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Pete Coors on Immigration

2004 former Republican Senate Challenger (CO)

Give no benefits to children of longtime illegal immigrants

Each man called for a guest worker program as one way to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. Coors, however, said that he opposes giving in-state tuition to children of longtime illegal immigrants, something Salazar supports.
Source: Colorado Senate Debate in Rocky Mountain News , Oct 30, 2004

More penalties and border security against illegal aliens

When asked Coors about his position on illegal immigrants, Coors said, “The vast majority of them are working. They are doing jobs that Americans don’t want to do;” but immigrants should be documented, and he would be in favor of increasing penalties for companies that hire undocumented aliens. To keep illegal immigrants out of the country, “my plan is to put military on our borders,” both north and south, Coors said, receiving a round of applause from the crowd.
Source: , Aug 30, 2004

Supports Bush’s guest worker program

Q: What are your views on President Bush’s new immigration plan?

A: I support President Bush’s initiative to establish a guest worker program for immigrants working in the US. I believe that legal immigration is good for our country and good for our economy. But, we must be tough on illegal immigration. There should be stiff penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants. I am opposed to the any calls for blanket amnesty.

Source: Rocky Mountain News interview , Aug 10, 2004

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