Rudy Giuliani on Drugs

Former Mayor of New York City; Republican Candidate for 2000 Senate (NY)

AdWatch: Got tough on drugs like meth in Massachusetts

Romney TV ad in Iowa: Announcer:
Two pro-life governors. Both support a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage. The difference? Romney got tough on drugs like meth. He never pardoned a single criminal. And Mike Huckabee? He granted 1,033 pardons and commutations, including 12 convicted murderers. Huckabee granted more clemencies than the previous three governors combined. Even reduced penalties for manufacturing methamphetamine. On crime. The difference is judgment.
Source: FactCheck.org: AdWatch of 2007 campaign ad, “Judgment” Dec 19, 2007

FactCheck: Romney’s tough-on-drugs meth bill never passed

Romney’s TV ad criticizes Mike Huckabee’s record as governor by comparing the Arkansas record to the Massachusetts record. The ad says Romney “got tough on drugs like meth” while governor of Massachusetts, but the legislation he supported never passed, and his state’s laws are much weaker than Arkansas’. Convicted meth dealers face both minimum and maximum prison terms in Arkansas that are four times longer than those in Massachusetts.
Source: FactCheck.org: AdWatch of 2007 campaign ad, “Judgment” Dec 19, 2007

Tried to ban methadone treatment for heroin addicts

[Mayor Giuliani] labeled as a “disaster” Gen. Barry McCaffrey, then the federal drug czar, after McCaffrey faulted his bizarre 1998 proposal to ban methadone treatment for heroin addiction.
Source: America‘s Mayor, America‘s President?, p. xxii May 2, 2007

In Dorismond drug shooting, sullied victim as “no choirboy”

On March 15 2000, Patrick Dorismond finished his shift as a security guard & headed home with another guard. As the two tried to hail a cab, a man approached Dorismond and asked him if he had drugs for sale. Insulted at the suggestion, Dorismond shouted a melee ensued. When it was over, Dorismond lay mortally wounded. The would-be buyer was actually an undercover narcotics agent.

Giuliani attempted damage control. A juvenile record was discovered--when Dorismond was 14, he had been arrested on robbery charges, which were dropped---& Giuliani took the unheard-of step of unsealing and publicizing the juvenile record. Giuliani then uttered the racially inflaming 3 words.

Al Sharpton commented, “When Giuliani said ‘He’s no choirboy,’ it was almost as if someone had driven a stake through the mother’s heart. A lot of the passion that I bring to fights is caused by being so close to the family. In revealing the sealed documents and distorting them, the mayor really shook the Dorismond family.

Source: Flawed or Flawless, by Deborah & Gerald Strober, p.219-224 Jan 16, 2007

Drug policy should be an integral part of foreign policy

We need to call on the on the federal government after having done our job effectively [on crime reduction] to make [drug reduction] an important part of our foreign policy, rather than a secondary part. After all it has to do with the future of our children and it is just important as international trade. And it’s just a important as wars that may be going on in different parts of the world, because it has to do with how productive America is going to be into the next generation.
Source: Speech at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government Sep 29, 1997

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