Peter Camejo on Crime

Reform Party nominee for Vice President; previously Candidate for CA Governor

Dems oppose social movements like fighting death penalty

Every major gain in our history, even pre-Civil War struggles --such as the battles for the Bill of Rights, to end slavery, and to establish free public education-- as well as those after the Civil War have been the product of direct action by movements independent of the two major parties and in opposition to them.

Since the Civil War, without exception, the Democratic Party has opposed all mass struggles for democracy and social justice. These include the struggle for ballot reform, for the right of African Americans to vote and against American apartheid ("Jim Crow"), for the right to form unions, for the right of women to vote, against the war in Vietnam, the struggle to make lynching illegal, the fight against the death penalty, the struggle for universal health care, the fight for gay and lesbian rights, and endless others. Many of these struggles were initiated by or helped by the existence of small third parties.

Source: The Avocado Declaration, by Peter Miguel Camejo Jan 1, 2004

Totally opposed to death penalty, along with rest of world

Q: Your comments on a moratorium on capital punishment.

CAMEJO: In Illinois they found about 15 innocent people on death row. I'm totally opposed to the death penalty as are most advanced industrial nations in the world, if not all of them, except the United States.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek Sep 3, 2003

Three Strikes is wrong-against life in prison for thieves

Q: Your comments on crime.

CAMEJO: I'm against Three Strikes where we put a person in jail for life for stealing $150 worth of videos. When our court ruled that that was unjust, Governor Davis appealed it to the Supreme Court to make them remain in prison for life for a minor crime. These policies we have on the death penalty, and on Three Strikes are wrong.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek Sep 3, 2003

Moratorium on death penalty

Source: Vote-Smart.org 2002 National Political Awareness Test Jul 1, 2002

Don't use Three Strikes for small crimes

Source: Vote-Smart.org 2002 National Political Awareness Test Jul 1, 2002

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