Rudy Giuliani on Families & Children

Former Mayor of New York City; Republican Candidate for 2000 Senate (NY)

Conservative record:I drove pornography out of Times Square

Q: [to Giuliani]: Sen. Thompson says that youíre soft on abortion, that youíre soft on gun control, & that youíve never claimed to be a conservative. Who is more conservative: you or Fred Thompson?

GIULIANI: I canít comment on Fred. I can tell you tha George Will wrote that I ran the most conservative government in the US in the last 50 years. I brought down crime more than anyone in this country. I brought down taxes. I drove pornography out of Times Square. In that environment--one of the most liberal cities in the country--I had more success than anyone ever thought I could have. So I think that was a pretty darn good conservative record. You can always find one exception or two to someone being absolutely conservative or absolutely this or absolutely that, but I think I had a heck of a lot of conservative results.

THOMPSON: Mayor Giuliani believes in federal funding for abortion. He believes in sanctuary cities. Heís for gun control. He sides with Hillary Clinton on each of those issues.

Source: 2007 GOP primary debate in Orlando, Florida Oct 21, 2007

Annulled 14-year 1st marriage because wife was 2nd cousin

In 1968, Rudy embarked for the first time on the sea of matrimony, marrying his second cousin, Regina Peruggi. While the two would remain husband and wife for 14 years, Rudy was known to have a roving eye, and theirs would soon become a marriage in name only. Then, in 1982, shortly after becoming associate attorney general in the Reagan Department of Justice, Rudy had their marriage annulled, claiming he hadnít known that he and Regina were so closely related.

The end of Reginaís marriage to Rudy was mutual, not acrimonious. They had separated emotionally by the time they decided to do it legally, so the drama we saw in the second relationship wasnít there.

His bachelor status would soon end: shortly after having obtained his annulment from Regina, Rudy met a Florida-based television news reporter, the recently divorced Dona Hanover. She accepted Rudyís proposal of marriage and they tied the knot on April 15, 1984, at St. Monicaís Catholic Church, in Manhattan.

Source: Flawed or Flawless, by Deborah & Gerald Strober, p. 43-44 Jan 16, 2007

Restrict sex shops to small buffer zone

I decided it was critical to reduce the number of sex shops. They were retarding the growth of other businesses, particularly in Times Square. We made maps of where they were sited and started looking for ways to limit them, confident we could use the report to justify zoning restrictions. My impulse was to use the report and close all or nearly all of them. Looking at maps and seeing how many sex shops would have to close, I was told the proposal went too far. If we tried to close every shop, a judge might shoot down the plan.

We made the case for creating a zone in which the shops could stay open. Since the zone reduced the area available to sex shops, rents in other areas could increase. Eventually, rents rose even within the zone, making it too expensive for the sex shops-the free market could achieve what zoning could not. In the years that followed, whenever the sex shops took us to court, judges would cite this buffer zone we created as proof the rules were not overly restrictive.

Source: Leadership, autobiography by Rudolph Giuliani, p.153 Oct 1, 2002

Give Elian citizenship; decide fate in family court

Rudy Giuliani maintains that Elian Gonzalez should be granted US citizenship and that any custody issues should be handled in family court.
Elian was rescued in November after the boat he was on sank. His mother drowned in the attempt to flee Cuba. Elian has been living with Miami relatives who have refused to allow him to leave, although the INS has ruled that Elian belongs with his Cuban father.
Source: Associated Press in Washington Post, p. A3 Apr 2, 2000

Good jobs build good families-weíve created 360,000 jobs

The foundation of our freedom depends on steady, good-paying jobs because jobs keep our neighborhoods strong and our families together. But when jobs arenít there and our children have to move away, it can be devastating. Thatís why we pulled together and got moving, by creating 360,000 new jobs, convincing major employers not to move and by cutting billions in unfair taxes.
Source: Television ad in upstate NY Feb 8, 2000

Child Protection should move toward permanent foster homes

For a child whoís been abused or neglected, and has to be taken away from parent permanently, foster care is not the right answer permanently for that child. The right answer is a permanent home in which the child can have someone that loves and cares for him or her. [The Administration for Children Services] can not protect all children, but [we] are moving in the right direction.
Source: State of City Address, New York City Jan 13, 2000

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