Bill Bradley on Energy & Oil

2000 Democratic Primary Challenger for President


Prefers filling oil reserves to developing synfuels

Carter administration panelists argue that energy prices were rising because the world was running out of petroleum and that we should wean ourselves from foreign oil by developing substitutes like synthetic fuels from shale or tar sands. However, I soon reached the conclusion that it wasn’t the putative oil shortage but the dependence on insecure sources in the Persian Gulf that made us vulnerable. The right response wasn’t to drain the taxpayers and assault the environment with an exorbitant synfuels program, but to diversify our foreign sources of oil and to buy insurance in the form of an ample petroleum reserve in this country. I prepared an amendment to an appropriation bill ordering the US government to resume filling the reserve. The reserve enjoys the support of both parties to this day, and we now have nearly 60 days’ worth of oil in storage.
Source: The Journey From Here, by Bill Bradley, p.148-49 , Aug 15, 2000

Open up Strategic Oil Reserve now, to reduce oil prices

Prices for NH residents for home heating oil [have risen as a result of OPEN production tightening, to] about $1.74 now. There are things that an administration could do here to stop that. One would be to let oil out of the strategic petroleum reserve. That is there in order to have oil enter the market when prices go up, that’ll keep prices down. The administration hasn’t done that.
Source: Democrat Debate in Manchester NH , Jan 26, 2000

Apply CAFE standards to SUVs

“Bill Bradley supports extension of passenger car fuel economy standards to light trucks and SUVs. Mobile sources can and should do more to reduce their contribution to air pollution. Thanks to the requirements of the Clean Air Act and CAFE, today’s cars are far cleaner and more fuel efficient than those of the past. CAFE standards have been important in achieving that goal and should continue to improve over time.”
Source: Response to Sustainable Energy Coalition survey , Oct 4, 1999

Supports ethanol in gas to ease farm crisis

When I was in the Senate, I represented my state, [and was against ethanol in gasoline because it] was not good for New Jersey. NJ taxpayers would pay higher prices for their gasoline, and would’ve have difficulty meeting our clean air standards.

But now I’m running for president. I have to see the whole country. The ethanol stream of revenue is one of the things that keeps Iowa farmers afloat. The farm crisis isn’t in NJ, it’s in the Midwest.

Source: NBC’s “Meet the Press” , Aug 1, 1999

Voted NO on do not require ethanol in gasoline.

Funding a mandated percentage of market share for the use of ethanol in gasoline, to be funded b reducing NASA budget b $39 million..
Status: Table Motion Agreed to Y)50; N)50; VP decided YES
Reference: Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 1995; Bill H.R. 4624 ; vote number 1994-255 on Aug 3, 1994

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