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2008 Democratic primary debate in Philadelphia, April 16, 2008 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary.

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Civil Rights
   Barack Obama: Apply affirmative action to poor white college applicants.
   Hillary Clinton: Take back $55B in Bush’s industry give-aways.
   Hillary Clinton: End predatory student college loan rates over 20%.
Energy & Oil
   Barack Obama: Raise fuel efficiency standards to reduce long-term demand.
   Hillary Clinton: Investigate gas price manipulation; add windfall profits tax.
   Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: Yes, FTC is investigating gas price manipulation.
Gun Control
   Barack Obama: Ok for states & cities to determine local gun laws.
   Barack Obama: FactCheck: Yes, Obama endorsed Illinois handgun ban.
   Hillary Clinton: Balance lawful gun ownership & keeping guns from criminals.
   Hillary Clinton: Give local police access to federal gun tracking info.
   Hillary Clinton: Let states & cities determine local gun laws.
Principles & Values
   Barack Obama: In hard times, people take refuge in traditions, God & guns.
   Barack Obama: I am a person of faith; and I reach out to people of faith.
   Barack Obama: Blacks are angry; but I dissociate myself from Rev. Wright.
   Barack Obama: I revere the American flag; I don’t refuse to wear flag pins.
   Barack Obama: FactCheck: William Ayres never killed anyone with bombs.
   Barack Obama: FactCheck: Yes, refused to wear a flag pin, last year.
   Hillary Clinton: Faith is not just something to cling to in hard times.
   Hillary Clinton: Visited Bosnian war zone, but mistake to call it sniper fire.
Social Security
   Barack Obama: Raise $97K cap on payroll tax exempting earnings under $250K.
   Barack Obama: Must capture new revenue; no new Social Security Comission.
   Hillary Clinton: No lifting cap on payroll tax; that taxes middle class.
   Hillary Clinton: Bipartisan commission, like in 1983, to address crisis.
   Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: No, teachers & police won’t pay if cap over $102K.
Tax Reform
   Barack Obama: No tax increase if earning under $250K; tax cuts under $75K.
   Barack Obama: Raise capital gains tax for fairness, not for revenue.
   Hillary Clinton: Absolutely no tax increase on people earning under $250K.
   Hillary Clinton: Perhaps raise capital gains tax, but at most to 20%.
War & Peace
   Barack Obama: President sets Iraq mission; give generals a new mission.
   Barack Obama: Take no options off the table if Iran attacks Israel.
   Hillary Clinton: Remove a brigade from Iraq every month, no matter what.
   Hillary Clinton: Massive retaliation from US if Iran attacks Israel.

The above quotations are from 2008 Democratic primary debate in Philadelphia, April 16, 2008 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary..

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