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Republican CA Governor


The future is sustainable green energy

In his second term as governor, Schwarzenegger focused on attracting investment into California to improve the state's finances and the perceived standard of living of voters. In defiance of President George W. Bush's moratorium on state funding for stem cell research, he allocated a further $150 million in funding, stimulating the nascent industry in California. He formed the Climate Action Board and worked with Democrats on a bill, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (both in line with his role as an environmental campaigner), and he agreed to increase the minimum wage n California to $8.50 per hour. Such acts angered conservative Republicans but were popular with mainstream and left-leaning voters.

Schwarzenegger said, "The future is green energy; sustainability; renewable energy."

Source: Top 10 Visionaries, by George Ilian, p. 58-9 , Apr 8, 2016

Global Warming Solutions: cut greenhouse gas by 25% by 2020

In the summer of 2006, Arnold announced a new bill, the Global Warming Solutions Act, to cut greenhouse pollutants and other harmful emissions 25%, to 1990 levels, by 2020. It was perhaps the farthest-reaching environmental legislation in US history, and environmentalists couldn't believe it had come from a Republican. Arnold's own party, needless to say, was firmly opposed to the legislation; Republicans believed it was a betrayal of the people who had gotten him into office.

California's businesses complained that it would cost them millions to comply with the new act. The governor was accused by his own supporters of being anti-business.

Arnold followed through on his commitment to address global warming by suing six carmakers--GM, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chrysler, and Nissan--regarding their vehicles greenhouse gas emissions, which, he charged, accounted for 30% of all carbon emissions. At the same time, he announced he was giving up his own fleet of Hummers to underscore his commitment.

Source: The Governator, by Ian Halperin, p.299 , Oct 12, 2010

Cut greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020

Source: Ballotpedia.org on California ballot measure voting records , Sep 27, 2006

Pushing hydrogen as solution to terrorism AND global warming

Hydrogen leaves no trail of pollution and causes no global warming. Using it does not fund the terrorists who would destroy us. Hydrogen is not a green issue--it is red, white, & blue. Bush could fatally weaken terrorists in one stroke by moving ahead with a hydrogen program, helping to ameliorate global warming in the process.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is leading the way. He has set in motion a state program to produce enough hydrogen and offer it at enough service stations to permit Californians to switch to cars powered by hydrogen by 2010. Schwarzenegger plans to require gas stations along CA interstates to offer hydrogen. Since almost everyone there lives near one of these roads, it will be possible to drive a hydrogen-powered car throughout the state. He plans to team with BC, Washington State, Oregon and Baja CA to create a “hydrogen highway” that would from BC to Baja. Since one-fifth of new car sales are in CA, the tail may soon wag the dog into doing what we need to fight terrorism.

Source: Condi vs. Hillary, by Dick Morris, p.254-256 , Oct 11, 2005

Renegotiate energy contracts to make electricity affordable

I will address high energy costs. California has the highest commercial and industrial electricity rates in the nation. Therefore, I will renegotiate the energy contracts and take other steps to give California a reliable and affordable energy system.
Source: 2003 Gubernatorial campaign website, JoinArnold.com , Aug 29, 2003

Opposed to offshore oil drilling

Q: What is your position on offshore oil drilling?

A: California is identified for its beaches and magnificent coastline more than any other single feature. I am opposed to offshore oil drilling. I will urge the federal government to purchase the remaining offshore oil leases as has been done in Florida.

Source: 2003 Gubernatorial campaign website, JoinArnold.com , Aug 29, 2003

Set goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025.

Schwarzenegger endorsed setting goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025

A resolution that it is the goal of the United States that, not later than January 1, 2025, the agricultural, forestry, and working land of the US should provide from renewable resources not less than 25% of the total energy consumed and continue to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed, and fiber. [Governors also signed letters of endorsement at www.25x25.org]

Rep. SALAZAR: "Our resolution establishes a national goal of producing 25% of America's energy from renewable sources--like solar, wind and biofuels--by 2025. The "25x'25" vision is widely endorsed, bold, and fully attainable. If implemented, it would dramatically improve our energy security, our economy, and our ability to protect the environment.

"I am pleased that more than 20 of my colleagues in the Senate, from both sides of the aisle, are cosponsoring this resolution. In addition, the "25x'25" vision has been endorsed by 22 current and former governors and several State legislatures across the country. The Big Three automobile manufacturers--Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors--are all behind "25x'25" So are many agricultural organizations, environmental groups, scientists, and businesses, ranging from the Natural Resources Defense Council to John Deere.

"These Americans understand that we cannot continue to import 60% of our oil from foreign countries, many of which are hostile to the US, if we aim to be strong and secure in the world. They know that we will have to build a clean energy economy if we are to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It is time for Congress to take a more active role in our clean energy future. Establishing a national goal--"25x'25" is the first step."

Source: 25x'25 Act (S.CON.RES.3 / H.CON.RES.25) 2007-SC03 on Jan 17, 2007

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