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Pat Buchanan on Jobs

2000 Reform Candidate for President

Keeping US jobs benefits black middle class

Q: Do you expect to get any support from the minority community?

A: Yeah, I do believe this: Of the folks we travel around the country; some of the friendliest ones are African-American folks and other minority folks because they do believe I’m fighting to keep in the US the kinds of jobs that their kids are going to need and going to have if they’re going to make it into the middle class. These manufacturing jobs in America that I’m trying to save aren’t for Pat Buchanan. They’re not for people in graduate schools. They’re the road to the middle class for kids who quit school after high school maybe because they got into a little bit of trouble, or maybe because they want to, or they’re tired of school. Those are the things that used to bring those folks into the middle class.

Source: National Public Radio interview, “Talk of the Nation” , May 30, 2000

Agrees with union stance on trade

Background: Union members make up 14% of the work force, down from 20% in 1983. The federal minimum wage is $5.15 an hour. Buchanan’s views:Against minimum-wage increase. Opposed trade agreements also opposed by organized labor.
Source: Politics Library , Feb 3, 2000

No minimum-wage increase

Union members make up 14 percent of the work force, down from 20 percent in 1983. The federal minimum wage is $5.15 an hour. Buchanan’s views: Against minimum-wage increase. Opposed trade agreements also opposed by organized labor.
Source: “White House 2000” , Jan 1, 2000

Supports ethanol subsidies for energy independence

Pat Buchanan has stated his “support [for] ethanol production as integral to a policy of national energy independence” and cited an Iowa ethanol production facility he recently visited as “an example of American efficiency.”
Source: Sustainable Energy Coalition, media backgrounder #2 , Nov 18, 1999

Offset minimum wage increase with small business tax cuts

Q: There’s a bill on Capitol Hill right now to raise the minimum wage a buck an hour over a two year period. Is “Blue Collar” Pat going to support a raise in the minimum wage?
A: “Blue Collar” Pat would take a look at it, if in return you would cut taxes on all small business in America. Take the taxes away so that the government doesn’t benefit from it, and I’ll go along with it.
Source: Interview on MSNBC’s “Equal Time” , Nov 2, 1999

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