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the choice 2000FRONTLINE
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Analysis of CandidateMatch Question 15:
Would be a better role model for children? 
Viewers who... CountPercent 
Chose Gore 229236%
Chose Bush 271743%
Chose Nader 114618%
Chose Buchanan 1943%
Are Undecided 00%
Breakdown by CandidateMatchCountPercent 
(Which candidate came out first overall on CandidateMatch, broken down by the viewer's selection on Question 15)
Of those who chose Gore on question 15...
Chose Gore, and Gore first on CM 202788%
Chose Gore, but Bush first on CM 2119%
Chose Gore, but Nader first on CM 502%
Chose Gore, but Buchanan first on CM 40%
Of those who chose Bush on question 15...
Chose Bush, but Gore first on CM 1676%