Miriam Masullo on Education

Protect the Pledge of Allegiance

I support the Pledge Protection Act of 2003, HR 2028, which will not allow lower federal court judges to hold hearings or to make rulings on the recitation of the "Pledge of Allegiance." Senate support for this Bill has not come from the incumbent.
Source: Campaign website, www.senate04.com, "Issues" Aug 13, 2004

School choice and charter schools work for our children

While our public school in Connecticut are cause for pride, it is in our inner cities and poor areas in Connecticut and in most of our nation where our system fails our children for many different an complex reasons. One national initiative will not solve the entire problem, diversity and school choice will. We have proof in our own cities right here in Connecticut that Charter Schools, for example, work for our children. All parents should have a choice of where to send their children to school, not just the wealthy (like those in Congress who send their children to private and parochial schools but oppose school choice for those who are not wealthy). School choice needs to be a modern innovative option for all parents.
Source: Campaign website, MiriamForCongress.com, "Positions" May 18, 2004

Eliminate the federal Department of Education

We have state departments of education that are closer to the people than Washington is. So that each state will have more resources that are going to the classroom, not Washington DC, we should pursue a more efficient path and eliminate the Department of Education (DoE) without diminishing the roles where the DoE is viable. State and local education leaders have shown that they can function without having to take orders from Washington.
Source: Campaign website, MiriamForCongress.com, "Positions" May 18, 2004

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