Keith Butler on Principles & Values


Elected as Republican City Councilor in Democratic Detroit

In 1982, Butler became a member of the Michigan Republican Party. One of his first political volunteer experiences was on the campaign of Richard Headlee, candidate for Governor, where he wrote the Urban Communications Plan.

In 1984, Butler ran for the office of Precinct Delegate and won. He was also selected one of Five Outstanding Michiganians in 1988 by the Michigan Junior Chamber of Commerce.

In 1989, Butler was elected in a city-wide vote to the Detroit City Council; he garnered 43% of the votes, representing 105,000 of the total votes cast. 88% of Detroit's residents identified themselves as Democrats. He was the first known Republican to hold a city council seat in the city of Detroit since before World War II. Butler served a four-year term.

In addition, Butler was selected to be one of Ten Outstanding Americans for 1989 by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce and was honored by President George H.W. Bush at the White House in the same year.

Source: Campaign website, www.keithabutler.com, "About" Jan 21, 2006

Wrote 1992 Republican national platform

In 1992, Butler served on the National Platform Committee for the Republican Party, assisting other Party members with drafting the language for the Party Platform. President George H.W. Bush also selected Mr. Butler to be Deputy Chair of the Republican National Convention. At the convention, Mr. Butler also delivered the introductory speech for then Congressman, Newt Gingrich.
Source: Campaign website, www.keithabutler.com, "About" Jan 21, 2006

Columnist for Detroit News and regular TV commentator

Butler has appeared on various national and local TV or radio political and news programs to discuss differing political issues facing the national and metropolitan Detroit communities. He is a contributing writer to The Detroit News, writing editorial commentary on a variety of important issues.
Source: Campaign website, www.keithabutler.com, "About" Jan 21, 2006

Founding pastor of Word of Faith International Church

The founding pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center Church, Butler is the Senior Pastor of the 21,000 member congregation; he is also the employer of over 200 ministry employees and manages an annual operating budget of over 30 million dollars. The headquarters site sits on 110 acres of land which houses all the ministry's buildings representing over $40 million in value.
Source: Campaign website, www.keithabutler.com, "About" Jan 21, 2006

Holds theological degree; married 29 years; 3 grown kids

Butler was graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus, earning a bachelor's degree. He also has completed his theological studies at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Butler received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Canada Christian College.

Butler has been married 29 years to his lovely wife, Deborah L. Butler. They have three children who now serve with them in the ministry: The Butler family resides in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Source: Campaign website, www.keithabutler.com, "About" Jan 21, 2006

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