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2008 presidential race

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Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates
Sen. John McCain (R, AZ)
Why Courage Matters
Sen. Barack Obama(D, IL)
Dreams From My Father
Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE)
Promises to Keep
Gov. Sarah Palin (R, AK)
New Energy for Alaska
Rep. Bob Barr (L)
The Meaning of IS
Rep. Cynthia McKinney (G)
Green Party Debate
Ralph Nader (I)
The Good Fight
Alan Keyes (NAIP)
Our Character, Our Future

Sen. Hillary Clinton
It Takes A Village
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Gov. Mike Huckabee
Character Makes A Difference
Amb. Alan Keyes
Our Character, Our Future
Rep. Ron Paul
Freedom Under Siege
Gov. Mitt Romney

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Joint interviews hosted by ABC7 and, Feb. 11, 2008, on eve of primaries in VA, MD, and DC.

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   Barack Obama: Look at needle exchange; and expand treatment.
   Barack Obama: Supports charter schools; itís important to experiment.
Government Reform
   Barack Obama: Give D.C. the opportunity to elect its own representatives.
   Hillary Clinton: Get D.C. full voting rights, plus more direct federal funds.
Gun Control
   Barack Obama: Respect 2nd Amendment, but local gun bans ok.
   Hillary Clinton: Guest workers only for farms, to address labor shortage.
   Hillary Clinton: Donít turn local police into immigration enforcers.
Principles & Values
   Barack Obama: Donít seat MI & FL delegates; theyíre based on non-campaign.
   Barack Obama: Labels like ďmost liberalĒ prevent problem-solving.
   Barack Obama: FactCheck: Ranked most liberal in Senate, based on 99 votes.
   Hillary Clinton: Michigan and Florida primary ballots should count.
   Hillary Clinton: Will release tax returns during general election campaign.
   Hillary Clinton: Iíve been vetted; disinformation has all been recycled.
   Hillary Clinton: Democrats much more in step with America than GOP.
   Hillary Clinton: Billís role includes sounding board; but I make decisions.
   Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: Ranked 16th most liberal in Senate.
War & Peace
   Barack Obama: Humanitarian aid now for displaced Iraqis.
   Barack Obama: FactCheck: Overstated displaced Iraqis; actually 4.2 million.
   Hillary Clinton: Withdraw all combat troops: one or two brigades a month.

The above quotations are from Joint interviews hosted by ABC7 and, Feb. 11, 2008, on eve of primaries in VA, MD, and DC..

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