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    This page contains bill sponsorships in the Senate and House. Bill sponsorships indicate the topics that legislators are most interested in, and spend the most time on.

2007-SC03 on Jan 17, 2007

Bill Sponsorship: setting goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025
Source: 25x'25 Act (S.CON.RES.3 / H.CON.RES.25)
A resolution that it is the goal of the United States that, not later than January 1, 2025, the agricultural, forestry, and working land of the US should provide from renewable resources not less than 25% of the total energy consumed and continue to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed, and fiber. [Governors also signed letters of endorsement at www.25x25.org]

Rep. SALAZAR: "Our resolution establishes a national goal of producing 25% of America's energy from renewable sources--like solar, wind and biofuels--by 2025. The "25x'25" vision is widely endorsed, bold, and fully attainable. If implemented, it would dramatically improve our energy security, our economy, and our ability to protect the environment.

"I am pleased that more than 20 of my colleagues in the Senate, from both sides of the aisle, are cosponsoring this resolution. In addition, the "25x'25" vision has been endorsed by 22 current and former governors and several State legislatures across the country. The Big Three automobile manufacturers--Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors--are all behind "25x'25" So are many agricultural organizations, environmental groups, scientists, and businesses, ranging from the Natural Resources Defense Council to John Deere.

"These Americans understand that we cannot continue to import 60% of our oil from foreign countries, many of which are hostile to the US, if we aim to be strong and secure in the world. They know that we will have to build a clean energy economy if we are to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It is time for Congress to take a more active role in our clean energy future. Establishing a national goal--"25x'25" is the first step."

    Participating counts on VoteMatch question 18. Question 18: Prioritize green energy Scores: -2=Strongly oppose; -1=Oppose; 0=neutral; 1=Support; 2=Strongly support.
  • Topic: Energy & Oil
  • Headline: Set goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025 (Score: 2)

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
  • Memberships: c=chair; m=member; e=endorsed; f=profiled; s=scored
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  • Cases: w=wrote; j=joined; d=dissented; c=concurred
  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 2007-SC03

Joe Baca s1oCalifornia Democratic Challenger 
John Barrow s1oGeorgia Democrat 
Max Baucus s1oMT Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Rod Blagojevich s1dIL Former Democrat Governor (2003-2009) 
Leonard Boswell s1oIowa Democrat 
Bruce Braley s1oIA Democratic Challenger 
Phil Bredesen s1dTN Former Democrat Governor (2002-2010) 
Corrine Brown s1oFlorida Democrat 
Sherrod Brown s1oOH Democratic Sr Senator 
Maria Cantwell s1oWA Democratic Jr Senator 
Bob Casey s1oPA Democratic Sr Senator; previously state treasurer 
Ben Chandler s1oKentucky Democrat 
Hillary Clinton s1oNY Former Democratic Senator (NY); now Secretary of State 
Kent Conrad s1oND Democrat Sr Senator (Retiring) 
John Conyers s1oMichigan Democrat 
Henry Cuellar s1oTexas Democrat 
Joe Donnelly s1oIN Democratic Challenger 
Byron Dorgan s1oND Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Jim Doyle s1dWI Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010) 
Richard Durbin s1oIL Democratic Sr Senator 
Russell Feingold s1oPOTUS Democrat 
Raul Grijalva s1oArizona Democrat 
Phil Hare s1oIllinois Democrat (until 2010) 
Tom Harkin s1oIA Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Stephanie Herseth s1oSouth Dakota Democratic (until 2010) 
Tim Holden s1oPennsylvania Democrat (Lost 2012 Primary) 
Jay Inslee s1oWA Democratic Governor 
Sheila Jackson Lee s1oTexas Democrat 
William Jefferson s1oLouisiana Democrat 
Tim Johnson s1oSD Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Steve Kagen s1oWI Former Democratic challenger (2012) 
Tim Kaine s1dVA Democratic Challenger 
Marcy Kaptur s1oOhio Democrat 
John Kerry s1oMA Democratic Sr Senator 
Herbert Kohl s1oWI Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Patrick Leahy s1oVT Democratic Sr Senator 
Carl Levin s1oMI Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Dan Lipinski s1oIllinois Democrat 
David Loebsack s1oIowa Democrat 
John Lynch s1dNH Former Democratic Governor (2005-2013) 
Jim Marshall s1oGeorgia Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Doris Matsui s1oCalifornia Democrat 
Betty McCollum s1oMinnesota Democrat 
Mike McIntyre s1oNorth Carolina Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Robert Menendez s1oNew Jersey Democrat 
Dennis Moore s1oKansas Democrat (until 2010) 
Ben Nelson s1oNE Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Bill Nelson s1oFL Democratic Sr Senator 
Barack Obama s1oIL Former Democratic Senator (until 2008) 
Frank Pallone s1oNew Jersey Democrat 
Sonny Perdue s1dGA Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010) 
Ed Perlmutter s1oColorado Democrat 
Collin Peterson s1pMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Earl Pomeroy s1oNorth Dakota Democrat (until 2010) 
Ed Rendell s1dPA Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010) 
Bill Richardson s1dNM Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010) and Cabinet Sec'y 
Bill Ritter s1dCO Former Democratic Governor (2006-2010) 
Mike Ross s1oAR Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger 
John Salazar s1oColorado Democrat (Unseated 2010) 
Ken Salazar s1pCO Former Democratic Senator (entered Cabinet, 2009) 
Jan Schakowsky s1oIllinois Democrat 
Brian Schweitzer s1dMT Former Democratic Challenger (now Governor) 
David Scott s1oGeorgia Democrat 
Kathleen Sebelius s1dKS Former Democratic Governor (1994-2002); Cabinet Sec'y (HHS) 
Zack Space s1oOhio Democrat (until 2010) 
Jon Tester s1oMT Democratic Jr Senator 
Bennie Thompson s1oMississippi Democrat 
Mark Udall s1oCO Democratic Sr Senator; previously Representative 
Tom Vilsack s1dIA Former Democratic Governor (1994-2002); Cabinet Sec'y (USDA) 
Peter Visclosky s1oIndiana Democrat 
Peter Welch s1oVermont Democrat 
Lynn Woolsey s1oCalifornia Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Ron Wyden s1oOR Democratic Sr Senator 

Republicans participating in 2007-SC03

Wayne Allard s1oCO Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
Jo Bonner s1oAlabama Republican (Resigned 2013) 
Sam Brownback s1oKS Republican Governor 
Jeb Bush s1dFL Republican Governor 
Thad Cochran s1oMS Republican Sr Senator 
Norm Coleman s1oMN Former Republican Senator; lost court battle, 2009 
Mitch Daniels s1dIN Former Republican Governor (2005-2013) 
Mario Diaz-Balart s1oFlorida Republican 
Jim Douglas s1dVT Former Republican Governor (2002-2010) 
Robert Ehrlich s1dMaryland Republican 
Ernie Fletcher s1dKentucky Republican 
Jeff Fortenberry s1oNebraska Republican 
Wayne Gilchrest s1oMaryland Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Bob Goodlatte s1oVirginia Republican 
Chuck Grassley s1oIA Republican Sr Senator 
Samuel Graves s1oMissouri Republican 
Chuck Hagel s1oNE Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
Denny Hastert s1oIllinois Republican (Retired 2007) 
Dave Heineman s1dNE Republican Governor 
John Hoeven s1dND Former Republican Governor (2000-2010) 
Timothy Johnson s1oIllinois Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Mark Kirk s1oIL Republican Jr Senator 
Randy Kuhl s1oNew York Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Ray LaHood s1oIllinois Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Tom Latham s1oIowa Republican (retiring 2014) 
Frank Dean Lucas s1oOklahoma Republican 
Richard Lugar s1oIN Republican Sr Senator 
Thad McCotter s1oMichigan Republican 
Cathy McMorris-Rodgers s1oWashington Republican 
Jerry Moran s1oKansas Republican (until 2010) 
Marilyn Musgrave s1oColorado Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Randy Neugebauer s1oTexas Republican 
Butch Otter s1dID Republican Governor 
George Pataki s1dNY Former Republican Governor (1995-2006) 
Tim Pawlenty s1dMN Former Republican Governor (2002-2010) 
Mike Pence s1oIN Republican Governor 
Joseph Pitts s1oPennsylvania Republican 
Dennis Rehberg s1oMontana Republican (Senate run 2014) 
Rick Renzi s1oArizona Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Bob Riley s1dAL Former Republican Governor (until 2010) 
Jim Risch s1dID Former Republican Governor (2006-2007); U.S. Senator 
Mike Rounds s1dSD Former Republican Governor (2002-2010) 
Arnold Schwarzenegger s1dCA Former Republican Governor (2003-2010) 
Jeff Sessions s1oAL Republican Sr Senator 
John Shimkus s1oIllinois Republican 
Bill Shuster s1oPennsylvania Republican 
Mike Simpson s1oIdaho Republican 
Adrian Smith s1oNebraska Republican 
Mark Souder s1oIndiana Republican (until 2010) 
Bob Taft s1dOH Former Republican Governor (1999-2006) 
Lee Terry s1oNebraska Republican 
John Thune s1oSD Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
Fred Upton s1oMichigan Republican 
George Voinovich s1oOH Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Zach Wamp s1oTennessee Republican (until 2010) 
Jerry Weller s1oIllinois Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Bill Young s1oFlorida Republican (Deceased 2013) 

Independents participating in 2007-SC03

Donna Christensen s1oVirgin Islands Governor candidate 2014 
Jennifer Granholm s1dMI Previously Democratic Governor 
Joseph Lieberman s1oCT Independent Sr Senator; Gore's VP nominee (Retiring) 
George Radanovich s1oCalifornia Former GOP (until 2010) 
Bernie Sanders s1oVermont Independent 

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 73
Republicans: 57
Independents: 5

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