Pat Buchanan on Infrastructure

Use anti-trust to fight social poison of media monopolies

Q: You are now the federally recognized Reform Party nominee. $12 million is a lot of money. How do you plan to use it?

A: We obviously will spend it in trying to get our message across to the American people. One is that Hollywood has been using the First Amendment as a shield law behind which it has been systematically polluting America’s popular culture and poisoning the hearts and minds of children. And I think Clinton and Gore, rather than smashing Microsoft as a monopoly, which has done virtually nothing to injure the American people, we ought to take a look at the use of these antitrust laws to break up these media monopolies to much smaller sizes, where folks and local communities can really look at what is being dumped into that community, in terms of social poisons. So I think this is a major issue and I hope we can focus on that, as well as some of these other issues.

Source: CNN interview, “Early Edition” Sep 13, 2000

Microsoft is over the top; but they’ll survive Justice case

Q: Good for the American people to try to tame down Microsoft, or bad for the American people? A: Well initially, I thought it was case of, “let’s break up the Yankees. They’ve won five straight pennants and five straight series.” And I thought the government had overdone it. But the more I saw it, I think that the Justice Department clearly had a case that Microsoft was over the top. It was really using its tremendous power and leverage to sort of crush and drive out opposition. So I don’t think it’s that serious a matter. I don’t know what they’re going to do to Microsoft, but it’s a great and innovative company, and powerful company. And I think however it comes out, nobody’s going to be hurt very badly. Microsoft is going to go fine, Intel’s going to do fine, IBM’s going to survive.
Source: Interview on “CNN Late Edition” Nov 7, 1999

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