Buddy Roemer on Government Reform

Former Governor (R-LA); frontrunner for AmericansElect presidential nomination

We need better & smarter government; not more government

Why, Mr. President, have all the policies you talked about tonight--why have none of those things been accomplished, when you've had three years in office to make progress on them?

Now you say that you want to introduce a new unit to investigate abusive mortgage lending practices that led to the housing crisis, and a 'trade enforcement unit' to tell us what we already know about China's manipulation of currency and unfair trade practices. There's a big difference between President Obama and myself--I don't believe that the solution to the government's problems, and to the peoples' problems, is MORE government. The solution is better government, and smarter government--adequate legislation to regulate lending, like that which Glass-Steagall provided, and tough action against China's practices rather than a bloated investigation.

Source: Response to 2012 State of the Union speech , Jan 24, 2012

Super PACs distort and corrupt our politics

I was surprised to hear the President use the words 'money in politics.' That's my issue, and I've been talking about it since I declared my candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. But unlike President Obama, I live the message, not taking a single penny from PACs or Super PACs, which distort and corrupt our politics. Limiting stock ownership by elected officials, keeping bundlers from lobbying, banning insider trading by members of Congress--which is illegal for EVERYONE, by the way, not just members of Congress--those are great things, but as long as PACs and Super PACs are buying our elections, they won't mean anything. How can a president who is planning a billion dollar reelection campaign decry the influence of money in politics?
Source: Response to 2012 State of the Union speech , Jan 24, 2012

Won Governor & House seat with voluntary contribution limit

Roemer is back, making an improbable run at the 2012 GOP nomination for president. Roemer, who plays down his Harvard MBA in favor of a folksy, fresh-off-the-family-cotton-farm demeanor, impressed some political observers with a forceful speech at an Iowa candidate forum last week. His biggest applause line: a "declaration of independence" from special interests, punctuated by his pledge to take no political action committee money--and no donation at all greater than $100.

The other potential candidates, "they've got PACs and they've got airplanes," Roemer told the crowd. "All I've got is me and you. I think it's enough."

Roemer has gotten by before without big money. He served four terms in the House in the 1980s and was one of the few members of Congress to decline PAC money. He voluntarily set strict campaign-contribution limits during his successful run for governor in 1987.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Longshot from Louisiana" , Mar 16, 2011

Cap donations to presidential campaign at $100 per person

Gov. Roemer pledged he would not take any PAC and special interest money, will cap all donations at $100 per person, and will report all names and addresses of givers, although not required for small donors under the current law. Roemer said, "Electability should not be discussed in terms of who can raise the most money, but rather who has the best ideas to raise America. We can reform American politics and here is my pledge to help us start: I will accept only contributions up t $100 per individual contributor. No PAC or special interest money will be accepted. Only individual contributions with a name & address, and all will be reported although not required under the current law. Today, I declare my independence from moneyed special interests, and I ask you to join my battle. Reform will need to be embraced by ordinary Americans who are courageous enough to have an honest discussion about how special interest money limits our President's ability to make the tough decisions."
Source: Exploratory Committee press release , Mar 3, 2011

Provide uniform presidential voting hours, until 11 PM EST

Roemer co-sponsored H.R.622, the Fair Voting Hours Act of 1985, which provides for uniform voting hours (between 8 o'clock a.m., eastern standard time and 11 o'clock p.m., eastern standard time) for presidential general elections beginning in 1988.
Source: Bill co-sponsorship records from Library of Congress , Jan 22, 1985

Increase campaign donation limit from $1,000 to $2,500

Roemer co-sponsored H.R.4070, the Campaign Finance Reform Amendments, to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act to increase the limitations on contributions to campaigns for the House of Representatives & the Senate.

Raises the ceiling from $1,000 to $2,500 for an individual's total contribution to any candidate for the House of Representatives. Imposes a limit on the total amount such a candidate and his or her committees may accept from multicandidate political committees of $75,000 for a general o special election (with an extra $25,000 in the case of a run-off).

Imposes a ceiling on the total amount a candidate for the Senate and his or her committees may accept from multicandidate political committees. Sets such ceiling at:

  1. the greater of $25,000, or the product of $12,500 times the number of State Representatives or
  2. the greater of $75,000, or the product of $37,500 times the number of State Representatives (not to exceed $500,000), for a general, primary, or special election.
Source: Bill co-sponsorship records from Library of Congress , Jul 8, 1981

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