Miriam Masullo on Tax Reform

FairTax: Do something about our broken tax system

I believe we need tax reform and I have strong ideas on how to reform our broken tax system. This is an issue where my position is clearly different from that of the incumbent. I believe in the FairTax and I believe taxes are a problem that require solutions and I have studied the solutions. Ignoring that we need to do something about our broken tax system is an insult to the intelligence of every American.
Source: Campaign website, www.senate04.com, "Issues" Aug 13, 2004

Replace federal graduated income tax with Fair Tax

We must stop taxing income, savings and investment. In addition Washington just has to start living within its means. I support the FairTax because it is the one tax reform program that promises to work well within a global digital economy and thus improve the quality of life for all Americans. The graduated income tax does not work now and will work worse in the economic and financial environments of the future. In order to be more productive and to increase our freedom we must abolish the graduated income tax system and all other federal taxes (including the payroll tax) that are creating an ever-increasing permanent underclass of Americans. We have to adopt the FairTax, within a well-studied transition plan and eliminate the income tax before most Americans become poor. Not moving away from an old tax code coupled to taxing the Internet will be the worst mistake we make as a 21st Century nation, a mistake that is not understood at all by our current leadership.
Source: Campaign website, MiriamForCongress.com, "Positions" May 18, 2004

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