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Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates
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Why Courage Matters
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Dreams From My Father
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Promises to Keep
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New Energy for Alaska
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The Meaning of IS
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Character Makes A Difference
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Our Character, Our Future
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Phone interview with Anne Kilkenny, civic activist from Wasilla AK

      Anne Kilkenny, a self-described "civic-minded resident" of Wasilla, AK since 1982, provided many insights about Governor Palin during a wide-ranging 90-minutes phone conversation. After Governor Palin was announced at McCain's V.P. pick, Anne wrote a long email about Sarah Palin that went "viral" around the country. One reason she did so is that she does not know anyone in the entire state of Alaska with whom the McCain campaign talked before picking Sarah Palin as his running mate.

-- Dr. Naomi Lichtenberg, Sept. 30, 2008
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Budget & Economy
   Program of $1,200 to every Alaskan: spent on consumer goods.
Energy & Oil
   Crowning achievement: Alaska Gas Inducement Act.
Foreign Policy
   OpEd: Didn’t comment on foreign policy as mayor or governor.
Government Reform
   Alienated legislators by line-item-vetoing their projects.
Principles & Values
   OpEd: Vetting process for V.P. included no one in Alaska.
   Known to Wasilla residents as personable multi-tasker.
   OpEd: Core values defined by political ambition plus church.
   OpEd: Popularity hurt by Troopergate and at-home per-diem.
   Embraced “City of Character” religious program as mayor.
   OpEd: Neglected Wasilla infrastructure; left with $22M debt.

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The above quotations are from Phone interview with Anne Kilkenny, civic activist from Wasilla AK.

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