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More headlines: Gary Bauer on Tax Reform

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Family friendly tax plan: 20% less payroll tax

Bauer proposes to end most deductions and credits, and tax most income at a flat 16% rate. Bauer announced his “family-friendly” tax plan, which would eliminate all deductions except those for home mortgage interest and charitable contributions, and couple his flat tax rate with a 20% reduction in the payroll tax, which funds Social Security. He would not require taxpayers to invest in private retirement accounts, but would reduce projected increases in Social Security benefits for future retirees.
Source: Jonathan D. Salant, Associated Press Sep 23, 1999

No tax on interest; keep mortgage & charity deductions

Under [Bauer’s proposed] flat tax, each family would receive an inflation-indexed $l500 earned personal tax credit for each family member. Business and personal income, as well as capital gains, would be taxed at 16%. Business profits would be taxed only once, at the business level. Interest payments would be taken outside the tax system. However, existing mortgages would continue to be eligible for the home mortgage deduction. The charitable deduction would be retained for all taxpayers.
Source: “On the Issues: Flat Tax” Sep 6, 1999

Supports 16% flat tax; opposes inheritance tax

The United States should move to a 16% flat rate tax that would substantially cut taxes for America’s families. I strongly support the elimination of the marriage penalty and of inheritance taxes.
Source: 5/24/99 May 24, 1999

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