Keith Butler on Crime


Serve out full sentences

We need to make sure that our system of Justice is fair and the punishment fits the crime. If someone is found guilty by a jury of their peers and is sentenced to 10 years in prison, that person should serve 10 years in prison. If new evidence is found that exonerates a prisoner, there should be a swift appeal process. But we need to stop the never-ending and often frivolous appeals from some inmates who tie up our courts.
Source: Campaign website, butlerforussenate.com, "Issues" Jun 24, 2006

Invest in prisons and jails

Some politicians don't understand that the crime rate goes down when we lock up more prisoners. Alternative methods of punishment can be explored for first time non-violent offenders, but we need to very carefully define what we mean by "non-violent". For instance, are repeat drunk drivers non-violent offenders - not if they are behind the wheel of a car, truck or any motor vehicle. We need to invest in prisons and jails to keep convicted felons behind bars, serving their full sentences.
Source: Campaign website, butlerforussenate.com, "Issues" Jun 24, 2006

Advised on federal response to Rodney King beating

In 1991, the nation witnessed the brutal beating of Rodney King by police officers in Los Angeles, California. President Bush invited Mr. Butler to provide valuable input regarding the White House's response to this event and the L.A. Riot resulting.
Source: Campaign website, www.keithabutler.com, "About" Jan 21, 2006

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