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This campaign is about the future

This campaign is about the future. I have had the privilege of living the American dream. Growing up in tough times in a fading steel and coal town in Pennsylvania, I was able through education, hard work, and the support of my loving family and friends to become successful as a businessman and technology leader.

We have to make major changes in Washington and clean up the current mess in order to continue to make that American dream available to our children and grandchildren. I do not mean just the ethical mess that gives us daily headlines of major political figures coming under investigation or being indicted. But also the political mess that turns every issue affecting the future of education, jobs, our economy, health care, our national and homeland security into a partisan fight, that prevents effective problem solving for Virginians. The future. Together we will make it better.

Source: Campaign website, www.miller2006.org, "Home" Jan 17, 2006

Only bipartisan approaches find meaningful solutions

Both in the private sector and in the public sector, I have crafted practical solutions to real problems. As your Senator, I will do the same. I am a proud Virginia Democrat in the mold of my good friend Governor Mark Warner. And I know, as he has demonstrated, that only through bipartisan approaches can meaningful solutions be found - can we really prepare for the future.
Source: Campaign website, www.miller2006.org, "Home" Jan 17, 2006

Personal story about hard work, responsible choices & future

Harris Miller's story is about hard work, responsible choices, & the future. Harris grew up in the coal and steel country of Western Pennsylvania where his family owned a series of small businesses, including a grocery and car wash. Watching his parents struggle to keep a string of small businesses afloat, Harris learned first hand the values of hard work, perseverance, community involvement, and concern for others.

Despite spending long hours working to help his family, Harris graduated from high school in three years. Stitching together student loans, scholarships, and a job at the local steel mill, Harris became the first member of his immediate family to earn a college degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh before earning a graduate degree from Yale University.

After graduate school, Harris began his 30-year career in public service. As a top Congressional aide, he tackled tough issues such as energy independence, transportation, and immigration.

Source: Campaign website, www.miller2006.org, "About" Jan 17, 2006

Married for 25 years with 2 grown children

Harris lives in Fairfax County with his wife of 25 years, Deborah. They have 2 grown children, Derek & Alexis.

Throughout his successful business career, Harris maintained his love of public service. He was appointed by Governor Mark Warner to the Virginia Research and Technology Advisory Commission, and by Governor Doug Wilder to the Virginia State Lottery Board. Harris is also a former Chair of the Northern Virginia American Heart Association, and the Northern Virginia Board of the Virginia Oper

Source: Campaign website, www.miller2006.org, "About" Jan 17, 2006

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