Bill Clinton on Energy & Oil

President of the U.S., 1993-2001; Former Democratic Governor (AR)


Green energy: tax incentives for solar & wind

Pres. Obama indentified and pushed to implement building a 21st-century infrastructure, leading the world in the production of green energy and energy conservation technologies, restoring America's manufacturing base, and doubling exports.

The surest way to create jobs, cut costs, enhance national security, cut the trade deficit by up to 50%, and fight global warming is to change the way we produce and consume energy.

America has enormous capacity to generate energy from clean sources & to improve efficiency; our large number of entrepreneurs, innovators, and financiers committed to a clean-energy future; and federal investments and tax incentives. The progress in wind energy is particularly impressive. On a windy day in Texas, wind power can spike to 25% of total generation. The annual costs of solar and wind is almost nothing but the up-front costs are high. Building owners should be able to offset for the cost of retrofits with savings they will realize from lower utility bills.

Source: Back to Work, by Bill Clinton, p.139-143 , Nov 8, 2011

Wind, solar, and retrofits create more jobs than coal

Every billion dollars invested in a new coal-fired plant yields 870 jobs. The same amount invested in solar creates 1,900; in wind, 3,300, if the turbines and blades are made in the country where they're put up; in big building retrofits, 7,000 in home retrofits, up to 8,000 jobs.

Launch an aggressive, 50-state building retrofit initiative: Recently, the Empire State Building in NYC completed a comprehensive energy overhaul. The project put 275 people to work, doing things like changing the heating and air-conditioning system, putting new, more efficient glass in the windows; and installing new lighting.

The retrofits should start with the buildings sure to be in use with the same owners for 5 to 7 years--schools, government buildings, college campuses, museums, libraries, auditoriums, hospitals, and big commercial buildings. If we just did the schools, colleges and government buildings, we could keep a large number of construction workers busy for a couple of years.

Source: Back to Work, by Bill Clinton, p.143-147 , Nov 8, 2011

Clean power from landfills, natural gas, hybrids, and CAFź