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the choice 2000FRONTLINE
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--- Summary of Questionnaire ---  CountPercent 
Number of respondents Oct 28 through Nov 7
(run-up to the election)
CandidateMatch: Who do you Like?
Gore first on CM 42742%
Bush first on CM 42842%
Nader first on CM 13613%
Buchanan first on CM 283%
IssueMatch: Who do you Agree With?
Gore first on IM 67029%
Bush first on IM 62928%
Nader first on IM 40018%
Buchanan first on IM 58426%
Who are you Leaning Toward?
Leaning toward Gore 39442%
Leaning toward Bush 40343%
Leaning toward Nader 12814%
Leaning toward Buchanan 202%

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