Dick Cheney on Crime

Vice President of the United States; Former Republican Representative (WY)

Cap non-economic damages and limit awards for attorneys

CHENEY: We need to cap non-economic damages, and we also think you need to limit the awards that the trial attorneys take out of all of this. Over 50 percent of the settlements go to the attorneys and for administrating overhead.

EDWARDS: I'm proud of the work I did on behalf of kids and families against big insurance companies, big drug companies and big HMOs. We do have too many lawsuits. And the reality is there's something that we can do about it. We want to put more responsibility on the lawyers to require to have the case reviewed by independent experts to determine if the case is serious and meritorious before it can be filed; hold the lawyers responsible for that, certify that and hold the lawyer financially responsible if they don't do it; have a three-strikes-and-you're-out rule so that a lawyer who files three of these cases without meeting this requirement loses their right to file these cases. That way we keep the cases out of the system that don't belong in the system.

Source: Edwards-Cheney debate: 2004 Vice Presidential Oct 5, 2004

Funds to fight gangs; more parole; juvenile clearinghouse

Source: Thomas Register of Congressional Votes Jan 1, 1988

Character education; community service; pay restitution

Source: Thomas Register of Congressional Votes Jan 1, 1988

Death penalty OK for espionage & treason

Source: Thomas Register of Congressional Votes Jan 1, 1986

Co-sponsored bills for stricter & mandatory sentencing