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Crippled America,
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Guide to Political Revolution,
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Where We Go From Here,
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Promise Me, Dad ,
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This Fight Is Our Fight,
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Higher Loyalty,
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The Making of Donald Trump,
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What Happened ,
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Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
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Hard Choices,
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Becoming ,
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Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Republican Debate in Phoenix, Arizona, Dec. 7, 1999

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Budget & Economy
    George W. Bush: Guarantees future surpluses with his tax plan.
    Steve Forbes: Fed’s bizarre theory: prosperity causes inflation.
    Alan Keyes: Use bully pulpit to advocate prayer, not coerce it.
    Alan Keyes: Money should follow parents’ education choices.
    George W. Bush: If poor kids don’t learn, give school funds to parents.
    George W. Bush: Develop tests locally - no national tests.
    John McCain: Tax breaks for charters - not from public school funds.
    John McCain: Good teachers & bad senators don’t need $140,000 a year.
    John McCain: Teach virtues in all schools.
    Orrin Hatch: Vouchers will cover costs under most circumstances.
    Orrin Hatch: Let parents walk away from failing schools.
Energy & Oil
    George W. Bush: Encourage oil exploration and more natural gas.
    George W. Bush: Wean from oil, via electric deregulation & natural gas.
Families & Children
    Gary Bauer: Nazi salutes indicated problem at Columbine.
    Steve Forbes: Don’t raid unemployment funds for family leave.
Foreign Policy
    George W. Bush: China’s taste of freedom encourages capitalism’s growth.
Free Trade
    Alan Keyes: WTO is not representative; hence unconstitutional.
    Gary Bauer: WTO bureaucrats are out of control.
    Gary Bauer: Apply Reagan’s USSR policy: No MFN; insist on human rights.
    Gary Bauer: Nazi atrocities precluded trade. When will China’s?
    Gary Bauer: Seattle protestors were right that WTO isn’t representative.
    George W. Bush: Work with China, but as a competitor, not a partner.
    George W. Bush: WTO for both China & Taiwan; maintain Taiwan relations law.
    Orrin Hatch: China’s WTO admission will undermine police state.
Government Reform
    Alan Keyes: Campaign reforms: unconstitutional “incumbency protection”.
    Alan Keyes: Unlimited contributions, but only by people, & publicized.
    Gary Bauer: Large donations buy access and are “corrupting”.
    John McCain: Drain the big money swamp to kill lobbyist mosquitoes.
    Orrin Hatch: McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform is unconstitutional.
    Steve Forbes: Drain the tax code swamp to kill lobbyist mosquitoes.
Gun Control
    Gary Bauer: Problem of the heart & soul, not of guns.
Homeland Security
    Steve Forbes: Haiti & Somalia interventions were mistakes.
Principles & Values
    Orrin Hatch: 23 years of experience fighting for you.
Tax Reform
    Alan Keyes: Forbes’ plan leaves IRS, and an invasive tax, intact.
    Alan Keyes: Forbes’ plan still requires people to beg for tax cuts.
    Alan Keyes: Sales tax gives control back to people.
    Alan Keyes: Wrong to pay income taxes before basic necessities.
    Gary Bauer: Estate tax is double taxation - remove it.
    John McCain: 1st step to simplify taxes: close special interest loopholes.
    Steve Forbes: Flat-tax IRS exists, but is smaller and less powerful.
    Steve Forbes: Sales tax better than current IRS; but we’d end up with both.
    Steve Forbes: McCain agrees with Forbes’ flat tax goal, but not 1st step.
    John McCain: Make Internet tax moratorium permanent.
    Orrin Hatch: Keep government’s mitts off the Internet.
War & Peace
    Alan Keyes: Respond to facts, not Serb intentions.
    Gary Bauer: No vital US interests in Kosovo.
    John McCain: Kosovo an example of feckless photo-op foreign policy.
    Steve Forbes: Arming intended victims would have avoided Bosnia & Kosovo.

The above quotations are from Republican Debate in Phoenix, Arizona, Dec. 7, 1999.

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