Haley Barbour on Crime

Former Republican MS Governor (until 2012)

$7.3M for state trooper school

To keep law enforcement where we want it, I'm announcing tonight that I will dedicate $7.3 million of the governor's discretionary funds to hold a troopers' school this calendar year. If you will join me in moving motor carrier enforcement from MDOT to the Department of Public Safety, freeing up 40 current highway patrolmen, that would mean nearly 100 more state troopers on the road.
Source: 2011 Mississippi State of the State Address , Jan 11, 2011

I believe in criminal control, not gun control

Weve given our highway patrolmen record pay increases. Weve passed the Castle law to make sure you can protect yourself in your home. We passed new laws to crack down on felons who commit crimes with guns. Longer, mandatory sentences for gun crimes, but the laws have no negative effect on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. I believe in criminal control, not gun control.
Source: Speech at the Neshoba County Fair , Jul 26, 2007

More state troopers; plus pay raises for state police

Another priority we have focused on is law enforcement. Our Highway Patrol and other state law enforcement have received the biggest pay raises in history to get them on a level with our neighboring states. Two [new] trooper schools in one year--one paid for with federal funds after Katrina--have added 92 new highway patrolmen to the force. We plan a third trooper school in the next fiscal year to get us back closer to the authorized number of troopers.
Source: State of the State address to 2007 state legislature , Jan 15, 2007

Three Strikes gets chronic predators off the street for good

Republicans believe in second chances, but not at the expense of public safety & common sense. There is nothing more infuriating to a victim of crime than to learn that the perpetrator of the crime has a long "rap sheet" revealing multiple prior crimes. How many times, ask such victims, must the criminal justice system determine that a person is a danger to the community before the public will be protected? For the relatively small percentage of all criminals who habitually prey upon communities in the most violent manner, life imprisonment is the only way to protect society. Several states have in recent years enacted "3-strikes-you're-out" laws or repeat offender statutes, following the lead of Washington state in 1993. In those states, many chronic predators are off the streets for good--saving hundreds of lives in the future.
Source: Agenda For America, by Haley Barbour, p.123 , Apr 25, 1996

Victim's Bill of Rights, including restitution for victims

Innocent victims, having experienced the trauma of crime, must be protected in every possible way, including restitution. They should receive special attention and protection throughout the criminal process, and procedures should ensure that the impact of the harm on the victim is made clear to the offender.

In a growing number of states, proposals for a "Victims' Bill of Rights" have been adopted. Some of the prominent elements of a victims' rights agenda would include the following:

Source: Agenda For America, by Haley Barbour, p.153 , Apr 25, 1996

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