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More funding for Charters, double Education Freedom Accounts

Overall, New Hampshire schools will see an additional $200 million over the next two years -- and an additional $1 BILLION over the next 10 years--all with a priority towards school districts that need aid the most. These investments, which flow directly to local schools, will help cities and towns lower their property taxes. The changes proposed will also have the effect of increasing funding to Charter Schools and DOUBLING the opportunity to our very successful Education Freedom Accounts.
Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the N.H. legislature , Feb 14, 2023

Student loan forgiveness will lead to higher taxes

I take exception with individuals saying this is a student loan crisis. What's the crisis? Folks get a degree. They get a job. We have more high-paying jobs than ever before for young people. They're low-interest loans. They have been deferred for a couple of years. Those individuals that think they're getting the $10,000 or $20,000 off their student loans, it's just getting deferred into taxes down the road, higher taxes down the road. This is a political shell game of money.
Source: CNN SOTU interviews on 2022 New Hampshire Gubernatorial race , Aug 28, 2022

Government getting involved in education doesn't go well

In New Hampshire, we're different. You know, we put more dollars in public education for students than ever before. And we passed school choice, right? We're creating more opportunities for kids in public schools to get credentialed in a work force type environment that they want to enter into. Any time the government gets overly involved in education it normally doesn't go well. And so, we take that kind of push back approach. We believe in parents and teachers. Teachers now want to be here.
Source: Fox News Sunday on 2022 New Hampshire Gubernatorial race , Aug 21, 2022

Education Freedom Savings Accounts provides options

Last year we fought to Expand Educational Opportunities for students and families. This year, for the first time in state history, a child's zip code or family income no longer dictates their educational options, with Education Freedom Savings Accounts New Hampshire is providing opportunities to thousands of families across our state with nothing but positive results.
Source: 2022 State of the State Address to New Hampshire legislature , Feb 17, 2022

$30 million in one-time grants for school capital projects

As the only Governor in the last 20 years to come up through the public school system, I know very, very directly how great that system is. And it's why we're so committed to supporting it. My budget ensures that we spend more money per child on public education than ever before. It invests $30 million back to cities and towns in one-time Grants for capital projects, like school-building aid, investments into energy-efficient projects or alternative-fuel buses, other key areas of need.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address: New Hampshire legislature , Feb 11, 2021

Student debt relief for graduates staying & working in state

Student debt relief: last year, I introduced an innovative student debt relief plan that would have provided nearly $10 million at no expense to the taxpayer for student debt relief, as long as those graduates stay and work in New Hampshire. The Democrats removed this from my final budget but I am not giving up. This budget reintroduces the program and focuses on graduates who pursue careers in the much-needed fields of healthcare, biotechnology, social work, other related fields.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address: New Hampshire legislature , Feb 11, 2021

Unified and merged state college and university system

My budget proposed a fully unified and merged New Hampshire College and University System, bringing 11 separate system together as one. This is the future of higher education. This evolution is not to benefit any one system but to every student across the State. We also see the challenges and the inefficiencies in maintaining 11 systems, rather than one, integrated, collaborative approach to public higher education. This merger will enable a combined system to innovate in a coordinated way.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address: New Hampshire legislature , Feb 11, 2021

Obtained $26 million grant for Preschool Development

I proposed a $6 million one-time cash infusion into UNH to rebuild the Early Childhood Center of Excellence to serve as a model for the rest of the country. Unfortunately, this investment was removed from the budget by the Legislature. But the state worked with UNH and The NH Charitable Foundation to secure a $26 million federal grant for Preschool Development, which will build capacities for learning and wellbeing at home, in child care, and community based settings.
Source: 2020 Alabama State of the State address , Feb 13, 2020

Compromise on student debt relief at no expense to taxpayers

Last year, I budgeted for a $160 million, ten-year investment in student debt relief that would have cost the taxpayers nothing. Unfortunately, the legislature killed that proposal, but I am hopeful we can find compromise and finally deliver this opportunity to provide student debt-relief and direct scholarships -- again, at NO expense to the taxpayer.
Source: 2020 Alabama State of the State address , Feb 13, 2020

NH Career Academies: Opportunities for high school students

I am proud to announce today the creation of 'New Hampshire Career Academies'. Working with our community college system existing funds, our students can take advantage of an optional fifth year of high school that will be enable them to receive a high school diploma, a certificate and a College Associates Degree free of cost to the student. It also comes with something else, a guaranteed interview with a New Hampshire company for a job right here in the Granite State.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to New Hampshire legislature , Jan 3, 2019

Give parents choice instead of one-size-fits-all system

Surprisingly, I am the first Governor in the past 25 years to come up through New Hampshire's public schools. Our schools are ranked the best in the country, because they deliver results. I believe in Teachers. I believe in the students. However, I think we can all agree that a one-size-fits-all system doesn't always work for each student, which is why our education system must give parents choice and flexibility. Education Savings Accounts will be our most significant step yet, in giving parents and children the ability to choose the education path that is best suited for them.
Source: 2018 New Hampshire State of the State address , Feb 15, 2018

Increase operating budget $10M of Community College System

Our higher education system is a critical part of ensuring New Hampshire students have an opportunity to learn beyond their high school years and enter the New Hampshire workforce with real world skills. Too often, we think of post-secondary education in terms of institutions. That's old school thinking. My budget approaches post-secondary education in terms of students and outcomes.

The University and Community College Systems of New Hampshire are key to these effort and we will continue to make investments in our partnership. In doing so, my budget proposes a significant increase to the operating budget of the Community College System, which is doing a great job in providing a gateway to New Hampshire's workforce development.

My budget proposes $10 million in capital investment into community college infrastructure. Also, today I am proud to establish the Governor's Scholarship program, with $5 million to directly assist high school students to attend colleges in New Hampshire.

Source: 2017 New Hampshire State of the State address , Feb 9, 2017

More funding for charter schools; less power to bureaucrats

"We must reform education to ensure that every family has the same opportunity to maximize their student's potential in our schools," said Sununu. "That means empowering parents and teachers, and getting Washington bureaucrats out of New Hampshire's classrooms. Breaking down barriers to school choice. Providing more funding for charter schools. Paying our brightest teachers the best wages. And, it means building a responsible budget, so that we can reinstate school building aid once and for all."
Source: Union-Leader on 2016 New Hampshire gubernatorial race , Sep 7, 2015

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