Buddy Roemer on Budget & Economy

Former Governor (R-LA); frontrunner for AmericansElect presidential nomination

Washington is not broken; it is corrupted by one-percenters

Energy, fair trade, deregulation, immigration reform--the President finally talked about all of them tonight, except for the most important one--corruption. President Obama would have you believe that Washington is broken, but it is not. It is corrupt. And it will be corrupt as long as you are raising money from the same Wall Street one-percenters who got us into the very mortgage crisis you're now concerned about. After just three years in office, you have reverted to the job you do best--being a full-time campaigner. The policies you proposed tonight, I agree with many of them. But they will never happen until we take the money out of the equation. The country is looking to you, Mr. President. They are looking to you for leadership, and for reform. Not for pretty speeches and gutless action. End the corruption, lest we continue our drift into economic mediocrity.
Source: Response to 2012 State of the Union speech , Jan 24, 2012

Government stimulus creates jobs, but only in China

Buddy Roemer has just issued a sharp statement in response to President Obama's jobs speech. "The President's jobs plan will certainly create jobs--jobs in China," Roemer said. "Another $450 billion government stimulus is not the answer. The President's job-killing economic policies have decimated domestic manufacturing, shipped thousands of good American jobs overseas and saddled future generations with an historic level of debt they may likely never be able to escape."
Source: Response to 2011 Jobs Speech in The Weekly Standard , Sep 8, 2011

FactCheck: Obama has submitted 3 budgets; Roemer said zero

Roemer faulted both Obama and Congress on budgets, stating: "I am embarrassed that two and a half years into Obama's term in office he's never submitted a budget. You know Congress has worked two years without passing a budget."

His pronouncement was startling. Asked to back this statement up, the Roemer campaign declined to comment.

So we turned to the experts: five economists across the political spectrum. Not true, they all say. As per law, Obama has submitted a budget for each fiscal year he's been president--fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012, according to the Government Printing Office. It's as simple as that.

But regarding Roemer's second claim--that Congress has worked for two years without adopting a budget-- Roemer has a point. Congress last adopted a budget resolution in fiscal year 2010. It neglected to do so in fiscal 2011, and looks unlikely for 2012. But the passage of the debt ceiling increase has made the passage of a budget resolution for the current fiscal year less pressing.

Source: FactCheck on 2011 Presidential primary by PolitiFact.com , Jul 20, 2011

Tackle too-big-to-fail as cause of financial collapse

Roemer insists that the campaign finance issue extends into many of the challenges facing the nation. "Special interest money has taken control of the key policy issues facing our nation," said Roemer. "If we pass a financial reform bill that does not tackle too big to fail, harmful derivatives that shifts the risks of Wall Street's gambles to Main Street taxpayers, or fix the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, have we really addressed the causes of our financial system's collapse? If we brag about cutting spending, while we fear touching entitlements for fear of special interest retribution, can we really put America's financial house back in order? I love America, but I detest what special interest money has done to American politics. To fix the financial crisis threatening our nation will require real leadership. I am the only person considering running for president who has been a congressman, a governor, a member of both parties, and a small-business owner."
Source: Kevin Derby in Sunshine State News , Mar 3, 2011

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