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Pete Coors on Health Care

2004 former Republican Senate Challenger (CO)

US has world’s least efficient health-care system

We have the least efficient health-care delivery system in the world,“ which results in higher costs, Coors said. Although he didn’t know how to make the American health-care system more efficient, Coors said reforming the tort system and reducing the number of plaintiff and class-action lawsuits could lower costs.
Source: , Aug 30, 2004

Opposes Amendment 35; no tobacco tax increase

Q: Do you support Amendment 35, tobacco tax increase for health-related purposes?

A: I am opposed to raising taxes.

Source: Rocky Mountain News interview , Aug 10, 2004

Allow free market drug reimportation from Canada

Q: Should individuals and, in some cases, local governments be able to buy prescription drugs from Canada? What, if any, restrictions do you think the federal government should put on such purchases?

A: I believe our economy should exist in free markets. Federal government should not interfere in the free flow of goods and services.

Source: Rocky Mountain News interview , Aug 10, 2004

Lawsuit abuse is responsible for health care costs

Lawsuit abuse in America is out of control. It’s causing health care costs to skyrocket and putting doctors out of business. While we lose, the trial lawyers cash in and liberal judges turn a blind-eye.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website “Issues” , Jun 3, 2004

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