Lauren Beth Gash on Gun Control

Common sense measures to keep guns out of wrong hands

Lauren has been a leader in the fight to enact common sense measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands and toughen sentences for criminals. As a State Representative, Lauren sponsored the Child Access Prevention legislation that holds adults responsible for the safe storage of their firearms. She also wrote legislation to create gun free school zones that keep guns and gun dealers away from school grounds and sponsored legislation to limit handgun sales to one gun per month.
Source: www.laurenbethgash.com/ Sep 9, 2000

Trigger Locks on Every Handgun Sold

Because handguns are responsible for 8 out of every 10 people murdered with a firearm, Lauren works to keep handguns away from people who might use them to commit crimes. By requiring trigger locks to be included with every handgun sold, it will be more difficult for stolen handguns and poorly stored handguns to be used by criminals or accidentally by children. As a Member of Congress, Gash will support legislation to require firearms dealers to include trigger locks with every handgun they sell.
Source: www.laurenbethgash.com/ Sep 9, 2000

Hold Adults Responsible for Safe Storage

Adults who choose to keep a handgun in their home should store them with a trigger lock or in a lock box. Too often we read about children who are able to obtain firearms easily because the guns are not properly stored, and the tragic result is that a brother, sister, or friend is injured or killed. Lauren supports child access prevention legislation at the federal level that would hold adults responsible when they do not store their firearms properly and children use them to commit a crime.
Source: www.laurenbethgash.com/ Sep 9, 2000

Mandatory Background Checks at Gun Shows

While the Brady Law requires background checks for people seeking to purchase firearms from licensed gun dealers, a loophole allows unlicensed dealers to sell guns without background checks at gun shows and flea markets. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms research shows that criminals, gang members and drug dealers have used this loophole to buy illegal guns. Lauren supports legislation to require background checks for firearms transactions at gun shows for both licensed and unlicensed dealers.
Source: www.laurenbethgash.com/ Sep 9, 2000

Keep guns away from kids and out of classrooms

Parents should not have to worry about their children’s safety in the classroom. She also supports legislation to keep handguns away from people who might use them to commit mayhem in schools. Such legislation includes requiring trigger locks with handgun sales, childproofing handguns, and mandating background checks for sales at gun shows. She authored legislation which passed the Illinois House to impose gun-free zones in and around schools.
Source: www.laurenbethgash.com/ Sep 9, 2000

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