: Repeal ObamaCare; it's not a government responsibility.
    Scott Brown: ObamaCare's mandate means higher costs and fewer jobs.
    Jeanne Shaheen: AdWatch: Falsely promised all people could keep insurance.
    Jeanne Shaheen: No apologies for helping people get affordable insurance.
    Scott Brown: Supported RomneyCare in 2006; it's different than ObamaCare.
    Karen Testerman: ObamaCare is unaffordable and unworkable.
    Jeanne Shaheen: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare.
    Rick Santorum: Give Medicare same options and opt-out as Congress.
    Rick Santorum: Promote Health Savings Accounts as market-based solution.
Homeland Security
    Scott Brown: Strip US citizenship from terrorists who fight overseas.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Tireless advocate for keeping our commitment to veterans.
    Bob Smith: Maintain a superior nuclear arsenal.
    Jim Rubens: The surveillance state is not OK: limit the NSA.
    Karen Testerman: Rebuild our forces for adversaries like Chinese & Russians.
    Jim Rubens: NSA infringes Constitution and causes citizen distrust.
    Rick Santorum: Privacy is in 4th amendment, but Patriot Act is ok.
    Rick Santorum: Confront virulent threat of radical Islam.
    Ron Paul: Getting bin Laden OK; Iranian nukes not OK.
    Alan Keyes: Missile defense umbrella including Taiwan.
    Scott Brown: The border is secure when people don't come across it.
    Jeanne Shaheen: We need to fix our broken immigration system.
    Scott Brown: It's wrong that illegals can just walk across the border.
    Bob Smith: Securing our borders is matter of economic stability.
    Karen Testerman: Illegal immigrants are stealing from our country.
    Karen Testerman: Illegal immigrants over burden our public schools.
    Scott Brown: My job is to let businesses create jobs.
    Mitt Romney: Tie government union wages to private sector wages.
    Rick Perry: Repeal national right-to-work law; let states decide.
    Rick Santorum: Unions are good community members but we need right-to-work.
Principles & Values
    Bob Smith: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework.
    Jeanne Shaheen: On 99% vote with Obama: Find ways to appeal to independents.
    Bob Smith: Too many in Washington have no vision to restore the nation.
    Jon Huntsman: We need a unifying leader, not vilifying different groups.
    Rick Perry: Obama's a socialist; Founding Fathers didn't want socialists.
    Mitt Romney: Obama's policies have made the recession deeper.
    Mitt Romney: Business entrepreneurialism is leadership experience.
    Rick Santorum: We need command leadership; not business experience.
    Rick Santorum: I'm a conservative but not a libertarian; some government OK.
    Rick Santorum: I appeal to blue-collar voters, not Wall Street.
    Gary Bauer: Better off than 4 years ago financially, but not culturally.
    Orrin Hatch: Legislative record of bipartisan accomplishment.
Social Security
    Rick Santorum: Means testing: reduce benefits for wealthy seniors.
    Gary Bauer: Relieve tax burden via smaller retirement benefits.
    Gary Bauer: Preserve social security by reform without privatization.
    George W. Bush: Keep promise to retirees but consider raising retirement age.
    Steve Forbes: Raising retirement age betrays promise to American retirees.
Tax Reform
    Chris Sununu: Pledge to veto state sales tax and income tax.
    Karen Testerman: Supports flat tax & abolishing the IRS.
    Jon Huntsman: Rip out $1.1T in loopholes from the corrupt tax code.
    Rick Santorum: Simplify tax code: just 5 deductions; everything else goes.
    Chris Sununu: Opposed commuter rail from Boston to central New Hampshire.
    Newt Gingrich: We can't compete with China with an inferior infrastructure.
    Jeanne Shaheen: Focus on brainpower, not horsepower, via more education.
    Steve Forbes: Drop Microsoft case; new tech makes it obsolete.
War & Peace
    Jeanne Shaheen: Address ISIS without fearmongering.
    Jon Huntsman: Draw down to 10,000 troops in Afghanistan by 2013.
    Jon Huntsman: We listened to generals in Vietnam; don't repeat our mistake.
    Mitt Romney: Leave Afghanistan when generals on the ground say so.
    Newt Gingrich: We have mismanaged region-wide crisis in Middle East.
    Rick Perry: I would send troops back into Iraq, to exclude Iran.
    Rick Santorum: Stay in Afghanistan until security of our country is secure.
    Rick Santorum: Iranian people admire us; Iranian leaders are evil.
Welfare & Poverty
    Rick Santorum: Block grant Medicaid, housing, & food stamps to states.
    Rick Santorum: Poverty is not a disability; believe in ability to work.
    Ron Paul: Entitlements are not rights; only big guys get entitlements.
    Rick Santorum: I authored the only bill to remove an entitlement.

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