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Do Not Ask What Good We Do
about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Ten Letters
about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
A Life of Trial and Redemption
about V.P. Joe Biden (2010)
No Apology
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2010)
Young Guns
by Rep. Paul Ryan et al (2010)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Promises to Keep
by Vice Pres. Joe Biden (2007)
The Audacity of Hope
by Pres. Barack Obama (2006)
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2004)
Dreams from My Father
by Pres. Barack Obama (1996)

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Third Party candidate debate: Meet the Press, Oct. 1, 2000


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    Pat Buchanan: RU-486 is a human pesticide; ban it.
    Ralph Nader: Women should decide whether to use RU-486, not government.
Budget & Economy
    Pat Buchanan: Return surplus to American people; end ‘bipartisan pig-out’.
    Ralph Nader: Use surplus to rebuild country & provide for communal needs.
Civil Rights
    Pat Buchanan: Vermont civil unions are ‘absurd’.
    Ralph Nader: Equal gay rights, including civil union.
    Ralph Nader: Gore has given auto industry and other polluters a free ride.
Energy & Oil
    Pat Buchanan: Drill in Alaska and play hardball with OPEC.
    Ralph Nader: Drilling Alaska is a temporary fix for an inebriated system.
Government Reform
    Ralph Nader: Green Party does not take PAC, soft, or corporate cash.
Homeland Security
    Pat Buchanan: Need new post-Cold War bottom-up strategy review.
    Ralph Nader: Kill F-22, Seawolf, Osprey, & other gold-plated weapons.
    Pat Buchanan: Use troops on borders to limit immigration.
    Ralph Nader: Support democracy abroad so fewer will immigrate.
Principles & Values
    Pat Buchanan: Conspiracy by two parties to deny letting Americans hear him.
    Pat Buchanan: Real conservatism limits government, not like Bush’s plans.
    Ralph Nader: Attract new voters to build future party.

The above quotations are from Third Party candidate debate: Meet the Press, Oct. 1, 2000.

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