David Cicilline on Government Reform



Cut federal budget but not at expense of important services

In the Federal budget, just as in our own family budgets, we must live within our means. We need to balance the budget by reducing spending and creating economic growth - but we also cannot balance the budget on the backs of middle class Americans. We can't simply legislate a lower debt ceiling because that will shut down services to. Instead, I favor the so-called pay as you go rule, and I would take a hard look at inefficiencies in government from contracting to the bureaucracy.
Source: 2011 House of Representatives website, "Issue: Fiscal" , Oct 30, 2011

Ban stock trading based on Congressional insider knowledge.

Cicilline co-sponsored STOCK Act

Congressional Summary:Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK Act): Amends the Securities Exchange Act and the Commodity Exchange Act to prohibit purchase or sale of either securities or commodities by a person in possession of material nonpublic information regarding pending or prospective legislative action.

Bill explanation (ProCon.org, "Insider Trading by Congress", Feb. 3, 2012):

Source: H1148/S1871 11-S1871 on Nov 15, 2011

Require full disclosure of independent campaign expenditures.

Cicilline co-sponsored DISCLOSE Act

Congressional Summary:

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