Ben McAdams on Government Reform



End Citizens United: disallow corporate money in politics

Q: Is it important to reduce the role of money in American elections?

BEN MCADAMS: Elections are far too expensive and the obscene amounts of money spent often drown out the dialogue that should occur between candidates and voters. I have been endorsed by End Citizens United, which seeks to overturn the decision which allowed unlimited corporate money in politics. I also support campaign funding limits and transparent and timely disclosure of everyone who is giving money to my campaign.

Source: League of Women Voters 2018 House UT-4 Questionnaire , Sep 9, 2018

Keep restrictions on government records access

HB477: This bill modifies provisions of the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) relating to government records.

Deseret News summary: Utah lawmakers repealed a widely criticized law restricting access to many government records. The [repealed] bill largely exempted the Legislature and several forms of electronic communication, allowed for increased fees for records requests and erased language favoring openness. Gov. Herbert called the Legislature into special session to reconsider the bill after a huge public outcry galvanized the community. In a statement afterward, the governor said, "As the Legislature re-examines Utah's GRAMA statutes [for further changes, I hope they'll], protect the public's right to know, protect an individual/s legitimate right to privacy, and protect taxpayer dollars."

Legislative Outcome:Passed Senate 23-6-0 on Mar/7/11; State Sen. Ben McAdams voted NO; Passed House 42-29-4 on Mar/7; Signed by Governor on Mar/8.

Source: Deseret News on Utah legislative voting records HB477 , Mar 7, 2011

Holiday on election day; revamp for easier voting access.

McAdams voted YEA For the People Act of 2019