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Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates
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Why Courage Matters
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Dreams From My Father
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New Energy for Alaska
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The Meaning of IS
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It Takes A Village
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Character Makes A Difference
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Our Character, Our Future
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For Love of Politics:
Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years
, by Sally Bedell Smith

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Sally Bedell Smith's book, published in 2007, is a year-by-year account of how effectively Bill and Hillary work together to win elections, achieve political and policy goals, and contain scandal. In the author's own words, the book explores "how two intelligent, ambitious, and complex people confronted the challenges they faced in the White House, how they worked together and seperately, and how the push and pull of their marriage affected the presidency."

The main point of the book is the idea of "two for one," almost a co-presidency, and less overtly, both Bill's and Hillary's use of the word "we" when describing policy positions and achievements. As this idea is illustrated throughout the book, the different styles, personalities, and approaches of Bill and Hillary are explored. Bill is depicted as a people-pleaser who avoided direct confrontation (though he sometimes had an explosive temper in private), and Hillary is more of a stern disciplinarian type.

Bedell uses the "two for one" framework to describe election strategy, President Clinton's domestic and foreign policy agenda, Hillary's efforts to reform health care, and investigations ranging from Whitewater to Monica Lewinsky. In addition, Bill Clinton's relationships with other women and how they have impacted his career are discussed, including a long description of the Monica Lewinsky episode (including sexual details). Bedell also describes Hillary's successful campaign in New York to become a Senator, and the book ends with the idea that Hillary's run for the presidency is a continuation of the same mission—"high political office, a Democratic agenda, the accumulation of power, and the pursuit of the Clinton legacy"—even though Bill and Hillary had reversed roles.

-- Naomi Lichtenberg,, March 2008

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Budget & Economy
   Bill Clinton: 1995: Bill supported balancing budget in 10 years.
Civil Rights
   Hillary Clinton: Hillary wanted Bill’s cabinet to “Look Like America”.
   Hillary Clinton: 1998: Hillary predicted female President in near future.
   Hillary Clinton: Outraged at CEO compensation.
   Hillary Clinton: Hillary emphasized education reform without political agenda.
Foreign Policy
   Hillary Clinton: Advocated using force in Bosnia as Bill’s top advisor.
   Hillary Clinton: Supported strong funding for international development.
Free Trade
   Hillary Clinton: Though Bill supported it, Hillary opposed NAFTA.
Health Care
   Hillary Clinton: Hillary appointed 8 days after inauguration to health cmte.
   Hillary Clinton: Condemns insurers as motivated by greed.
Homeland Security
   Bill Clinton: Response to 1993 World Trade Center bombing muted.
Principles & Values
   Al Gore: Written agreement with Bill Clinton assigning V.P. duties.
   Al Gore: Friendly with Hillary in 1992; until healthcare taskforce.
   Al Gore: Gore’s influence inevitably diminished due to co-presidency.
   Al Gore: 2000: no Bill Clinton campaigning to dissociate from scandal.
   Bill Clinton: Self-styled ‘New Democrat’ to separate himself from liberals.
   Bill Clinton: Bill’s “let me think about it” meant “I’ll ask Hillary”.
   Bill Clinton: Ambivalent about 2000 victory after Gore distanced himself.
   Hillary Clinton: 1998: Unforeseen turning point when Moynihan resigned.
   Hillary Clinton: Stumble of “baking cookies” was moment of authenticity.
   Hillary Clinton: Hillary and Bill made joint decisions during presidency.
   Hillary Clinton: Key to Bill & Hillary’s marriage is shared love of politics.
   Hillary Clinton: Gives guest church sermon: “What It Means to be a Methodist”.
Social Security
   Hillary Clinton: 1997: Hillary warned against privatizing Social Security.

The above quotations are from For Love of Politics:
Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years
, by Sally Bedell Smith.

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Reprinting by permission only.

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